Choosing the Best 2-Seater Ride-On Car with Parental Remote Control

A 2 seater ride-on car with remote control allows both parents and kids to enjoy the fun. Kids can drive themselves or ride along while parents operate the car remotely. This builds driving skills and independence for kids while giving parents control and peace of mind.

With many 2 seater ride on cars to choose from, how do you pick the best one? This comprehensive guide examines the top models on the market and what to look for when buying.

Top 5 Two-Seater Ride Cars with Remote Control

1. Best Choice Products 12V Ride-On Car

Best Choice Products 12V Ride-On Car

This sturdy ride-on from Best Choice Products can support up to 130 lbs while traveling at 2.5 mph. It has an ergonomic design with seatbelts, traction wheels, and rubber grip tires.

The full features include:

  • Seating: Bench seat for 2 with seatbelts
  • Max Load: 130 lbs
  • Speed: 2.5 mph
  • Run time: 1-2 hours
  • Extras: MP3 port with speakers, LED lights
  • Parental remote: Controls direction and speed

With its dual controls, this is a versatile pick for kids and parents to share driving duties. The integrated MP3 player port also lets kids listen to tunes while cruising.

2. Rolplay 6V BMW Kids Ride-On Car

Rolplay 6V BMW Kids Ride-On Car

This licensed BMW ride-on car is packed with cool features kids will love. It seats two and drives up to 5 mph via the included foot pedal and parental remote.

Full specs:

  • Seating: Bucket seats for 2 with seatbelts
  • Max Load: 130 lbs
  • Speed: 5 mph
  • Run time: 1-2 hours
  • Extras: Working horn, engine sounds
  • Parental remote: Controls speed and direction

From the signature BMW styling to the engine sound effects, this ride-on feels just like driving the real thing. The higher top speed offers an exciting ride.

3. Moderno Kids 2 Seater Ride On Car

Moderno Kids 2 Seater Ride On Car

This sleek ride-on from Moderno has a stylish design with a max load of 110 lbs. Its 6V battery provides a 45-minute run time.

Key features:

  • Seating: Comfy bucket seats for 2
  • Max Load: 110 lbs
  • Speed: 3.7 mph
  • Run time: ~45 minutes
  • Extras: Working headlights, MP3 port
  • Parental remote: Adjusts direction and speed

With its cool looks, tunes, and lights, kids can ride in style. The shorter runtime is balanced out by the quicker charging time of just 4-6 hours.

4. KidTrax CAT Construction Site Ride-On

KidTrax CAT Construction Site Ride-On

Featuring a fun construction site theme, this KidTrax pick has chunky traction wheels to handle dirt, grass, and gravel. The 6V battery provides an hour of ride time.

Full details:

  • Seating: Bucket seats for 2
  • Max Load: 130 lbs
  • Speed: 3 mph
  • Run time: ~1 hour
  • Extras: Working horn and FM radio
  • Parental remote: Controls speed and direction

The tough styling and grippy tires let kids power through mud, sand, and rough terrain for exciting off-road adventures.

5. Best Choice Products 6V Ride-On Car

Best Choice Products 6V Ride-On Car

For a budget 2-seater ride-on, this model from Best Choice keeps it simple with classic style. It supports up to 120 lbs at 2.5 mph.

The key specs:

  • Seating: Bench seat for 2
  • Max Load: 120 lbs
  • Speed: 2.5 mph
  • Run time: 1 hour
  • Extras: Working horn and radio
  • Parental remote: Adjusts speed and direction

While it lacks some bells and whistles, the essentials are covered for straightforward parent-child riding at a reasonable price.

Buyer’s Guide: Key Considerations When Choosing a 2-Seater Ride On

Selecting the right ride in a car involves weighing several key factors:

Age Range

Consider the age and size of your child when picking a ride on a car. For preschoolers ages 3-5, look for 6V battery-powered models with slower 2-3 mph speeds. School-age kids 6-10 are ready for more power with 12V batteries and 5 mph capabilities.

Match the maximum load rating to your child’s size too. Most ride-ons support 110-130 lbs. Measure your child’s height against the seat shoulder room as well to ensure a proper fit.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount. Look for ride-ons with:

  • Seat belts – Must securely restrain both riders
  • Rollover protection – Low center of gravity to prevent tipping
  • Traction tires – For steering responsively on different surfaces
  • Speed governors – Limit top speed for safety

Also inspect for pinch points, exposed components, and sharp edges that could harm riders.

Battery Life

Longer battery life means more playtime between charges. Look for at least 45 minutes of run time, with 1-2 hours being ideal. Quick recharge times under 6 hours are also convenient.

For expanded runtime, some higher-priced models have interchangeable lead-acid batteries. Just swap them out for hours of continuous play.

Speed Settings

Variable speed settings allow ride-on cars to grow with kids. Young or first-time riders feel safer starting at 1-2 mph. Then they can work up to max speeds of 3-5 mph as their skills improve.

Parental remotes with speed control allow adjusting the speed while walking beside the car during a ride.

Driving Modes

Many ride-on cars have settings for self-drive using the pedals or remote control driving by parents. Some also have dual control modes that engage both the pedals and parental remote simultaneously.

Look for the combo of driving modes you prefer based on your child’s age and skills.


