Electric RC Buggy

Haven’t you noticed that punch buggies are being replaced by electric buggies so fast? Certainly, you might have noticed this rapidly increasing change these days. RC electric buggies are becoming common these days because you don’t need fuel to run these vehicles and have fun. Just charge their batteries, start the push button and you are good to go. The main purpose of using these RC vehicles is to spend valuable time having fun or having a competition with your buddies.

RC buggies are controlled by remote or through a transmitter. The amazing thing is that you don’t need to be closer to your vehicle to run or operate it smoothly, you can control its movements even at a distant place. In recent previous times, RC buggies were controlled through a wire which used to be attached to them. There was a very small wire or long wire attached to these vehicles, and you were supposed to have fun with these limited-extent vehicles.

But now, RC vehicles are controlled by radio frequency which is the reason you can use the remote or transmitter even at a distance and have fun by using the vehicle and controlling its movement. Unlike conventional RC vehicles, modern RC vehicles are powered by electric sources. The batteries are placed inside the RC vehicles, you need to charge them and then you can run these vehicles easily to amuse yourself.

RC electric buggies have an exceptionally wider range of wheels which enable them to run over any terrain. The buggies with smooth wheels are suitable to be used on plain and soft terrain. If you would try to run them on rough terrain, their wheels will damage quickly, and then you will have to replace them. RC electric buggies with knobby wheels are capable to run across rough, wet, or grassy surfaces. Ultimately, you will have a wide variety to explore by using these electric buggies with knobby tires.

Unique Features

Electric buggies have a lot of unique features which surpass the previous types of punch buggies. In this article, we have compiled well-researched information which will help you to explore the traits of RC electric buggies and you will be better able to know them.


RC electric buggies run on batteries and these batteries are rechargeable. Unlike its previous version which used to be run through an attached wire or through gas or any other fuel, RC electric buggies will provide a real thrill as many times as you want by charging their batteries through electricity.

The performance of RC electric buggies doesn’t get spoiled even if you charge them on daily basis. There is a life for everything and if you will keep your RC electric buggy carefully, certainly you will be able to enjoy its rides for a longer period of time.

High speed

With RC electric buggies, your joy will get doubled because the high speed of the e-buggy will take you to the next level of excitement. With conventional buggies, you don’t have that much speed joy but with RC e-buggies you will enjoy an exceptionally high speed.

High extent

As RC electric buggies run on rechargeable batteries, you will have to just charge them to reach on a higher level. You can charge the battery to full capacity and you can go as long as you want. Its power will not die after some time, and you will have a sufficient amount of gaming time with this e-buggy.


While using RC e-buggy, you will have to take care of some prime factors, which we have enlisted for your guidance.

  • Don’t go beyond the specified speed of the electric buggy. The speed of RC electric buggies is determined by the wheels, motor, batteries, balancing, etc. If you want to enjoy gaming or competition with your friend, we would advise you to check the maximum speed limit of the buggy. If you would go beyond the maximum extent of speed or tried to use it on an opposite terrain, your buggy can be affected by the inner machinery.
  • Use the RC electric buggy on the terrain which is compatible with the tire type. RC tires should be placed according to the model and capacity, and compatibility of the RC vehicle model. If your RC vehicle model supports knobby tires, you can have more freedom in using your vehicle. Because knobby tires are called all-terrain supportive and with them in your RC vehicle, you will be able to run your electric buggy on any terrain.
  • The wheel alignment also needs to be checked while using an RC vehicle. As the performance of the vehicle is directly associated with the wheel performance, you should pay heed to the alignment of wheels for a smooth riding experience.
  • Check the brand name while changing any body part of your RC electric buggy. Normally, in electric buggies, batteries are required to be replaced. So, take due care while replacing them rather would have to pay extra or go for changing that part again after some time.

Best RC electric buggies

If you are confused between the so many varieties of RC e-buggies and can’t figure out which one will satisfy your needs, you don’t have to be worried further. We have enlisted a brief list of RC e-buggies that are best in price, performance, and durability. You can go through this list and can go for the one that appeals to you.

