How to Clean RC Car

How to clean rc car Is an important question that has been usually asked by the owners of RC cars. Rc cars cleaning can be divided into two parts. One is the RC car body cleaning and the other is the RC car Internal functional parts cleaning. These functional parts include the engine parts too.

Let us look at these one by one and find the answer to the most awaited and asked questions.

How to Clean RC car Body

The multiple things you require to clean the body of the car are as follows.

  • All purpose cleaner
  • A scrub
  • Soft brush
  • Glass cleaner
  • Duster (two different)

Use the duster to clean the surface of the RC car. Clean it in this way so that no dust should be left on the body of the RC car. 

Now is the time to spray it with an all purpose cleaner. Use the scrub so that the hard dust can also be cleaned.

Now use a soft brush to rub the body of the RC car. This is necessary to use the soft brush otherwise the scratches may appear on the body of the RC car.

This is the time to rinse the body. For this purpose clean water can be used. Once the clean water is dried, now is the time to Spray the the car with the glass cleaner.

Use the second Duster to wipe the body. After the  body wipe. It will shine again as a new car. Congratulations, your RC car body is completely clean.

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how to clean RC car bearings

When the bearings become, they do not remain fast and smooth. Your car will not function properly in this condition. To make your bearings fast and smooth you need to clean. So that these can provide you with full functionality.

What we need to clean the bearing

  • Blue shop towel
  • A container
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Little Hobby Knife
  • Number one blade
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Oil
  • Put the blue shop towel on your table so that it will not create much mess on your desk

Get the rubber out of the bearings. Do not damage the rubber while you are trying to put it off. Because if the shield is damaged during this process the bearing will not be able to function in an appropriate manner. Use the blade with a hubby knife to pull out the shield.

Fill the container with alcohol now, put the bearings in that alcohol, and put the bearings in this solution for some time. After a couple of minutes, rinse it with the help of something. You can just shake the container and the solution in it will automatically start to steer.

Use the nose tool to get out the bearing from the solution. Put the solution in the drain and again fill the container with the alcohol. No again put the bearings in that alcohol and repeat the same process. 

Do it as the whole thing is clean again. Now is the time to get all the bearings out. Rinse it and clean it with the air and the water. Now put the The Shield again. Now your bearings are ready to be used again.

how to clean RC car tires

  • Detergent
  • Water 
  • WD 40
  • Brush

Put the tires off the car. Put it in the water and detergent. Rub it with the brush. Now get it out of the water and detergent solution. Put it under the tab of the freshwater. Rinse the tire. 

 Repeat the procedure with all the other tires.

 Now the tires are ready for the application of WD 40. Apply the WD 40. Rub it with the brush gently. You don’t need to wipe it away. Let the tire dry automatically. During this process some WD40 will be observed in the tire. Especially if the tires are old it will provide the tire with some elasticity. 

How to clean RC car motor

For this step you’ll need the following things 

  • Small brush
  • Hex wrench small
  • Piece of cardstock
  • Can of compressed air 

Open the frond side by removing the three large screws. To get the router from the motor you need to slide it out. For this purpose you need to open the lid. Now slide it out and get the two balls out of the motor. 

Now you will see the timing assembly. Use a brush to clean the timing assembly. Use the compressed air to clean the router and the other parts of the motor. 

Finally we will clean the N Ball. Use the brush and compressed air to clean it. Once all the dirt has been removed now it is the time to assemble the motor again, 

In this process slowly place the router at its position by sliding it in gently. Other wist if the scratches will appear on it. This will destroy the performance of the motor. So do utmost care while putting the router in the motor. 

Oiling of the Car

Some parts of the Car requires the oiling. This oiling can be done by oiling the shocks. This is necessary for the shocks to be oiled so that the shocks can perform the tasks easily and smoothly. 

Final Words

Other things that are needed to be cleaned. If we craft this in the form of the questions the outcome will be 

  • how to clean RC car carburetor
  • how to clean RC car fuel tank
  • how to clean RC car shocks
  • how to clean RC car air filter

But to clean these parts of the RC car we highly recommend you to contact the professional. Professional help is desirable in cleaning the carburetor, fuel tank and air filter. If anything happen to these sensitive parts. This may happen that you will never be able to get the best performance from your RC car again.

Sometimes some parts of the RC cars cannot be repaired or cleaned. In this way wha you can do is to replace the parts by replacing these parts you can enjoy the ultimate performance of your car again.