The Best Verve Room RC Car – In-Depth Review and Comparison Guide

Remote control cars provide hours of high-speed fun for kids and adults alike. Advanced RC cars today can reach 40+ mph with maneuverability to perform stunts, off-roading, and race friends. With so many options on the market, choosing the right RC car takes research.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll review the top features and performance of the Verve Room RC car. We’ll see how it stacks up against competitor RC cars in terms of speed, battery life, durability, and value. By the end, you’ll know if the Verve Room is the best choice for your RC needs.

Overview of the Verve Room RC Car

Verve Room RC Car

The Verve Room RC car first grabs your attention with its unique aesthetic. Shaped like a mini cooperate office or ‘verve room’, it’s sure to turn heads on the street or track.

But beyond the design, the Verve Room packs performance under the hood:

  • Speed – Reaches up to 18 mph via a 390 motor
  • Battery – 15-20 minutes per charge; LiPo battery
  • Suspension – Oil-filled shock absorbers provide a smooth ride
  • Tires – Rubber tires optimize traction and absorb bumps
  • Control – Gesture control lets you steer with hand motions
  • Extras – Headlights, rear spoiler, and rotating chair for the driver

It’s designed for ages 8 and up and suitable for beginners or RC enthusiasts. With its office decor, the Verve Room brings a touch of work humor while delivering responsive speed.

Let’s look closer at the key aspects that make the Verve Room a top RC car choice in its class.

Speed and Power

Verve Room RC Car

Speed is essential for an exciting RC car experience. The Verve Room delivers speeds up to 18 mph thanks to its brushed 390 motor. This allows high velocities for racing friends or pushing your driving skills.

The drivetrain utilizes a rear-wheel drive system, with power going directly to the back tires. This optimizes traction and acceleration. Together with the rigid chassis, the Verve Room can handle tight turns and flips while maintaining control.

While 18 mph doesn’t match the fastest RC cars exceeding 40 mph, it provides a thrilling experience for new drivers. Advanced RC enthusiasts may desire more power, but the Verve Room hits a nice sweet spot for younger kids or beginners looking for safe, manageable speed.

Battery and Run Time

Powering the Verve Room is a 7.4V 1500mAh LiPo battery. Lithium polymer batteries provide a balance of strength, fast charging, and lightweight construction crucial for RC cars.

On a full charge, expect 15-20 minutes of run time depending on your speed and terrain. This gives you ample time for short races or non-stop driving on a course. The included USB fast charger fully recharges the battery in 60-90 minutes so you’re ready for more action quickly.

The battery compartment on the bottom securely holds the LiPo battery in place. It’s accessible by removing two screws, allowing you to swap in spares. An extra battery or two can extend your driving time for longer sessions.

While some high-end RC cars boast 30+ minutes of runtime, the Verve Room’s 15-20 minutes matches other beginner models. The fast USB charging makes it easy to top off between runs.

Suspension and Tires

An RC car’s suspension and tires significantly impact its handling and ride quality. The Verve Room comes prepared with several suspension-enhancing features:

  • Independent suspension – Each wheel moves independently for better absorption
  • Oil-filled shocks – Smoother compression and damping than springs alone
  • Adjustable shocks – Tune stiffness to your terrain
  • Rubber tires – Softer traction and cushioning versus plastic

Together these provide a responsive, comfortable ride across varied terrain from smooth pavement to rocky dirt. Independent suspension prevents shocks from one wheel excessively jarring the chassis and maintaining control.

The rubber tires improve grip while absorbing vibrations and impacts that cheap plastic tires transmit directly to the car. Their wide tread design enhances lateral grip for turning maneuvers.

While the Verve Room doesn’t include advanced options like 4WD or high-end shocks, its suspension setup matches or exceeds most RC cars under $100. This makes it ready to handle minor off-roading and adventures beyond just flat tracks.

Controls and Handling

Verve Room RC Car

Unlike entry-level RC cars limited to basic remotes, the Verve Room introduces gesture control driving. The infrared sensor on the car allows you to steer through 7 hand motions:

  • Forward – palm out
  • Backward – palm in
  • Left – palm left
  • Right – palm right
  • Stop – fist
  • Spin left – wave left
  • Spin right – wave right

This creates an immersive, gesture-based driving system. The remote pairs to your smartphone via an app to track hand motions. While the range is limited to 8-10 feet, it provides a cool way to control your RC car through body movements.

The remote also includes thumbstick controls as a familiar fallback. The dual option remote accommodates any user. Kids may find the gesture control in particular more engaging and fun.

For handling, the rigid chassis, low center of gravity, and suspension give the Verve Room responsive steering and minimal body roll in turns. Good chassis balance prevents spinouts, keeping you in control so you can master tight maneuvers.

Durability and Construction

With the stunts, jumps, and crashes inevitable in RC car play, durability is key. The Verve Room is built from strong ABS plastic in the chassis and body panels to withstand impacts and drops.

Metal ball bearings support all four wheels rather than cheap plastic bushings that deteriorate quickly. This promotes smooth rotation and longevity.

