Best Ways to Make an RC Car Faster


Do you love the thrill of racing and want to take your RC car to the next level? If you’re tired of being left in the dust by your competitors, it’s time to make some changes. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned racer, there are several ways to make your Remote Control car faster and more efficient. From upgrading your motor and batteries to tweaking your suspension and gearing, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore the best ways to make an RC car faster with tips and tricks that’ll help you speed up your ride and dominate the competition.


There can be several reasons why we want to modify our remote control car. The reason which is at the top includes is to increase its speed. Aur upgraded so that it looks shinier and can perform better.

Why make an RC car faster?

Usually when we start to do Remote Control car racing. We are not very expert about it. With time, the skill developed. The speed of a car does not improve as the skill of the driver Improves. To make the car compatible with the increasing driver capabilities this is important to enhance the car’s speed and ability step by step. 

Can Low priced RC cars run fast?

Low in price, high in performance. The low-priced RC cars of inferior quality can be converted into supreme quality remote control cars. All you need is passion and vision with professional capability to improve the car.

What you need to do is to replace some inferior quality less performing parts with supreme quality performing parts. 

The operational mechanism of an RC car

Before starting to upgrade the car this is important to understand how the  RC car actually works.

Every remote control car system has at least these four parts

  1. The communication system

The communication system comprises the remote control unit, the controlling device, and the car. this is the mechanism that is responsible for the smooth communication between different parts of the

  1. The engine of an RC car

Like the original fully functional cars. This requires an engine to run on. Here the engine is the motor fitted in it. This motor generates the energy which the RC car is required to run. 

  1. Throttle 

This is part of the motor that provides generated energy to the car from the electronic system.

  1. Battery

This is the energy source or the fuel on which the car operates.

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Upgradation of the RC car is in the process

Let’s start the procedure and move the wheel faster to achieve the top speed. The speed of the car can be increased by working in these six areas. Let’s explore these areas one by one. 

  1. Weight reduction
  2. Tires replacement
  3. Find a new gear ratio for the vehicle
  4. Upgrade the battery with a better one
  5. Replace the exist existing motor
  6. Polish yourself and enhance your driving And Drifting skills.

1. Weight reduction

With the same power if you want to increase the speed of your car the simplest logical solution is just to simply reduce the weight of the car. The reduction in the weight as power will remain the same will definitely result in the increased speed of the car. 

Method to do it

  1. Mark the parts which can be replaced
  2. Make a list of it
  3. First search for the better alternatives
  4. Voice searching keeps in mind that alternatives should be lightweight.
  5. You may get rid of somebody’s parts and their replacement is not necessary for them.

Precautionary measure

The important aspect which should be considered while reducing the weight of the car is this should not disturb the aerodynamics of the car. if the aerodynamics of the car will be disturbed then the balance of the car will be disturbed and it will not be able to move freely. The fast speed will only be a dream. Even it can be difficult for the car to move in balance.


You may think that this procedure will reduce a very small amount of weight. But remember while racing with your competitors the small weight reduction which provides your car with the edge to move a bit faster than your competitors can produce a difference in the end result of the race.  

2. The tire replacement

The car does not move without the tires. The added functionality of the type of all for the car is to grip. 

The Road Grip of RC Cars

Road grip is really important and serves many purposes for the car. This saves the car from the slip. If a car slips in between the race this will never be able to win. On the other hand, a strong road grip will result in a reduction of the speed of a car. if the speed of the car is reduced too much even then you will never be able to win the race. so this is important to create a difference between the road grip and the speed needed or desired.

The shoes you wear are similar to RC Car Tires

To understand this phenomenon in better terms. Let’s take the logical example of your shoes. As you require different shoes for different purposes like climbing on the rocks, jogging, and officially attending school college, or office you require different shoes. As the purpose is to wear the shoes very well you need a different shoe to fulfill the purpose. 

The same is true for cars. This all depends on what you want your car to do. On which surface do you want your car to run? Are you running on a rocky surface or you are running on grass or you running on a rubber surface. The tire fitted with your car was not the best available option to run on all the surfaces simultaneously.

Suggestion regarding the tires

What I suggest here, is to have multiple tires for the car. You can easily replace your tires as per the purpose of running the car and the turf on which the car will run. So your car will no longer be a static dump but a customizable upgraded racing car at least in terms of tires.

