How to paint an RC Vehicle step by step guide

So you have decided to paint your RC Car. Chances are high that this is your hobby. Certainly the look you will give the car will show your personality. Rather this will be your signature mark, the reflection of your personality in your Radio Controlled Car.

You may find very very long painting guides but this is the most practical one eliminating all unnecessary detail to save your time and to provide you with the best

The first decision while painting the car is regarding the paint and the technique you adopt to paint the car.

Paint Techniques

Let’s explore the things step by step by starting from the techniques to do the paint. First thing first, we have three different techniques to paint the RC Cars

  • Brush with Hand Stroke
  • Paint with Spray Cans / Bottles
  • Paint Through Air Brushing

Most guys who paint their car adopt one of these three painting techniques. Some may adopt in combination two or three techniques. Let’s explore this one by one and try to find out which one is best for you

Brush with hand stroke

this includes your love for your car to paint every single screw with your hand and brush

Not good for Car Paint

The problem with this technique is to let it is really hard to get a smooth finish why using the hand in the brush.

Best for Car Paint

On the other hand, this is the best technique to perform detailed artwork on your car.

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Here are the some best available product in the market you meet use one of them to give a new look real car when using brush and hand technique

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Paint with Spray Cans / Bottles

The second technique is to use paint with spray cans or bottles.

Best for Car Paint

This technique is best for to get smooth find finish

Not best for Car Paint

This technique is not so good to obtain detailed artwork on the car

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Here are some best available products you can use to paint your RC car

#3. Spraying Paint by Testor


#4. Arteza Premium Paint



Paint Through Air Brushing

The third is the most effective technique used to paint the full size original cars.

Best For RC Car Paint

This will provide you with the professional look the smooth finish I will finish your work in less time.

Not Best For RC Car Paint

Actually there is nothing to be mentioned in this section for this technique the only thing which can imagine here is the type of experties you need to perform this job.

Product showcase

here are some suggestion for others with me find best to perform this type of job

#5. Multipurpose with the color mixing tool

#6. Gravity feed Multi-purpose Dual Action Air Brush


Now as we have the right paint for our job this is the time to perform the task. let’s explore it step by step.

Steps To Perform Pint Job on the RC Car

Step 1 Getting the surface ready

Chances are that probably you are using an old car to repaint it. then you have to perform some tasks to make the car ready for the paint. If you are using a new car with the rowdy means no Paint on it then and you may avoid this hard work.

in case you are using an old car, you first need to get rid of the old paint on it. making the product ready for the paint.

Two techniques can be used to do this job the first days by using the chemical remover second by using a cell paper to rub off the paint from the body of the RC car

while using the chemical remover you me apply the remover on the body and then wait till instructed time to remove the paint buy a gentle rub. the waiting period may vary from Product to product but usually, it resides From 3 to 12 hours.

Step 2 The Modifications in the body

if you have purchased a new card then you may need to modify the body of the car or even if you have and old one you missed and need to modify the body of the car. in both cases it is advisable to perform this job before the paint. as the chances are that the paint may get destroyed while performing the modifications on the body like to cut some parts or remove the Dents.

Step 3. Remove the Dust of

Now, this is the time to clean the car this can be done easily with the ordinary dish wash and underwater what I have to do is to choose a dishwasher which is non-absorbent. applying the dishwasher on the car body repeat gently with the hand or the foam sponge and rinse it with water. Make sure that the car is dried properly before starting the next step.

You may choose to dry it off with a water towel or air dryer. in the case of a hairdryer make sure the air is at the normal temperature and is not very hard.

Step 4 Draw the boundaries and apply paint

you may choose to apply the multiple Paints on your car. if so then you need to determine in which area which color will be applied. the best way to do is draw the design on the car. apply a single color. While covering the remaining ka area with the tape. you may choose plastic or paper tape but it is advisable to use the paper tape.

cover all the areas that affect the one that do you want to paint with the particular paint once done wait for it to dry then repeat this procedure for the second third fourth paint. you may use as many paints as you want.

Important instructions

There are some important sections you must follow while painting your RC Car

  • Don’t apply the second paint unless and until the first one is completely dried
  • Maintain an appropriate distance while painting the car. this distance should be constant. if you change the distance again and again. the paid me not be applied uniformly especially in the case of airbrushing and spray paint.
  • Always choose and area place to paint your car so that the fumes of the paint may not harm you.

let your inner child live to enjoy so that you may enjoy your life even in the old life. Always be ready to bring some new colors to your life. Painting your RC car is a way to do it. If you love to play with remote control cars then must check Best Off-Road RC Cars in 2021 and Best Mini RC Cars in 2021

Be Happy Be Child and of course Happy Racing