Best RC Car Parts Reviews


There are many individuals for whom remote-controlled vehicles are something other than a side interest; they are a fixation. However, to fully enjoy this pleasure, one must take the necessary steps to ensure that their remote-controlled cars are well-maintained in all areas. This must be in place to make certain that the enthusiasts can follow their passions without interference.

Now, let’s take a look at some remote-controlled car parts that can be readily updated to offer your car a new appearance and increase its speed. These parts may be used to boost your vehicle’s layout, maintenance, and efficiency.

Exploring the Top Five Must-Have RC Car Parts: A Comprehensive Review

#1. Super Bright LED Light Bar

Best RC Car Parts

If you are a night rider. Loves to play at the racing track on the long and beautiful nights of summer. If your car is not only a car for you but a beauty symbol then this RC car parts is definitely for you. Enlighten the path of your car. Glow and brighten the way. Shines like the crown at the head of the car.

Why You Should Buy this

  • Durable
  • High Performance
  • Perfect fit in your car.
  • Customizable light direction
  • Lightweight, will not hinder the speed of the car
  • Portable, easy to carry
  • Super Easy Installation

Product Description and Features

Some important aspects of the Super Bright Led are discussed here. You must know these features if you are interested in buying this product.

Heavy Duty

Specifically designed for the rock crawling cars. The looks and the functionality of the product both adjust it well in the category of HD.

Perfect Fit

No matter how best the product is if it doesn’t fit well with your Car. This beautiful heavy-duty Super Bright LED Light Bar For RC Cars is not second to none when it comes to fitting well with the car. The power bracket is available in the car. This power bracket is solid enough to remain attached to the car firmly even at the high and low ends of the racing track. Usually, the shocks lose the different joints but in this case, you can be at ease. The perfect fit bracket will keep the worries away from you.


When the car is on the racing track. You need to adjust the light. Sometimes the light in the upper direction is needed and sometimes the light in the lower direction is more suitable. An adjustment between these two extremes may be the desired spot sometimes. Do not worry this super bright LED is adjustable when it comes to setting the direction of the ray of light. The product is equipped with L-shaped brackets. These brackets possess the quality due to which the user can be able to set the direction of the light.


Usually, durable products are heavier in weight, especially when you are talking about products that are made for racing cars. This is always great to be heavy and durable at the same time. But when it comes to racing cars the weight can hinder the performance of the car. Heavy weight will reduce the speed of the car. Do not worry this product has the opposite feature in one aspect while the other feature remains the same

The product is lightweight which is different but is super durable this is the same. While installing these lights on the car you don’t have to worry about the extra weight on the car. This product is light in weight and durable in performance. So use this product and be worry-free this will enhance the beauty, improve functionality and will not decrease the speed.


The super bright LED is fully portable. Lightweight with a carryable length. The length of this Super Bright LED Light Bar For RC Cars is 150mm / 5.9.


The installation of the super bright LED is not easy, in fact, it is super easy.

Functional Parameter

The total LEDs fitted on the strip are 36 in number. The operative voltage for the product is 4.8V – 7.2V.

#2. RC Car Upgrade Aluminum Shock Absorbers

Best RC Car Parts

Your car runs on a bumpy road. Or the racing track is bumpy. Really worried about the performance of the car. Performance is not the only issue to be worried about. This will destroy the body of the  RC car too. Suspension, lower frame, the floor nothing is safe. Continuous wear and tear of the car will make this difficult for the car to run off the racing track.

If this situation looks familiar to you. Then this is time to try this product. No doubt that this product is the best reply to all your worries. The RC Car Upgrade Aluminum Shock Absorbers.

Why You Should Buy this

  • Aesthetically Appealing Product
  • Self-Oil Refiling Is Possible
  • Super Soft Spring Absorb The Jumps Perfectly
  • Driving Becomes Easy with these

Product Description and Features

Some important aspects of the products are discussed here. You must know these features if you are interested in buying this product.

Aesthetically Perfect

A combination of blue and black makes it an asthmatically appealing product. This will not look odd when you fix it with your RC Car. This will definitely improve the beauty and as well as aesthetic appeal of the car.

Oil refilling

You can refill the oil in the shocks whenever you want. Make sure you tightly close the lid otherwise, the oil will flow out. This is advisable to use a tool to close the lid in such a way that the oil leakage should not happen.

Soft Springs

The shock absorbing capacity of the shocks is superb. The softness of the spring makes shock absorption easy. This will save the car from any damage.

Handling Made Easy

Once the shock absorption is easily done by the RC Car Upgrade Aluminum Shock Absorbers. Driving will become really easy. No matter if you are in the middle of a race or just driving the car alone on a bumpy road. This is too easy to drive a car.

