Lego Cars & Kits Reviews | Best Lego RC Cars in 2023


LEGO City Pickup & Caravan 60182 Building Kit (344 Pieces)

  • Build an awesome pickup truck
  • Includes 3 figures
  • Set up the inside of the caravan model

LEGO Hidden Side Wrecked Shrimp Boat 70419 Building Kit

  • Introduce youngsters to the exciting world
  • A great boys’ and girls’ birthday
  • This augmented reality toy for kids

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Fun Robot Building Set and Educational Coding Kit

  • Who doesn’t love robots?
  • Includes 847 LEGO pieces
  • Construct and code Vernie the Robot

Be it the simple lego bricks or the lego remote control car, the love for them doesn’t confine to a particular demographic. . It is actually amazing how Lego never gets old whether it was bricks or lego remote control cars. we Will discuss best Lego Rc Cars here in this blog post

Here are some of the reasons that people don’t give up on Lego that easily.

Why Does Everyone Love Lego?

Appeals to Both Kids and Adults 

Sure the kids find the Lego very interesting but you will find that the collectors of the top 10 biggest lego technic sets would be adults. 

Lego has this universal appeal that neither the kids nor the adults can resist. Where the kids find the fun in building things up and such, the adults find the charm in collecting the sets. As you grow, the interest you have in Lego becomes “grown-up” as well and Lego caters to it very satisfyingly.

Be it the traditional sets or lego remote control car, you just can’t resist the charm.


Whether it is the lego technic remote control set or simple blocks of some characters, the miniature bricks entice the imaginations in your mind. This is perhaps one of the stronger charms of playing with Lego.

The undone blocks leading to something and all the possibilities that it can lead to really appeal to the creative senses in a person. Even if it takes hours, it absorbs you into it deeply, it doesn’t matter whether you are a kid or an adult.

There are always instructions that come with it, but that is only one of the many possibilities that you can create.

Versatile and Long-lasting

Sure you buy the Lego that makes a certain thing, but as already mentioned that it is just one of the possibilities. Lego has a versatility to them that just can’t be matched with any other kind of toy.

You could buy just a single set and make various models and things out of it. One day you could make a car out of it and the next you could turn it into a castle.

The models get more sophisticated as you age, the blocks remain just the same. In addition to being versatile in their possibilities, they are also very durable. They don’t break or wear out like other toys. They remain the same throughout the years.


Even the Lego technic remote control stunt racer is built on the basis of mechanics. The way Lego blocks come together based on the simple principles of mechanics make it highly educational.

Once you tune into the creative sense tingled by the possibilities, you then get into how the blocks work together. It actually teaches you a little something about how programming and robotics work.

This may also be the reason that even the grown-ups show such a great interest in the sets offered by Lego. And as for kids, these are ideal toys to have fun with and learn at the same time.

Easily Accessible

Now there are some toys that are so complicated that hardly anyone can go about them. There are even toys whose instructions are highly intricate and hard to follow.

Not Lego. Anyone can simply pick a Lego brick and stick it to another. That is just about it. There is no complicated thing you need to learn.

Most of the people would easily be able to follow Lego RC car instructions, and even if they can’t, they can simply just keep piling up the blocks and build something on their own.

There might hardly to anyone who won’t find Lego accessible and easy to play with.

Brings family together

Since we have already established the appeal that Lego has to both the kids and the adults, it is not hard to turn it into a family activity.

Most people buying Lego probably don’t even realize that joining bricks together and making it into something amazing can really help them bond with each other.

A Lego remote control car can bring the siblings together like hardly any other toy can. Most times it also ends up absorbing parents in it as well. It helps them learn more about each other, work together, and become a family that is gelled together.

It’s Very Relaxing

Some people find it relaxing to cut grass, others relieve their stress by playing with Lego. Don’t believe it? Try it yourself.

After you have had a long day at work or your kid has had a long day at school, you will find that piecing the blocks together will make you feel refreshed.

Maybe it is the sense of accomplishment, your passion for creativity, or it can simply be the way Lego tends to occupy your mind that it makes you forget everything.

Creating something using just blocks can help you feel relaxed and refreshed after a hard day.

Leave You with a Sense of Pride and Freedom

Whether you simply follow the instructions or create something on your own, it gives you a sense of absolute freedom. You have control over whatever you want to build and whatever you want to use to build it.

And after a long hardworking duration when you are done completing the image that you had in mind, you are left with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Building something from nothing but scattered blocks into something that stands stable and tall has its own charm to it. Looking at you gives you a sense of contentment and make you feel proud of your hard work.

Finally, it’s fun to play with!

The major reason that people love Lego is simply that it is absolutely fun to play with.

Whether you want to play with it to relax or bond with your family, the major concept behind it is that it is absolutely fun for everyone to play with.

It is a toy after all and the reason behind its existence is to be fun.

