Best Formula 1 RC Car Review and Buying Guide


These Formula 1 RC car are sleek, light, fast and stunning RCs that put Formula 1 RC car in your hands.

Remote control cars are a timeless pastime, and they only become more advanced and impressive as time goes on. You can find an RC equivalent of just about any kind of vehicle that you can imagine, and they become better with each iteration.

Now, you can get everything from a Remote Control helicopter or monster truck to an RC car formula 1. These Formula 1 RC car are fast, high-tech, and perform well like their full-sized counterparts. Formula 1 is all about being low to the ground and minimizing wind resistance with its shape.

F1 Formula RC Car


They get better and better all the time, and modern standouts such as the Red Bull Formula 1 remote control car for example, among others show how nice some of these models can get. Just like there are many types of Formula 1 cars, there are many types of Formula 1 RCs.

These Formula 1 remote control cars set out to achieve the same thing as the full-size F1 speedsters you see on TV. They make use of the slender and long bodies that Formula 1 RC car has a lot of the same principles to apply.

As you would expect, there is a wide variety of them available. It can be difficult to sift through all of them and determine the good from the bad unless you have time to curate a lot of them yourself. This guide, however, narrows down the four best Formula 1 RC cars available right now.

Take a look at some of the best Formula 1 remote control cars available right now.

Best Formula 1 RC Car Review

1. 1:6 RC F1 Formula car Model Remote Radio Control

F1 Formula RC Car


This 1:6 scale Formula 1 remote control car makes its presence known with its appearance. It is 30” long, 13” wide, and 7.6” wide, and its shape keeps the wind resistance down. Not only is it a lowrider, but it is fast as well.

Like the best Formula 1 car, it is highly manoeuvrable. The controller that it comes with is a classic design, simple, and easy to use.

It does not take too long for it to reach full speed. The RC comes with a 1000MA battery which gives a good amount of run time and plugs in to recharge.

2. R/C 1: 24 Ferrari SF70H

F1 Formula RC Car


Many car and RC enthusiasts hold Ferraris to the highest standard. This F1 remote control car is a great 1:24 scale replica of a decked-out Ferrari Formula 1 racer. It is somewhat of a smaller-scale replica, but it is highly detailed and performs well.

The controller is easy to use, and the battery life seems to be consistent. It only weighs 7 ounces so it can fly at times and really go fast under the right conditions.

Not to mention, it just plain looks great. If you are going to get a replica, might as well get a replica of one of the coolest cares that there is. They clearly took a lot of time to make this replica look accurate and the detail in this RC car reflects that.

3. LEGO Technic 42026 Black Champion Racer Model Kit

F1 Formula RC Car


If you like Formula One RC cars under $100 that have some real power, check out the LEGO Technic. It has a pull-back motor and can go up to 25 feet and possibly beyond easily depending on the pullback. Because it gets projected forward by a pullback instead of a motor or electricity, you don’t need to worry about charging it.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it can’t get speed because it is not motorized, however. In most cars, we assume that a motorized system allows them to go great distances. However, this formula car lacks a motorized system, yet with proper operation, it can reach maximum speed and cover great distances

Besides performing well and having good specs, it also looks really great. It has the sleek build that a little Formula 1 RCs have and it is stylized.

4. Scalextric Start F1 Style Racing Car Team Full Throttle 1:32 Slot Race Car

F1 Formula RC Car


This analogue Formula One racer simply has the iconic F1 look, and leaves some power up to you. You’ll notice that there are no decals on the car. That is because it comes with a sheet of decal stickers which is nice if you want to customize it, or simply if you want to leave it plain.

It is a 1:32 scale so it is somewhat small, coming in at 10”x 8” x 3”, which is nice and makes it useful for many settings. Part of why it goes so fast is probably due to how slender and light it is. It weighs 4.6 oz and that helps it fly as fast as it does.

What to Look for in a Formula 1 RC Car

There are several things to look for in a Formula 1 RC car. Of course, they are all unique and have something of their own to offer, but certain things make a difference such as:

  • Weight and dimensions, sometimes lighter is better
  • If there is a motor or not, and if so, what kind of motor
  • Speed and distance
  • Aesthetic and decals
  • What materials it is made out of.

They vary, but often times light and slender Formula 1 control cars handle well and gain speed quickly. Don’t sacrifice durability for speed, however. Look for something sturdy, and while you should avoid collisions, you should still opt for something that could handle a few accidental ones here and there.

Looks do matter when it comes to F1 remote-controlled cars. Whether you are looking to buy one or thinking about building your own DIY Formula 1 remote control car, go for an aesthetic that matches your own. Looks aren’t everything but look for a Formula 1 RC car that has a style that you like, and if you are making your own, build it to your own liking.

Keep those things in mind and it may help you narrow your search. If you are wondering how to make a remote-controlled Formula 1 car on your own, it is not that difficult. Provided you are mechanically inclined, there are several guides for how to do it yourself online.

Otherwise, the options above and plenty more are great Formulae 1 RCS that look good and go fast.


The same rules of Formula 1 cars apply to Formula 1 RCs. Because technology has gotten as far as it has, RCs can emulate some of the most advanced cars there are. Not just in appearance, but in going the distance and catching speed.

All of the Formula 1 RCs that made this list made the cut because they perform well, look good, are affordable, and have something unique about them. Hopefully, this guide can help you find a remote-controlled Formula 1 car that is well-suited for you.

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Consider your own use for and what kind of tracks or surfaces you have available for you. You might want to get a Fast Remote Control car that is well-rounded and can adapt to many different surfaces and situations, or maybe you want one that is unique to a certain type of scenario. Check it out, and enjoy. You may also read related product reviews:

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