About Us

You have all the right to know about us. As you are here to collect information. This information should be from a reliable source. We are a bunch of professionals associated with engineering and radio communication.

Gather around the globe. Some of us are professional engineers and some are working in the communication industry. The communication industry means how to communicate through electrical signals. We are not from a single nationality. Some of us are Americans, some are Australians Africans, some are from Asadidas shoes on sale mens nike air max 97 best sex toy team jersey nike air jordan red cheap sex toys nfl super bowl custom soccer jerseys shop nfl jerseys custom design nfl jerseys custom football uniforms sex toys store women’s human hair wigs jordan 4 with nike air ia, and some are Arabs.

The purpose is simple and this is to help the community by giving them the latest knowledge.

The Founder

Mr. Alexander is our founder. He is the founder of this website. He is the same guy who decided to gather the community around the globe. The vision of the founder was to collect the expertise and Passion of the professionals in order to help the RC car races community.

Although Alexander has a family tradition that is associated with the radio signals and engineering. His father is an engineer working as an electrical supervisor in a well-known industry. His grandfather was a signal engineer and he served the nation in the second world war.

As a child, Alexander did not have any interest in RC cars. He was just an ordinary child like others. He has developed his interest in RC cars during a science fair in his college. 

After the science fair, he falls in love with the RC cars. Then decided to help the community of RC car users around the globe.

So he decided to launch this website. You may have seen many websites about the RC cars. What is the difference in this website? The answer to this question is that this website is backed by professionals who are passionate about RC cars. These professionals share their knowledge and wisdom with the new and old RC car uses.