The 5 Fastest Remote Control Cars Under $50 in 2024

If speed is what you seek, check out the fastest RC cars that won’t break the bank. These lightning-quick, affordable remote control vehicles will get your adrenaline pumping as they zoom across the pavement.

This roundup reveals the top RC speed demons available for under $50 shipped from Amazon right now. Buckle up for some intense racing action!

1 Fastest:Rc Racer Buggy

RC Cars,All Terrain Remote Control Car,2WD 2.4 GHz Off Road High Speed 20 Km/h RC Monster Truck Racing Cars with LED Headlight and Two Batteries, Xmas Gifts for Kid and Adults

Top Speed: Up to 22 mph
Battery/Charger: 7.2V 500mAh battery and USB charger included
Runtime: Up to 20 minutes

Zipping up to 22 miles per hour, the A-Tech Limo Racer takes the checkered flag for the fastest RC car on our budget-priced lineup. This slick 1/18 scale vehicle really shows its power off-road where its rugged tires can grip and launch it forward at breakneck pace.

Outfitted in a high-visibility yellow and black checkered racing design, this little speedster looks like it’s ready to compete in the big leagues! An included 7.2V 500mAh battery powers up to 20 minutes of excitement and is easily recharged via the included USB charger.

The 2.4GHz controller gives you precision command over the vehicle including adjustments for steering trim and throttle speed. Stunts like spins, drifts and jumps are no match for this micro racer. At 22 mph scale speed, it certainly punches above its small size!

For adrenaline-filled RC racing you can take anywhere, the A-Tech Limo Racer is ready to rip and affordable enough to give as a gift.

  • Pros
    • Insane 22 mph top speed
    • Good runtime and USB charging
    • Quality tires for traction
  • Cons
    • Battery/charger combination is slower than some competitors

If you want extreme, pocket-sized RC speed, this impressive little racer delivers for less than $30.

2 TENSSENX 1:18 Scale All Terrain RC Car

Top Speed: Up to 20 mph
Battery/Charger: 7.4V 600mAh battery + USB charger
Runtime: Up to 25 minutes

Revving up as the second place speed champ is this sleek red racer from GFTOSS. Touting speeds over 20 mph and extended 25 minute runtime, it packs some serious performance and value at under $40.

This 1/28 scale vehicle comes equipped with premium anti-slip grip tires to help hug curves and stick landings off sweet jumps. An aerodynamic chassis and cool ground effects detailing give it that true race car look.

But most importantly, a punchy 7.4V 600mAh rechargeable battery has the voltage to rocket this RC to its 20+ mph top pace. That’s moving for a car that fits in your hand! Convenient USB charging has you racing again in just 60-90 minutes.

The 2.4GHz wireless remote enables adjustment of direction and speed plus executes tricks with the press of a button. Automatic demo routines can have the car pivoting, spinning and showing off without input to dazzle friends.

For under $40 shipped free, few RC vehicles move as swiftly as this speedster from GFTOSS. Give one a shot if going really fast is the name of your RC game!

  • Pros
    • Good 20+ mph speed
    • 25 minute battery life
    • Quality grippy tires
  • Cons
    • Default battery can be upgraded
    • Handling not as tuned as pricier rivals

Overall, this little red rocket hits 20+ mph for less than $40, making it a bargain way to experience crazy RC speed runs.

3 Budget Pick: WIAORCHI 1:18 All Terrain RC Car

WIAORCHI 1:18 All Terrain RC Car

Top Speed: Up to 15 mph
Battery/Charger: 3.7V 650mAh battery + USB charger
Runtime: Up to 20 minutes

The JOYIN Remote Control Car revs up our list as a more affordable high-speed stunt car just under $25. While not reaching the top pace of other picks, it still impresses with 15 mph potential.

This RC comes loaded with flashing LED headlights in front and slick blue lighting along the bottom to light up your night time stunt sessions. The shell is coated in metallic blue and silver hues true to its sports car inspirations.

The controller enables adjustment of throttle and also controls the cool one-touch stunts. At the push of a button execute spins, turns, flips, drifts and more as the RCkw suspended car rolls with style. This adds fun flair on top of just racing around a course.

Charging via included USB cable takes 60-80 minutes for around 15-20 minutes of drive time. While not the speed demon of the group, it costs less while delivering performance and tricks.

If you want lots of RC functionality on a budget, JOYIN’s car is a great affordable option for new hobbyists or kids. The lights, stunts and decor make it more than just a basic racer.

  • Pros
    • Cool decoration and stunt modes
    • USB charging convenience
    • Quality tires and good grip
  • Cons
    • Top speed pales next to others
    • Lower voltage battery

For just $25 or less, this feature-packed RC car offers solid performance and extra play modes for the price.

4 Off-Roader: BEZGAR RC Car Stunt Vehicle

BEZGAR RC Car Stunt Vehicle

Top Speed: Up to 12 mph
Battery/Charger: 7.4V 850mAh battery + USB charger
Runtime: Up to 30 minutes

While not topping our speed test, the BEZGAR RC stunt truck excels at rugged off-road driving and epic flips off ramps and terrain. This makes it one of the most fun to drive RCs for backyard trail running.

