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We love remote control cars and we made this website for some freaking fans and remote control car lovers. So when you enter in the world of Rc cars lovers that is actually .

You can enter in this RC car lovers Paradise without any fear. Because we follow professional ethics on priority. Protecting our visitors information is our top priority. we never intend to use your information for any commercial purpose. Being a visitor you can freely visit all these pages and they are 100% safe to browse.


The reason for publishing this article is to benefit the general public. We never intend to create any sort of propaganda.We always keep our visitors’ safety as our utmost priority and try to make his experience very safe and virus free. But in spite of our precautions even then any virus attack happens while checking our website. It is not our fault and we don’t hold responsibility for that. Associated links are safe as per our knowledge but still if any undesired virus incident happens it’s not our fault and responsibility.

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Cookies are piece of information those are collected for the visitor’s convenient and exotic experience. Web browser collect these pieces of information. No extraordinary setting of the browser is required to collect this information.All that information is collected through normal browsing. Moreover it is not mandatory for the visitor to share his or her information with us as we truly respect our visitors’ privacy. You can even set the parameters for your browser to share cookie information.

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