#3. RC Car Shaft Accessory – Complete Set (Right + Left)

Best RC Car Parts

The Shafts carry the energy or in better words the torque. This torque is produced in the engine and is transferred to the tiers via shafts. A car has a couple of shafts. One is for the right tyre and the other is for the left tyre. This product is the front shaft of the RC car.

Why You Should Buy It

  • The Installation is super easy
  • Torque transmission is smooth
  • The turning will be hundreds of free

Product Description and Features

Some important aspects of the products are discussed here. You must know these features if you are interested in buying this product.

Easy Installation

This product is really easy to install. A person with an Intermediate level of skills can easily replace the shafts and Install an RC car Shaft Accessories – Complete Set (Right + Left)

Smith Transmission

The energy or the torque is smoothly really smooth. So no performance hindrance is created by this car. Your car will keep running at the same speed

No Hindress In Turning

After the installation of this product. The performance of the RC Car will remain the same in all aspects. Even the car owner will continue to enjoy the smooth turning of the car.

#4. 7.4v Lipo Battery FLOUREON 2S

Best RC Car Parts

Sometimes it happens that the battery in the RC loses the ability to hold a charge. This eliminates all the fun from the game. The best thing to do is to simply replace the battery. This one the 7.4v lipo battery FLOUREON 2s is the best choice. But make sure that the installation plug and the operating voltage should be according to your RC Car.

Denna process är lika viktig som att överväga mobilbet omsättningskrav som kan gälla när du deltar i onlinespelupplevelser.

Why You Should Buy It

  • Provides more power when needed
  • Smooth Charging Operation
  • Money Back and exchange warranty

Product Description and Features

Some important aspects of the 7.4v lipo battery are discussed here. You must know these features if you are interested in buying this product.

High Discharge Rate

This battery can discharge rapidly when you need more power for your RC car.

Constant and Smooth Charging

You can charge the battery with ease. Some batteries need that be completely drained off before charging. Here no such requirement is present.

Money Back & Exchange Warranty

The product has 60-day money-back and an 18-month exchange warranty. This shows the confidence of the seller in the quality of the product.

#5. DuraTrax Car Stand Deluxe Pit Tech

Best RC Car Parts


The rest we are still talking about are obviously terrific parts to upgrade your Rc Car but this one is a must to buy as you can’t cook perfect food without a kitchen in the same manner you need this stand to repair or upgrade your desired version of the Rc Car.

Why do you need to buy this?

  • A perfect workstation for your cars buggies, trucks, and RC cars of 1/8,1/10, 1/12
  • Perfectly grip the chassis with modeled rubber
  • Holes to assist you with shocks while you are rebuilding your wonder car
  • The rotatable plate allows easy access to desired and required area
  • Modeled to perfection to accommodate all types of chassis bottom
  • A spacious and accessible tray right at the base to keep things handy at your workshop

Handy WorkShop

This one will help to cope with all the mismanagement that can occur while you’re busy with your skilful and innovative task. If you have this gadget by your side while you are busy in your “Mission Upgrade RC Car” the chances are high that your operation will be a success. Moreover, this workshop is a must-have for all those RC car lovers who are perfectionists and want their job to be done flawlessly.

Perfect Design

This workshop is designed perfectly to cope with most of the Rc versions no matter if they are cars trucks or buggies and it can perfectly settle down and accommodate these all with maximum ease and sturdy perfection. So getting it is a pretty good investment because, with its awesome design, it’s a single product that can handle it all, your love for innovation and perfection.

Professional Feel

While getting this is undoubtedly a perfect delight. You no longer feel it like child’s play when you are helping your kid to redesign or save his RC car. Now both of you are professionals truly working on something real. Moreover, it not only gives a professional look while you are working on it, but it also makes things really easy and sorted.

Appreciable Assistance

While you have this car stand on your side you don’t need much assistance as this will do it all for you. Perfect grip on the car while you are working on it or installing your favourite online RC car part in it. Or need a spacious tray to hold all the delicate nut bolts or to keep the other required gears in hand. This one is designed with such perfection that you don’t miss any physical help.
But yes to have good company that is still required so be a sport and participate in your kid’s healthy activities and boost his mental capacities.

Easy to assemble

With all the above-mentioned qualities this one is not going to mess up your gearbox as you can easily disassemble it and reassemble it as per your requirement. So this highly effective workshop is too compact to store. Do buy this product and make your fun activity a bit serious and a bit more fun at the same time.


I am a passionate RC car lover and writing this blog is the utmost source of satisfaction for me. It gives me an ultimate source of satisfaction to share my piece of information and experience with a few true aficionados like me. So dear fellows in this article I have shared a few of my favorite upgrade parts that can bring revolutionary changes in your old Remote Control cars. Moreover, you can find several more of the kind there is a whole list of Online available RC car parts that can help you to rescue your favourite RC car. So now no need to dump it into junk, be bold, help it out, and bring something new and innovative out of it.