Now we have a better understanding of why people have such an unwavering love for the Lego. Naturally, you are here for the same love that you have for the lego remote control car. So without further ado, let’s dive into the best lego technic sets 2019 hoping you would find the best one for you.

Best lego RC Cars

1- Technic Bugatti Chiron by LEGO

Best lego Rc Cars

If you are a fan of Lego Technic sets then you definitely want to have this one. The Technic Bugatti Chiron 42083 is one of the most popular Lego sets out there. And now it has become reachable to Lego car fanatics everywhere.

This car is not only a start toy in the eyes of the kids but is actually designed for adult Lego lovers. The realistic details on this car are actually quite amazing along with the 8-speed gearbox, active rear wing, W16 engine, and a steering wheel.


  • This car is about 5” high, 9” wide, and 22” long.
  • It has all in all 3599 building pieces.
  • It comes with 16 moveable cylinders.
  • It is a 4-wheel drive, even comes with a logo.
  • It is designed after the real car model Bugatti Chiron.
  • It comes with a luxurious box packaging.
  • It also has a collector’s booklet.
  • It is an exact replica of the real car model
  • It is a very intricate technic engine block
  • It has no B-model

2- Technic Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer 42095 by LEGO

Best lego Rc Cars

If you are a fan of running your Lego remote control car over the rough surfaces, then this is just the model for you. It will fulfill your wish to pull wheelies and driving fast like it is nobody’s business.

The design and the features have really made it one of the favorites of the Lego car lovers that like driving their cars at insane speeds while spinning and turning.


  • It has fully motorized, high-speed, remote-controlled tracks.
  • It has special sprockets in the rear for optimum speed.
  • It comes in a fresh blue and yellow color.
  •  It drives backward, forwards, left, right, and whole 360 degrees.
  •  It transverse obstacles and rough terrain, and pulls wheelies.
  •  It is 6” high, 5” wide, and 8” long.
  •  It is a 2-in-1 motorized car toy
  • The packaging includes a receiver, remote control, 2 large motors, and battery box.
  • It pulls wheelies
  • It drives at a very fast speed
  • It has rear sprockets for speed
  • It is extremely fun
  • The cables keep sticking out.

3- Lego App-Controlled Batmobile

Best lego Rc Cars

Are you or your child a fan of DC comics? Well when DC met Lego, this Batmobile was born.

Ideal for people who hold batman close to their hearts and are also Lego fanatics. This Lego remote control car comes with a miniature batman as well.

It is a very fun set to put together based on 321 pieces that combine the love you hold for the superheroes and Lego.

The best part is that it is app-controlled! Meaning that you simply need to connect to the Bluetooth hub and you can control the car with your gadgets.


  • It has 321 pieces and a mini batman figure included in the pack
  • It comes in a dashing black and red color
  • It comes with a Bluetooth hub that when connected enables you to control the car from any smart device.
  • It has 2 dual studs, is a 4 wheeler car, and has a small opening for the miniature batman to be placed inside.
  • It needs an app to be controlled through smart devices.
  • It is 5” wide, 3” high, and 7” long.
  • Batman-themed car
  • Comes with a batman mini-figure
  • It can be controlled via smartphones.
  • It can’t be controlled if you don’t have a smart gadget.

4- Xtreme off Roader 42099 by Lego

Best lego Rc Cars

With the Xtreme off Roader, Lego introduced the smart gadgets with the remote controls. It calls onto your advanced engineering skills and helps you develop problem-solving skills and understand the mechanics of the blocks.

This Lego remote control car takes you on another level of driving toys using just the screen of your phone. This is the first generation that introduces new features, motors, and app-controlled remote.


  • It comes with 3 motors and is controlled using a Smart Hub – this means that the app connects to the car and then you can drive it around using the screen of your smartphone.
  • Super-precise movements and functionality.
  • Best suited for kids over 11 of age.
  • Gives a choice to choose among 3 screens to transverse obstacles and driving simply at the touch of your hand.
  • It has 958 pieces, large wheels, high-rise suspension, and an amazing color scheme.
  • It is 12” long, 8” wide, and 7” high.
  • Large chunky wheels
  • 3 motors
  • A smart hub that lets you control the vehicle with just your phone.
  • It can only be controlled using a smart device.

To Conclude…

People of all ages love lego. And we have seen that lego toys have many charms that can’t be resisted by anyone whether kid or adult.

While the kids have fun playing with the bricks breaking and building things, there are other products like the lego remote control cars that are collected by the more grownups.

Lego has a lot to offer with the way mechanics work when you build something and the many possibilities that come with it. Even if you spend hours and hours making models placing the blocks together, you only feel more relaxed and free.

It also feeds into the curious and creative minds of the players and helps them work together as a team. 

Only the collectors can feel the rush of getting the new lego remote control car, surely you do too since you are here! Best of luck in choosing the best for you!