3. Find a new gear ratio for the vehicle

Another option is to find a new gear ratio for the vehicle that is changing the gear ratio means replacing the gear with fewer or more teeth. 

The trick here is that if you want to go faster you will replace the gear with more teeth gear. If your requirement is great acceleration then you will replace it with fewer teeth gear.  The fewer will provide the acceleration while the more teeth will help you to maintain a fast speed.

Types of gear in the racing car

There are two types of gear available in the racing car The first one is known as Pinion gears and the second type is known as Spur gears. replacing the first type of gear will create a difference while replacing the second type of gear will not create a significant difference as replacing the first type of gear.

As we have already mentioned while we were discussing the weight of the car, small changes can bring great results especially when we are with them in totality. Another reason is that you may have all the things, and the same as your competitor the same skill set the same racing cars but this type of small change may create a difference in the end. So this is highly recommended to not to ignore this small type of changes in your car

4. Upgrade the battery with a better one

The battery is the powerhouse of a car. The amount of power and interpretation less supply of the power both are necessary to run the car to its full potential.  This depends on the material of the battery. The building material of the battery will decide how capable it is to run the motor properly. Check Best RC batteries for long-distance coverage

Types of RC car batteries

Car batteries can be divided into two different types as their building material

  1. The first one is an NIMH battery
  2. The second one is  LiPo batteries

Both have some pros and cons let’s discuss them one by one The LIPO batteries are more powerful as compared to an NIMH battery. Not only powerful but they are less in weight. So if you replace an MH battery with a LiPo battery you will not resolve the issue of the power supply but the weight of the car will be automatically decreased. This reduction of weight will provide you with extra benefits while brushing and updating your car. 

Replacing an NIMH battery with a LiPo battery in RC Racing Car

The replacement of the batteries for an RC racing car is not so simple. you have to consider at least these three points before replacing the battery. 

  1. The Charger

Will your charger be able to charge a new battery? If not then arrange a new charger for the new battery. This will surely increase your budget.

  1. Expensive Alternative

The new battery will definitely be more expensive than the older battery. As you will replace it with a better one. This will also increase your budget.

  1. Difficult Control

The new battery means more power the more power will make the control of the car difficult. you may not be able to enjoy the car as you were enjoying it with the old battery. as this usually is difficult to control the call at an increasing speed.

  1. Compatibility

Not every battery works with every model. Be sure before placing that you have the right battery for your model. If you are not sure about it then please ask an expert. replacing the battery with the wrong one will certainly result in dangerous circumstances.

I already have a LIPO battery now what?

if you already have a LIPO battery then check if it is 2 cells or 3 cells. If it is 2 cells then replace it with a 3-cell battery. What do you consider all the points that I have already explained in replacing the batteries? 

5. Replace the existing motor 

RC motor cars have to have a type of battery fitted in them.

  1. Brushed DC motors
  2. Brushless  motors

The second one brushless motors are more technologically advanced than brushed DC motors. Even more durable and more efficient too. This doesn’t mean that the brush DC motors are not fast. this may be fast too but they will be not as good as their alternatives are. So this is recommended to replace if possible a brushless DC motor with a brushless motor For Rc cars mostly for F1 Type RC cars. The only thing to consider while doing this replacement is that the brushless motor will be more expensive as compared to a brushed motor. This will certainly increase your budget

6. Polish yourself and enhance your driving skills

Winning is something that is not only dependent on the speed of the car. The skills of the driver are equally important in this. Moreover, you cannot enjoy the thrill of the improved speed if you will not be able to controlling an RC car. this is not equal but more important than any other thing to work on your skills.  identify the shortcomings of your driving skills, learn new techniques, and practice to enhance your skills. This is key to enjoying your RC, hobby more, and winning the races.

Final words

This is important to know before starting the project if your car is capable enough of being upgraded or not. Maybe your model of the car does not spot the up-gradation process. Another possibility is that maybe you upgrade the car but the particulars of the car cannot sport that up-gradation.  

In this way, all the products you purchased will be of new use and all the hard work done by you will be in vain. To save all of your efforts this is better to check in the beginning whether your model can be upgraded or not. 

Please remember that increasing the power will not unnecessarily result in increasing the top speed of the car. The other car areas are needed to be altered to the three most important ones are

  1. The aerodynamic shape of a car
  2. Weight of the car
  3. The moving parts of a car

Consider use before starting the up-gradation of your car.