Best Gas Remote Control (RC) Cars For 2021

With the advancement in technology, toys have also evolved and are built more precisely with many more technological advances. The gas remote control cars are another example. These cars are not only made for adults but for people of all age groups. Those who love battery-powered products will instantly fall in love with these powerful, energetic, and fast remote cars. These cars include not only gas remote control cars but also buggy trucks that are radio-controlled. They offer unique designs and experiences. 

If you are thinking about buying the best gas RC car available in the market then follow our guide to select the perfect one for yourself. RC cars powered by gas including the latest radio control nitro buggy trucks for racing provide the highest level of power and high-speed performance that you will not find in cars that are electronic or run on a battery. The remote control cars and trucks are filled with nitro fuel. This fuel is available everywhere and very easily. This fuel provides you the chance to operate your Best Off-Road RC Cars in 2021 with a combustion engine inside.

Why an RC car powered by gas is the best option?

RC cars are famous due to many reasons and there are plenty of reasons why people choose RC cars powered by gas as well as the latest fast scale radio truck. The most common reason is that people love to take advantage of the RC technology used in this car as it is very powerful and is capable of delivering a high-speed performance. Customizing this car is also much easier and these features are not available in electric cars or those powered by a battery.

These cars are usually more expensive as compared to electric cars but this is due to the high technology that has been used in the car. However, it is totally worth the money due to the excellent features being offered for example higher durability, is a lot more tunable and customizable and is a fast track that allows you to drive rapidly which would otherwise have not been possible with cars powered by a battery.

While other cars that are battery operated do not allow users to swap out, performance components, these gas remote control cars can easily be upgraded and you can turn your RC car into your own customized, personal and dream car by working on it as much as you want. All cars can usually be fine-tuned and you can turn it into a car that is just according to your requirements. These cars truly bring something new and unique to the world of RC cars.

We have listed below the 5 best gas remote control cars available in the market that are totally worth the price due to their high quality components:

1. Team Losi Desert Buggy XL:

Team Losi Desert Buggy XL

Losi K&N DBXL: 1/5 4wd Buggy 


  • For the best gas powered remote control car, this buggy serves to be the most ideal and best in the market. This car sets a high competition for all other cars as this is the most complete car with all high quality components included. It’s complete because no component in this RC car is lacking. 
  • The price factor of this car can make some people doubt their decision at first because the buggy comes in an expensive range that is not affordable for most people. However, once you dive into the key features of this car, you will realize that the price is definitely worth paying. The car is extremely powerful and has a high speed performance along with many options for customization. 
  • The engine is a 23 CC engine and it allows you to reach the highest speeds. You will have a hard time looking for a car as speedy as this one. The performance becomes, even more, better, and top-notch when you replace the components that are ⅕ scale with other better options to make it drive like a dream. The time that is taken for delivery can differ depending on your location.


  • You can easily access parts that offer high quality and smooth performance. 
  • The car is ready to run and its disk brake with dual configuration comes assembled right at your doorstep. 
  • The car has a good grip and is easy to control as well as handle. 


  • The car can give you an underpowering vibe but when you fine tune it then the performance becomes much better and more powerful. 
  • The car is quite expensive and cannot be afforded by someone who is new to gas RC cars. 
  • Repairing the car can also be very costly. 
  • The shipping cost has to be paid (not free).
2. Redcat Racing Monsoon XTR Truggy:

Redcat Racing Monsoon XTR Truggy

Redcat Racing Monsoon XTR Truggy Reviews


  • This car has an extremely excellent system. It comes in two colours; red well as yellow and the scale for this car is ⅛. This Redcat car is another RC car that is powered by gas and it is constructed in a way that makes it perfect to ride on flat tracks and at the same time do well in racing off-road. This car comes with a very versatile combination of top-notch components that many other cars lack.
  • The Redcat car is known to be an aggressive one that comes with high speed performance. The wheelbase of this car is very wide. Moreover, the engine is a 4.57 CC engine and it gives you a lot of power and pushes when you turn this car loose and fine-tune it a little bit.


  • This Gas powered Redcat RC car has an incredible exhaust system and is tuned for high quality performance and sound. 
  • The car has a suspension that is filled with oil and is independent. The suspension is made up of aluminum and this allows you to ride on any terrain that you want be it rugged, rocky, flat, or bumpy. 
  • The parts of this Redcat car can be found easily at very affordable and reasonable prices. 