Some of the best RC electric buggies are listed below:

Team Losi DBXL-E 2.0

Team Losi is one of the top-class RC e-buggies in the RC world. Have you ever thought of going beyond the speed of 50 mph using your e-buggy? We are sure, you wouldn’t have but have wished for. Well, you don’t have to just think only, now is the perfect time to experience it with Team Losi DBXL. Enjoy the optimum speed of going beyond 50 mph with a 1/5 scale with this exceptional e-buggy.

You can control your RC e-buggy with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. You will be amazed to know its motor capacity which is 780 kv which is one of the biggest capacities in the RC world.


Pros Cons
Brushless motor with 780 kv capacity No motor warranty information available
Advanced level active vehicle control system Low frequency
Exceptionally high-speed extent A bit expensive

 Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-XE

With the most ideal scale of 1/8, this RC e-buggy will provide a real gaming thrill by taking you to as higher as an optimum speed of 50 mph and the most amazing thing is that you will still be able to control its movements at this high speed. You can control this amazingly superb e-buggy at the frequency range of around 2.4 GHz.

Since the speed and movement of RC e-buggy is dependent on the power that is provided by the motor, the motor of this e-buggy has a capacity of around 2500 kV. Isn’t it a fantastic speed and superpower of the motor? Of course, this e-buggy has superb features that no other e-buggy can hardly meet.

Pros Cons
Brushless motor No motor warranty available
Self-adjusting system to help the vehicle stay in a balanced position Average frequency
Suitable for flat surface Not suitable for bad weather conditions


Which buggy should I buy if I want to use it for rocky areas?

RC electric buggies are best suitable to be used for rocky areas especially when they are equipped with knobby wheels. As RC electric buggies have stronger body parts and have wider tires when compared with other RC vehicles, they are suitable to be used in rocky areas. The ground clearance capacity and the powerful motor of RC e-buggies enable them to be used on rocky or uneven areas.

Can I use my RC e-buggy on wet-mud terrains?

If your RC e-buggy has knobby tires, you can use it on wet-mud areas very easily. But do check the waterproof components of your e-buggy. Along with strong tires, the body parts of an RC e-buggy should also be waterproof so that you may be able to use it easily and without any hassle.

RC electric buggies are becoming very common because of their durability, speed, and the high level of fun that they provide to their users. If you are a fun-lover and want to enjoy your time with your friends or alone, we recommend you to use RC electric buggy. RC e-buggy will provide you adventure equipped with optimum speed and elite control.

Unlike the conventional fuel-backed RC vehicles, RC e-buggies run on batteries that you can charge and use as many times as you can. The average control frequency of e-buggies is between 2.2 -2.5 GHz. You can enjoy as high as up to 50 mph speed with e-buggies.

Remember to check all the body parts like the wheels, wirings and the remote connection with your RC e-buggy before taking it on the ground for racing or fun. If you will ignore the poor appearance of your e-buggy, it will perform poorly and you will have to spend more money in its alignment.

Normally, e-buggies have high power capacity and large wheels so you can use them in rocky or mud areas. RC electric buggies equipped with waterproof body parts and knobby tires can be easily used in wet-mud areas.

If you are thinking of buying a suitable RC e-buggy for your fun but are confused to pick the right one for longer use, check our brief list of e-buggies. Certainly, you will get the one that will complement your needs.

If you are buying e-buggy for the first time, we recommend you to visit the top brands’ websites and scrutinize the customer reviews for your help. These reviews will provide you with guidance in choosing the right e-buggy for you. Don’t rely on one website, check 2-3 websites for your maximum satisfaction so that you may get the real worth of your spending.

Another important piece of advice is to clean your e-buggy after every usage especially when you use it for rough, rocky or wet-mud areas. If you will clean it properly, the chance of mud or dust particles entering the e-buggy’s motor will be lower. This will also prolong the life of the motor and you will not have to go for alignment of body parts sooner.