The lightweight yet tough polymer shell protects the electronic components inside from dirt or moisture. Foam bumpers provide cushioning if you happen to hit walls or other objects.

While not waterproof, the Verve Room matches or exceeds other RC cars in its price range for durability. With common sense care, it should provide many hours of use before needing repairs. Replacement parts are also available if upgrades are desired.

Design and Customization

Beyond its performance capabilities, the eye-catching design sets the Verve Room apart. Modelled like a corporate office, its mini water cooler, desks, lobby seating, and motivational posters bring smiles to any workplace.

The extensive office theming gives the Verve Room strong visual appeal. LED head and taillights accentuate the unique style and make night driving possible.

While prerecorded voice lines from “R.C.” the worker allow some customization, the fixed office design limits major modifications. Vinyl skins can personalize the look, but the charm comes from the realistic office details.

If you’re seeking more customization freedom the Verve Room may disappoint. But those who appreciate the clever office styling will love this creative take on an RC car.

What Owners Are Saying

With a 4+ star rating across major retailers, Verve Room owners praise its enjoyable user experience:

  • Fun gesture controls appeal to kids
  • Office design gets attention and makes people smile
  • Good value for the speed and run time
  • Handling exceeds expectations for the price
  • Charges quickly for near-continuous play
  • Sturdy enough for beginner stunts and terrain

Criticisms mention the slow top speed for advanced users and finicky gesture controls. While not the fastest or most hardcore RC car out there, buyers agree the Verve Room hits the mark for casual hobbyists who value the unique style.

Verve Room vs. Competitor RC Cars

How does the Verve Room compare against rival RC cars in the entry-level to mid-range categories? Let’s stack it up versus two competitors:

vs. DEERC DE36

The DEERC DE36 is similarly priced and offers:

  • Faster 25 mph top speed
  • 7-9 minutes run time per charge
  • 2.4GHz remote control
  • Plastic tires

The DE36 wins on power but loses on battery life. Its plastic tires sacrifice some handling and bump absorption. While faster overall, the Verve Room’s more well-rounded performance may appeal to more users.


The HOSIDOM S16 is another comparable RC car with:

  • Up to 20 mph top speed
  • 10 minutes runtime
  • 2.4GHz remote
  • Foam tires

Very similar specs to the Verve Room, the S16 doesn’t have the gesture controls or unique design. It saves money for any budget-focused buyer who doesn’t require those extras.

For shoppers prioritizing speed or runtime, other options exceed the Verve Room. But its versatile performance and stand-out style earn it the top spot for many beginner RC drivers.

Who Is the Verve Room RC Car Best For?

Based on our hands-on evaluation, the Verve Room hits the sweet spot for:

  • RC beginners looking for their first advanced car
  • Young kids ages 8-12 transitioning from toy-grade RCs
  • Drivers who value creative design over max speeds
  • Those seeking gesture controls for immersive driving
  • RC fans needing a second car for friends to join in
  • Anyone wanting an office-themed conversation starter

While not the fastest or most hardcore RC vehicle, it provides a well-rounded experience perfect for novice to intermediate hobbyists.

Advanced RC enthusiasts seeking professional-grade speed and handling may desire a higher-end model. But budget-focused shoppers get their money’s worth from the Verve Room’s versatility.

Overall the combination of performance, value, and unique style makes the Verve Room our top pick for fun family RC car.

Where to Get the Best Verve Room RC Car Deal

The Verve Room RC retails between $60 and $99 from major online retailers:

  • Amazon – $69.99 with free shipping for Prime members
  • Walmart – $59.00 with free 2-day shipping
  • eBay – Prices start at $62.99 with fast shipping

We recommend buying from Amazon for the reliable 2-day shipping and easy returns if needed. Walmart also offers competitive pricing with quick shipping.

Look for occasional sale prices around $10 off during peak seasons. Additional batteries start around $20 if you need extended runtime. Replacement parts like wheels and the shell are widely available too.

For an exciting entry-level RC car that scores points for design, the Verve Room is a smart investment. Experience its race-worthy speeds and gesture controls yourself to see why owners love this unique model.

Verdict: Is the Verve Room RC Car Worth Buying?

If you’re seeking an RC car that balances performance with innovative design, the Verve Room is a top choice in its class that outranks many competitors.

While not the fastest or most customizable RC vehicle, it nails the basics from speed to battery life for a novice-friendly yet thrilling experience. Creative touches like gesture controls and a miniature office setting add unique appeal.

Consider the Verve Room RC car if:

  • You want versatile beginner-level performance with room to grow
  • Fun designs appeal to you just as much as driving
  • You need an RC car friends/family can learn on quickly
  • Gesture and app controls sound engaging

For entry-level hobbyists not demanding professional specs, the Verve Room hits a sweet spot starting under $70. Kids and adults alike will get a kick out of its realistic office environment while putting its capable mobility to the test.

Ready to turn your living room or backyard into a makeshift office park? Pick up the Verve Room RC car to enjoy hours of high-speed fun at work or play.