  • A drawback to this car is that it does not have the ability to drive in reverse. 
  • The quality of the body’s construction can come across as somewhat flimsy. 
  • The shocks of this Redcat car that are made up of aluminum and are filled with oil require maintenance on a regular basis. 
3. Exceed RC Monster Truck:

Exceed RC Monster Truck

Exceed RC Monster Truck Reviews


  • The Exceed RC monster truck has a scale of 1/10 and comes with a radio system of 2.4 GHz. The best and most cool part related to this monster truck powered by gas is that it comes fully assembled from the factory directly to your doorstep. You don’t have to put in any effort to build it yourself. 
  • When you buy any remote controlled car that is powered by gas and is high quality, it will need some assemblance and fine-tuning to make it work perfectly. However, with this car the case is different. The components that are high quality are already available in stock. All you need to do is fine-tune your car a little just so that you can make it perform even better than it already does. 


  • The car is a ready to run gas car that comes fully assembled. 
  • The company charges for the starter kit for accessories but it is worth the money because it provides you with everything that you need in order to fine-tune this gas powered truck. 
  • The capabilities of this remote control car are highly responsive. 


  • The starter kit does not come along with the purchase and requires an extra amount of money to be paid. 
  • The other options are all expensive and the components are a high quality build the child quality is not as good as the rest of the expensive options. 
  • The durability of this car is not very high and that’s a major drawback. 
  • The shipping process can turn out to be a hassle for you.
4. Redcat Racing Tornado S30:

Redcat Tornado S30

Redcat Racing Tornado S30 Reviews


  • This high quality RC car comes in two colours; one is black and the other is red. 
  • This car is not built for caring on a flat track and it surely will not help you win that race but don’t worry because this car is amazing for off-road driving. The car was built specifically for that purpose and is unbeatable when it comes to off-road driving. 
  • This car has a driving system with 4 wheels and the best part about it is that the car is not expensive at all, instead, it falls in a very affordable and reasonable range. The car is also easily accessible and will make you fall in love with it once you fine-tune it and turn it a little loose. The dirt track tires that come with this powerful gas-powered car are available just at your doorstep right out of the box. The transmission that comes with the dual-speed allows a lot of flexibility and is a great option for beginners. 

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  • The off-road performance of this car at such a cheap price is just unmatchable. 
  • The drive system that comes with 4 wheels is already fine-tuned leaving you no extra work to do. 
  • When you move away from the pavement the dirt tired helps to provide more grip.


  • As compared to other RC cars powered by gas, this one is not as speedy as the rest of them. 
  • While it claims to be fine-tuned already, it has been reported that to make sure the suspension is locked in and ready to work then some tuning is essential. 
  • When the engine is cold, the driver can face little difficulties while starting it.  
  • The shipping does not come free and needs to be paid for. 
5. Traxxas Jato 3.3:

traxxas jato 3.3 rc car

Traxxas Jato 3.3 Reviews


  • This car is nitro powered with a scale of 1/10 (2WD) and the radio system of this car is 2.4GHz. Also, the car comes in two colours, one is red while the other one is yellow. If you are in search of high speed and you want to gradually increase the speed of your car by adding high quality components as you go along with time and budget at that specific time then this car is exactly what you are looking for. Over a range of time, you can upgrade this car and turn it into an even better one. 
  • The maximum speed that this car allows you is from zero up to 60mph in only 4 seconds. Sounds incredible, right? Well, it definitely is. This car serves to be an absolute game changer when it comes to RC cars powered by gas. It will surely help you win many races and provide you exactly the speed that you require while racing. 
  • This car has a management system for proprietary stability that will help you in controlling this speed-driven car. You will be allowed to accelerate the car on surfaces that are even slippery and the car will not be spinning around uncontrollably. The car is designed in a very smart way so that the racer that is gas powered is not on the roof but its wheels. 


  • The speed of this car is excellent and it only gets better and much faster as you fine-tune it and upgrade it. 
  • The parts and also components of this car are high performance.
  • The system that is started electronically makes it quite easy to use. 


  • The car is a little in the expensive range. 
  • The durability of this car is not very high. 
  • The shipping cost is not paid for or free.

Buying an excellent quality and best RC car powered by gas can be a difficult task due to the variety of options available in the market. In this guide, we have selected the top best-selling RC cars for you and have provided an in depth review and analysis of each car. This will make the overall process of choosing the car easier for you. Do give us feedback if you buy a car on our recommendation.