Best remote control for semi trucks for kids 2021

Kids love vehicles as their toys, a few whole loves controlling their remote control cars, and many are fascinated with huge trucks. The trucks look magnificent indeed, and many children are invariably struck with its beautiful and gigantic features, which is why they love to play with remote control semi-trucks.

Remote control trucks are a good choice for racing and rock crawling, and also they make good toys. Various sizes, materials, and specifications make them the best remote control semi trucks for kids. We have all grown up playing with at least one semi-truck in our life. Racing trucks and cars among friends and siblings is something we all cherish most, don’t we?

A remote control semi-truck toy is a fun thing to play with, but it also helps improve child mental and eye-sight growth. There are hundreds of different trucks running on the roads of the U.S. and U.K. and so do their semi-truck models run on children’s play areas. It is hard to select the best remote control semi-truck for your enthusiastic child with lots of endless choices.

Choosing the best from the endless list is frustrating and complicated. In this article, I’ve gathered the best five semi-trucks available online to give you the best possible options available in the market.

1. Tamiya King Hauler Semi Truck

Features Of Tamiya King Hauler Semi Truck

Tamiya King Hauler semi Truck is one of our top picks as a semi-truck for kids. The trucks are high-quality hobby-grade R.C. toys for kids. The company name is famous for making high-quality hobby vehicles, and this elegant truck is no exception. The fantastic truck is constructed in a way to provide a long-lasting and multi-functional truck for your loved ones.

The King Hauler always gives tough competition to their competitors with incredible features. There are three-speed transmissions. It helps you to control the truck and make it a more functional choice. In the beginning, they will love driving it slow, and when they want, they can change gears to make it go faster as they wish.

The truck is a 1 to 14 scale model of 18 wheeler that makes it long for about 630mm and 186mm wide. The size and shape make it a perfect hobby piece of the vehicle. The construction includes high-quality materials for every single part, for instance, aluminum, ABS plastic, and rubber. All these factors make it the most substantial R.C. truck for playing.

Another elegant feature of the Tamiya truck is that it is highly customizable. There is a complete catalog of upgrades for the drive train and also makes it a beautiful toy. There are many types of trailers you can haul with the truck. There is a remote control semi-truck kit for assembling the parts.


  • • High quality and substantial parts
    • Durable and safe for kids
    • Three transmissions feature to control speed.
    • Comes with semi assembly kit.
    • Best gift for your truck loving kid


  • The prices are slightly higher.
2. Revell Monogram Truck

Features Of Revell Monogram Truck

Revell Monogram Peterbilt 359 conventional truck is one of the best choices for your kid. The car is built as 1 to 25 on the scale model. It comes with flawless accuracy, which makes it one of the outstanding and prominent choices for kids. The mechanical pieces resemble the genuine truck parts like there is a six-cylinder Turbo CAT diesel engine under the hood. The chrome is quite shinny, and tires correspond to original semi-trucks.

It is quite a graceful choice as a gift for your kids who are starting to learn to play Remote control vehicles. It is quite an economical choice for parents who are looking for a toy under budget.


  • Good speed
  • Better control on the vehicle
  • Kit features truck parts that look like an original truck.
  • Economical price
  • Good gift for your kids.


  • The truck comes without any paint.
  • Part quality is average.
3. Remote Control Military Road Truck by JJRC

Features Of Remote Control Military Road Truck by JJRC

Are you looking for an excellent quality military truck? JJRC 6WD military truck might be the solution to all your problems. It is a 1:16 6WD remote control military truck. Many features make it a good choice for every kid around. You can control trucks from 40 meters both indoors and outdoors. It has a 2.4 GHz radio control system with a strong anti-interference ability for long signal transmission distances.

The Military truck has a beautiful, unique, designed large remote control semi-truck. The vehicle runs on batteries that need two Double-A rechargeable batteries for 30 minutes running time. It provides a safe speed of 15km for kids. There is a function of loading the truck with items. They can use it to transport their small toys from one place to another with ease. It will also make them feel they are working while having fun.

The truck has a six-wheel-drive system to stabilize the chassis layout. The tires are made of high-quality rubber tires. There are four mental shock absorbers to control steady driving when it is running at on fast speed. The truck can run on various surfaces. There is also an anti-shock suspension system and responsive steering and throttle that protect the parts on all terrains.


  • High stability
  • Economical price
  • Double playing time
  • Six wheel drive system
  • Car loading features


  • The controls are not as good as the manufacture claims to be.
4. Fire Toy semi-truck by Advanced Play store

Features Of Fire Toy semi-truck by Advanced Play store

Many children fascinate to become firefighters someday, and playing with Advanced play semi-fire trucks makes them live their dream. The toy will let them transform into responsible firefighters every time they play. It comes with a fully functional remote control for emergency rescue press for fast moves on any side from forward to back and from left to right. There is an extendable ladder that rotates at 360 degrees.


  • Comes with fire truck lights and sounds.
  • An extendable ladder that can move up to 360 Degrees
  • Robust remote control – Better control on speed
  • Ideal gift for occasions
  • High quality and safe parts for kids


  • Ladder quality is flimsy and not reliable
5. YIKESHU remote control truck

Features Of YIKESHU remote control truck

YIKESHU remote control truck is one of the mega gig remote control semi-trucks. It can climb on any rugged terrain, so I call it one of the best semi trucks for outdoor fun. It comes with aggressive and high-quality tires – that provide excellent grip and a smooth ride on any road.

The remote control is quite powerful, and it can control the vehicle from quite a distance. There are S-truck suspension technology and a 2ch steering system. The steering features are incredible, with complete grip on functionality to steer at the best angles.


  • Easy to control
  • Provide the realistic high truck appearance
  • Best for all outdoor terrains
  • Best gift for kids


  • Parts quality is not good as expected.
Children love to play with remote control vehicles, and trucks fascinate all of them. Gift one of the elegant and look-like remote control semi trucks for your kids from the list and make their playtime journey more fun and full of excitement. If you are going to buy Best RC Trucks 4×4 Off-Road Waterproof then before buying check remote control truck columns before buying.