Factors like motor power, drivetrain, weight limit, traction, and terrain capabilities determine how well ride-ons perform:

  • Powerful motors – For strong acceleration and climbing slopes
  • Rear-wheel drive – Grips better for faster riding
  • Good traction – All-terrain or street tires to match where it’ll be driven
  • High weight rating – Supports bigger kids for longer usefulness
  • Shock absorbers – For a smooth ride over uneven ground

Choose an off-road or street-oriented performance to match where your child will be riding most.

Quality Materials

Ride durable ride-on cars are built to withstand active kids. Seek models made with:

  • Strong steel frames – Avoid plastic prone to cracking
  • Castor front wheels – For easy steering
  • Real rubber tires – Versus plastic wheels that scratch easily
  • Comfy padded seats – With sufficient shoulder room

Better materials also provide the authentic feel of real full-sized vehicles.

Fun Extras

Extras like sounds and tunes make ride-on play more exciting:

  • Working headlights – For playing driver at night
  • Horns and engine sounds – Add to the realistic driving experience
  • MP3 ports – Let kids jam to music on rides
  • Custom styling – Like licensed models from carmakers

Just ensure that added electronics don’t interfere with the drive system’s performance and safety.

Parental Remote Range

Parental remotes use radio frequencies to control the ride on a car from a distance. The average remote range is about 25 feet but may be shorter around obstructions.

Longer 50+ foot ranges give parents more flexibility in staying close to the car even at faster speeds. The extended range also allows remote control from inside while kids play outdoors.


Kid ride-on cars range from $100 on the low end to $400+ for premium models. Determine how much you want to spend, then get the most features for your money.

Even budget picks under $150 can hit essentials like battery power, parental controls, working parts, and safety basics. Mid-range models offer cooler designs and extra functions for around $200-$300. For all the bells and whistles with premium performance, expect to spend $350 and beyond.

Comparing Top 2-Seater Ride-On Cars with Remote Control

To highlight how the key factors differ between models, here’s a detailed comparison of two top-rated picks:

Moderno Kids Ride-On Car vs Roleplay BMW Kids Ride-On


  • The Moderno costs less at under $200, has a lower 110 lbs weight limit, and drives 3.7 mph via a 6V battery offering 45 minutes of ride time per charge. Extras like lights and MP3 provide tunes.
  • The Roleplay BMW is over $300 but supports 130 lbs and reaches 5 mph speeds thanks to the 12V battery providing 1-2 hours of play. Engine sounds and authentic BMW styling amp up the realism. The 50-foot remote range gives more control flexibility.

The Rollplay BMW is the better choice if you can afford the higher price. But the Moderno saves money with almost as much capability for younger kids in terms of safety, battery life and parental control features.

Frequently Asked Questions About 2 Seater Ride Ons with Remote Control

What age is best for a ride on car?

Ride on cars are ideal for kids ages 3-10 years old. Look for 6V battery models with 1-3 mph speeds for 3-5 year olds. Bigger kids ages 6-10 can handle 12V power with up to 5 mph speeds. Match the maximum load rating to your child’s size.

How much weight can ride on cars hold?

Most 2 seater ride on cars support 110-130 lbs total weight. This accommodates an average size child in each seat. Measure your kids and compare to the ride on’s load rating before buying. Overloading can damage the car and risks injury.

Do ride on cars damage carpets or floors?

Properly inflated rubber tires cause little to no damage on carpets and hard floors. Traction from aggressive tread tires may grab carpet fibers, so supervise use indoors. Avoid riding over floors before the tires are dry as moisture can leave marks.

Can you control a ride on car remotely?

Yes, parental remote controls allow parents to steer and control the car’s speed from distances up to 50 feet away. This gives kids independence while parents steer them away from danger. Remotes help build driving skills by letting kids take control when ready.

How long do ride on car batteries last?

Average battery life per charge is 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the capacity. Larger 12V batteries provide longer runtimes over smaller 6V batteries. Quick recharge times are 4-6 hours. Batteries gradually hold less charge with regular use but last 1-3 years.

How fast do kids ride on cars go?

Maximum speeds for ride on cars range from 1 mph for toddlers to 3-5 mph for older kids. Variable speed settings allow going from slow beginner speeds to faster when kids gain experience. Remotes let parents control the top speeds.

Can 2 seater ride on cars drive off-road?

Some ride on cars have chunky tires and 4WD power to traverse grass, packed dirt and gravel. But most are strictly for flat sidewalk and driveway use. Examine the tire treads and power when choosing one for off-road versatility.

Choosing the Best 2-Seater Ride On Car for Your Family

While kids love riding on cars of all types, picking the right one involves balancing safety, features, performance, and cost. Smaller kids thrive on basic 6V battery models under $200, while bigger kids will make the most of 12V-powered cars with faster speeds and extended runtimes for around $300.

Match your priorities to one of these leading 2 seater ride cars with parental remote:

  • Best Choice Products – Well-rounded for most families
  • Rollplay BMW – Authentic style and performance
  • Moderno – Streamlined pick at a lower price
  • KidTrax CAT – Rugged choice for off-road fun
  • Best Choice Products 6V – Basic and budget-friendly

Whichever you choose, inspect all safety features before your kids’ first ride. Start at slow speeds to get them comfortable behind the wheel. And be sure to get in on the fun with the parental remote once they’ve got driving down! With the right ride in the car, you and your kids will make memories that will last a lifetime.