Disclosure Of Affiliate Links

FTC Rules For Affiliate Link Disclosure

Federal commission update regarding new rules for the disclosures compliance were announced in 2015.

The main reason behind this update or amendment was to keep the readers safe and updated about the bloggers our website owner business model. It is readers right to be well aware whether he is being proposed with sponsored or non-sponsored links.

Sponsored links are actually those links which are psales on adidas shoes nike air jordan 1 retro high og adidas yeezy jordan’s store wig store custom hoodies cheap sex toys for men nike air max cb 94 release dates 2023 yeezy adidas adidas outlet pink wig nike air max 90 white custom football uniforms cheap jordan 4 nike air jordan mid ublished with a mutual interest of seller and publisher. So if the product is sold the publisher will get a nominal commission from the the manufacturer or seller.

So it is the article duty of the the publisher to inform the visitor about his business model of selling intentions. If the publisher is getting some commission by selling those product it is reader’s right to know this fact.

It is not at all offensive if the blogger is getting some remuneration from the seller by updating the reader about the real value of the product. But it is publisher ethical moral duty to never miss guide the reader and never provide them with any false information. Or should never boast about the products to sell them.

So to explain our readers about our business model please read the details below:

Tip: In our website we do propose you with products with affiliate links. But not even a single product is proposed to our readers which are not classic enough to be added in our list. So our reviews are genuine and the products we are offering are highly appreciated by users.

A Bit About Affliate Links

First of all make your mind clear that when you are purchasing any product via affiliate links. You are not purchasing from the blogger or the website your actual source remains Amazon or the seller. 

Website or blogger is not responsible for providing the products , they are only guiding you towards the best sellers. Moreover,they definitely try to guide you to the best products in the market. They guide you to such products which are reliable and already have good ratings by the consumers.

When The reader is convinced with the product and ready to make a deal. The seller amount a small amount as a remuneration to the blogger for guiding the reader. The blogger don’t ask for any amount from The reader. All the services for the reader are fully for free. The only profit the blogger gets is from the seller side. And that do not affect cost for the reader it remain the same.

Tip: So what ever you purchased via this blog it don’t cause any harm to the reader as the reader gets the product in the best price.

Amazon Link Details

Remotecontrolscarblog.com is an LCC program member. LCC membership helps the bloggers to cope with their website running expenditures. Because this website do have some running costs. As for reviewing the product we have to buy it. Moreover, we conduct a few surveys to make sure recommending best product to our website visitors. But the good thing is that Amazon don’t restrict the bloggers to promote limited products they allow to choose the best among the range. And this thing can be beneficial for the whole team Amazon, reader and the blogger