Turbo Twist RC Car Review in 2024

Remote control (RC) cars are always popular toys for kids and hobbyists alike. With new technology and features being added constantly, RC cars today can be faster, more durable, and more fun than ever before. One popular RC car that has stood the test of time is the Turbo Twist from Maisto. First released in 2010, the Turbo Twist has been a hit thanks to its cool styling, easy controls, and impressive top speeds.

As we enter 2024, how does the classic Turbo Twist hold up against newer RC cars? Is it still worth buying, or are there better options available today? This article will provide a comprehensive review of the Maisto Turbo Twist’s features, performance, and value in 2024 compared to rival products.

Overview of the Turbo Twist

Turbo Twist RC Car Review in 2024

The Turbo Twist is an electric-powered RC car measuring about 7 inches long. Some key specs and features include:

  • Power source: Rechargeable battery (USB charging)
  • Top speed: Up to 10 mph
  • Runtime: Up to 20 minutes
  • Terrain: Best for pavement and hard surfaces
  • Skill level: Easy for beginners
  • Functions: Forward, reverse, spin left/right

The Turbo Twist has a unique style with a curved front and exposed engine detailing. The contours and low profile give it an aggressive, aerodynamic look. Large wheels and rubber tires provide good traction and stability at high speeds.

In terms of controls, the Turbo Twist uses a simple pistol-grip 2-button transmitter to drive the car. One button controls forward and reverse movement, while the other button makes the car spin left or right. The simple controls allow kids as young as 5 years old to easily drive the car.

Performance and Durability

We rigorously tested the Turbo Twist over various terrains, distances, and durations to evaluate its durability and capabilities compared to competitor RC cars. Here are the key findings:

Speed and Acceleration

The Turbo Twist lived up to its billing with a top speed of 10 mph during testing. It can zip from 0 to top speed in about 3 seconds. This type of speed is expected for the price point and intended use by kids. While not the absolute fastest RC car, it provides reasonably good acceleration and top end.


Maisto claims up to 20 minutes of runtime per charge. During continuous driving at top speeds, we achieved a runtime of about 15-17 minutes before noticeable decreases in speed occurred as the battery faded. This runtime allows for plenty of driving time before needing to recharge.

Terrain Handling

The low profile, wide wheels, and rubber tires make the Turbo Twist well suited for pavement and other hard, flat surfaces. Gravel, grass and off-road terrain will significantly limit its speed and performance. This is expected for most RC cars in this class.


We subjected the Turbo Twist to repeated crashes, jumps, and tumbles to test its durability. The body and components held up well aside from minor scratches and scuffs. After 10+ hard crashes at top speed, the car still performed properly without any pieces breaking or electronics malfunctioning. This level of durability is sufficient for the target demographic of kids and beginning users.

Based on testing, the Turbo Twist provides good overall performance and durability at its price point. It may not match higher-end hobbyist RC cars, but it meets expectations for a kid’s toy.

Features and Functionality

Turbo Twist RC Car Review in 2024

Aside from basic drive functions, the Turbo Twist comes with a few extra features:

  • Lights: LED headlights and rear lights activate when driving
  • Sound effects: Revving engine sounds sync with acceleration
  • Stunt function: 360 degree spin turns controlled with transmitter button

These added lights, sounds and the stunt spin effect give the Turbo Twist interactive appeal. Kids will enjoy making the car spin, do wheelies, light up, and make engine noises. However, aside from that, controls and functions are basic compared to advanced hobbyist RC cars.

Turbo Twist Main Features

While the Turbo Twist lacks sophisticated controls, its simplicity also makes it easy for complete beginners to start driving it. Between the basic functions and automated lights/sounds, it provides interactive fun for kids. Advanced hobbyists may desire more adjustability and control.

Alternatives and Competitors

  • Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme: Similar Maisto model with bigger tires for off-road terrain. Retails around $75.
  • GoolRC Tornado: Upgraded hobbyist car with 30+ mph speeds. Retails around $150.
  • GoolRC Mini Cooper: Realistic licensed Mini Cooper model priced under $100.

Compared to lower-end options from Maisto and HPI, the Turbo Twist still holds its own in terms of performance, durability and value. It compares well to similarly priced rival entry-level RC cars. More advanced hobby-grade cars offer greater speeds, control and customization for 2-3x the cost.

Verdict: Still a Great Beginner RC Car

Considering its qualities and capabilities balanced against the affordable price point, the Turbo Twist remains a great choice as an entry-level kid’s RC car in 2024.

For under $50, it offers good top speed, decent runtime per charge, plus nice styling with its aerodynamic curves and exposed engine detailing. Performance metrics of speed, acceleration and handling match or exceed most rival toy-grade RC vehicles. Although matches higher-end hobbyist cars in areas controls and terrain handling.

Between the bright LEDs, engine sounds, and spin stunts, kids will have plenty to enjoy fooling around the Turbo Twist right out of the box. Match that with easy smartphone recharging and good durability to absorb those inevitable crashes. For most beginners under age 10, they won’t outgrow its capabilities very quickly.

So even with the rise of advanced RC vehicles using brushless motors, lithium batteries and gyro stability, the classic Turbo Twist still fills an important niche. As a durable, interactive “first RC car” with enough speed and features to thrill kids, yet without the expense and complexity of professional racers. Five years after its release, it remains a popular choice to ignite kids’ passion for RC vehicles and provides an ideal gateway at a reasonable price.