How to Make Wireless Remote Control Car – Step by step guide


If you’re looking to create your own wireless remote control car, you’ve come to the right place. In this article “How to Make a Wireless Remote Control Car“, we’ll guide you through the process of building your own remote control car from scratch.

Building a remote control car is a fun and rewarding activity for hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to create a custom remote control car that’s tailored to your specific preferences and needs.

Mechanism of working of an RC car

This unit is composed of two independent instruments. One is the controlling device and the second is the acting device. 

The remote control

The controlling device is usually a remote control unit. The remote control unit has buttons and may have joysticks on it.  These buttons and joystick are used to operate the car. 

The Car

The second is the car itself.  the car minimum has a body and four tires.  The body can be of any type. It can even be an empty bottle or an old geometry box of the kid.  Even the shoebox the toothpaste box anything which can hold a small circuit inside or can be placed on the tires can work as the body of the car. 

Talking about the tires anything literally anything of a property is of the appropriate size on which the body can be placed and it can revolve can serve as the tires of the car. For decorative purposes, you can put LED lights on it.

Working mechanism

In the remote control unit, the information is codified and transferred to the transmitter. The remote control unit has a transmitter that transmits a signal. The car has a receiver this receiver decodes the signal and acts as per the signal received.

Remote control from the market or use the remote control of any broken toy. This article does not cover the manufacturing of the remote control circuit since it is written for people with beginner-level skills. If you are interested in manufacturing a remote control, you must be a professional or have at least intermediate to advanced skills. If you do not fall into either of these categories, we recommend buying a remote control instead of making one.

How To Make Wireless Remote Control car

Before starting to make the car we must have the raw material to manufacture it some of it may be needed to buy from the market. here we have a selection of the best available and still economical material. You may check this too while collecting the raw material

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If you have collected the parts now is the time, to begin with, the manufacturing of the car.

The  car front – Step 1

We have used PVC pipe as shown in the figure for the manufacturing of the car.

How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car Step 1

1. Take a PVC pipe “T” Mark the paper as per the diameter of the “T”. 

2. This paper should be of some hard material.  it can be the cardboard.

3. Cut 8 pieces of the same size As shown in the image

How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car Step 2

4. Bundle them together with the help of tape. transparent tape is more desirable

How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car Step 3

5. Make a hole in the center of the cut pieces.  which are already bundled.

How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car Step 4

6. Pass a rod from its center 

How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car

7. And put the wheels on both ends. Put the extra pipe in the opening of the T so that the length can be increased and the Middle part of the body can be made. 

How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car

The Rear Car- step 2

1. Place the tape around the Motors.  please remember that these Motors are geared and DC. 

How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car

2. Same as you put the cock in the front “T” holes.  put the Motors in both holes of the T.

How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car

3. Put the glue on it with the help of a glue gun.

4. Attach the wires with the motors this can be done with the help of Glue. 

5. Attach a 9-volt battery connector with the motors too. 

6. The battery will be placed in the empty space  at the front side of the T 

7. A drill can be used to make a small hole in the tip of the T so that the Wires can be brought out.

8. Attach the tires on both ends with the Motors as shown in the diagram

How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car

9. Take the circuit which can receive the signals and make the connections as shown in the circuit diagram. 

10. An iron soldering rod will be used to make the connections and we hope that you can make it as easy as all the components indicated in this diagram.

The Middle Part – Step 3

How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car

1. battery 1 will be connected to the receiver board at two points Motor 2 will be connected to the receiver board at two points. 

2. The battery will be connected to the receiver board with positive and negative at two points and the antenna will be connected at the appropriate place with the receiver board. 

How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car

How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car

3. Use the iron soldering rod to solder these connections on the board and do remember to put the soldering paste in a small amount on all the collections. 

4. Place a Junction pipe to connect both parts of the car in this pipe you can place the battery too. 

How To Make Wireless Remote Control Car

5. Put the battery in the middle portion place the circuit on top of it cover the circuit with transparent tape make a small hole in the circuit and screw it with the help of the Screw.

Your car is ready to play now play and enjoy. 

 How to Personalize your wireless Remote Control Car?

You can personalize your car by painting it as per your desire.  you may paint it with your name or put different stickers on it.  you can even make it a theme car.  like different popular theme cars for the kids are the Batman car owned by the character Batman.

 The Mystery Machine from the series Scooby Dooby Doo this mystery machine was owned by 4 member gang and their famous dog Scooby Dooby Doo.  This can be painted as the Barbie theme car.

Do what you want to do let your imagination guide you and make it as beautiful and attractive as you got.  remember that this is your own creation depending on your imagination and you should respect yourself.

You have taken the first step and made your first car now this is the time to delight yourself by making it beautiful let your desire be your guide

Repairing and debugging guide

In case your car is not working properly the following steps can be taken to ensure the smooth operation of the car and how to repair its faults

  1. Check all connections 
  2. Verify that the transmitter is working properly
  3. Verify that the receiver kid in the car is working properly 
  4. Make sure that the power source has the energy to move the car

Some common errors with solutions

The car is moving in the opposite direction as per the directions given.  it means you need to reverse the polarity. Reverse the connection of the motor and the board Hopefully your problem will be resolved.

So this is your own homemade RC car. Play and enjoy and remember to visit us again.  we are continuously updating our website and will bring something very good and very interesting for you soon do not miss it.

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This article is in good faith to assist kids in building a homemade RC car. It is designed as a guide for the beginner expert level. The writer and website will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage caused during this process. If you do not have the capacity to build the car on the desired scale, do not attempt it. Sometimes, small fun can lead to big losses, so be vigilant before using this guide.


Q: What materials do I need to make a wireless remote control car?

To make a wireless remote control car, you will need a microcontroller board, such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, a motor driver board, motors, wheels, a battery pack, wires, and a remote control receiver. You may also need additional components like resistors, capacitors, and LEDs.

Q: How do I assemble the components to make the car?

A: First, connect the motor driver board to the microcontroller board according to their specifications. Then, connect the motors to the motor driver board, and the wheels to the motors. Connect the battery pack to the motor driver board, and connect the remote control receiver to the microcontroller board. Finally, write and upload the code for the remote control car to the microcontroller board, and your car is ready to use!

Q: How do I program the microcontroller board to control the car?

A: You will need to write code using a programming language like C++ or Python to control the car’s movements. The code should include instructions for the microcontroller board to receive signals from the remote control receiver and interpret them as commands to move the motors. There are many tutorials and example codes available online to help you get started.

Q: How do I troubleshoot issues with my wireless remote control car?

A: If your car is not responding to commands from the remote control, check that all connections are secure and correctly wired. Also, check the batteries in the remote control and the battery pack in the car to ensure they have enough power. If the issue persists, try uploading new code to the microcontroller board or replacing any faulty components.