The powerful rear suspension and grippy rubber tires help absorb nasty shocks and sticky landings from big air stunt jumps. An 850mAh rechargeable battery also yields great 30 minute runtimes to extend your driving sessions.

Unlike more race-ready rivals, this truck is built from the ground up for getting vertical! One tap stunt buttons let you instantly execute flips (360° rolls), spins, cruising and more at any speed. Chaining stunt commands together across ramps and homemade dirt jumps never gets old.

Delivering 12 mph top speed, it doesn’t claim racing performance but has the guts and durability to withstand rugged use. If you have more Hot Wheels than Fast & Furious dreams, this is your trusty stunt sidekick!

  • Pros
    • Optimized for stunts and jumps
    • Good battery life (30 mins)
    • Tough all-terrain suspension & tires
  • Cons
    • Lower 12 mph top pace
    • Handling not for high speed racing

For under $40 shipped, the BEZGAR stunt truck brings levity-defying thrills bouncing across backyard terrain and landing epic jumps.

5 Honorable Mention: Aiqi Remote Control 

Top Speed: Up to 15 mph
Battery/Charger: 7.4V 500mAh battery + USB charger
Runtime: Up to 18 minutes

Our honorable mention goes to the Aiqi RC stunt car, a 29 mph racer that also manages to include its own jump ramp for high flying tricks! This ingenious accessory makes runway stunts a cinch.

This RC comes coated in a slick hot rod red and black color scheme. But unlike most racers, also in the box is a roughly 9 inch tall plastic jump ramp to send your car soaring skyward under control. Even better, the removable ramp stores in a hidden bottom compartment on the vehicle when not in use.

An aerodynamic body frame, low center of gravity, grippy tires and 7.4V charge enables quick acceleration and speeds up to 15 mph according to tests. Drivers can fine tune steering and throttle for precise control. The 2.4GHz transmitter enables long range driving.

For under $30 including its own ramp, the AIDIYA car delivers on speed and convenience for landing epic jumps and stunts in your own backyard. Perfectly portable fun!

  • Pros
    • Includes portable jump ramp
    • Decent 15 mph speed
    • Good runtime and USB charging
  • Cons
    • Slightly slower than fastest models
    • Body frame scratches easily

To get airborne stunt action out of the box, this nifty package delivers the RC and customized ramp for endless thrills.

Take the Checkered Flag!

If going fast gets your motor running, any of these speedy remote control cars have the velocity to stir excitement without breaking your $50 budget. Affordability doesn’t mean skimping on performance!

Compact construction and USB charging convenience also makes taking these RC thrill rides anywhere a cinch. Small bodies packed with mighty power!

From the wicked fast top speed of the A-Tech Limo Racer to the epic air

stunt potential of the BEZGAR off-road truck, there’s an option fit for all adrenaline junky driving styles. Even buying a couple to stage your own drag races or obstacle course battles opens unlimited fun.

When searching for your next RC speed demon, keep an eye out for key features that enhance control and stability at high velocities:

  • Battery Power – Higher voltage batteries around 7.2V+ output faster acceleration and top speeds. Quick USB charging adds convenience.
  • Suspension & Tires – Smooth suspensions and sticky quality tires provide needed traction to grip turns without slipping.
  • Aerodynamics – Streamlined bodies that cut through the air encounter less drag and friction when moving fast.

While tiny, these micro machines can still hit impressively fast real world speeds. Just remember to drive safely and beware of little fingers getting run over!

Then prepare for some pulse-pounding RC action as you tear up the backyard or park at over 15+ mph!

Frequently Asked RC Speed Questions

Shopping for an a super quick remote control car that won’t demolish your wallet leads to some common questions for first time buyers. Here’s quick answers to a few speed-related FAQs:

Are cheaper RC cars still good quality?

Yes! Thanks to modern manufacturing and cost efficient components like brushed motors, it’s very much possible to deliver smaller yet high performance ready-to-run vehicles even under $50. While pro-grade hobbyist cars cost way more, lower priced everyday RC speedsters can still bring good speed and reliability within their limitations. Read product reviews closely.

Do faster RC cars drain batteries quicker?

In most cases yes – the more throttle and velocity an RC car is utilizing, the quicker it will deplete battery reserves. Higher speeds draw lots peak amperage. However, some above products balance this with higher capacity cells and voltages. Just don’t expect equal run times if constantly at full throttle versus casual cruising. Plan to pick up spare rechargeable batteries that suit your style – airborne stunts also zap power faster!

In Conclusion…

You don’t need triple digit dollars to experience RC vehicles with real wheel-spinning speed and excitement. Any of these affordable fast RC cars show picking pace over price is possible even on a limited hobby budget.

Bring the adrenaline-pumping fun of racing friends and outrageous stunts to your home track. Just charge up, grip the wheel and let it rip to electrifying effect!

So what are you waiting for? Grab one of these lightning fast RC speedsters today under $50 at Amazon for instant summer time fun!