How To Make An RC Helicopter


RC devices are really making their mark in the world. With every passing day, more and more people are moving towards RC devices. The RC devices are replicas of the original moving objects. Some people are moving on to the next level. They are very much interested in designing their own devices. These devices include … Read more

How to dispose of lipo RC batteries


How to properly dispose of RC lipo batteries? Is an important question that should be answered appropriately and accurately. The reason is that this battery can create harm. It can explode even after it has been disposed of. This will certainly create problems. Moreover, these batteries are used in a large quantity to provide power … Read more

How to Fix a RC Car

fix a RC car

Multiple aspects can happen because of which RC cars may not work properly. The problems can be divided into three different categories. The first category is that the fuel is not passing through the RC electric car. In case the RC car is an electric car that the electricity is not passing through the car. … Read more

How to Clean RC Car


How to clean rc car Is an important question that has been usually asked by the owners of RC cars. Rc cars cleaning can be divided into two parts. One is the RC car body cleaning and the other is the RC car Internal functional parts cleaning. These functional parts include the engine parts too. … Read more

How to drift a remote control car

drift a remote control car

Drifting is a very common word nowadays. If you are a racing fan no matter the actual cars or the RC cars then you should hear this word. This keeps the motor racing fans, as well as the RC car fans, mesmerized in its magic. This magical terminology is so mesmerizing that you are looking … Read more

What is the difference between brushless and brushed motor


If you are a guy who has a background of Electronics or mechanical engineering then you should know the difference between the brushed motor and brushless Motors. In fact the brushless Motors are the most advanced form of the brushed Motors. There was a time when brushed Motors were used extensively.  As the time passes … Read more

Best Radio Control Airplanes for kids 2021


Choosing the first radio control airplane is always fun and full of excitement. Flying a plane while staying on the ground is thrilling to everyone, and no age is exceptional from the feelings (accept it, we are all kids at heart). Learning to fly is a big step for any kid, and they can quickly … Read more

Best RC car transmitter and receiver

Best RC car transmitter and receiver

The RC car is not moving as per your command One of the possibilities is that it does not have the appropriate transmitter and receivers. Sometimes it may happen that the transmitter and receiver are not of high quality. It stopped working after some time. The third and final result might be that the range … Read more

How to start a nitro RC car

Start A Nitro RC Car

Remote control vehicles are popular among kids. For the same kid, this fashion prevails and they even adopted it as a hobby in their adulthood. Many of these shifted towards nitro RC cars. These cars have the problem of their own type. One of them is how to start the RC nitro car. Here we … Read more

How do RC cars work? Is it any physics behind this

How do RC cars work_ Is it any physics behind this

This is a pleasurable and exciting activity to use  An electric RC car for the play. As RC cars are so simple to drive but the mechanism of working of RC cars is not so simple. Electronics in the form of Physics have been involved behind it. In this article, we will look at how … Read more