Best RC Trucks 4×4 Off-Road Waterproof


RC trucks are typically known as remote-control trucks. These waterproof RC trucks are highly desired by both adults and children. People who love thrilling activities are fonder of RC trucks. The thrill is what attracts people to RC trucks and makes them popular amongst them. RC trucks are usually approximately 1 foot long. They can also be used for activities such as racing. It takes a moment to get hooked on these trucks.

Drifting in reality seems like a thrilling as well as an exciting hobby. However, in reality, it is way too expensive, making it out of reach for many people. The cost of real-life drifting is not only due to the truck itself but also, maintenance and repairs. The list doesn’t end here too; the tire along with fuel also costs a lot. When you buy a truck you would want it to be highly competitive and the best so the endless list of modifications and upgrades will cost you a fortune. Equipment is also necessary for racing which can be a burden on you as well.

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Remote control Trucks came into being to serve as a solution to allow people to fulfill their desire of drifting without having to pay such a heavy cost which is not even affordable for everyone. Now you can enjoy drifting and turn it into a thrilling hobby without putting so much burden on your pocket. Drifting rims have been built by enthusiasts to allow people to race and enjoy other fun activities. This is due to the increasing love and demand for Remote Control drifting. If you are someone who wants to be in control of a drifting car physically and gain that reality-like experience then RC drifting is the right choice for you. You are not only allowed to learn but also pave your path to becoming an expert with your knowledge, experience, and understanding of applying brakes as well as shifting weight.

Benefits Of RC Trucks

There are many benefits of RC trucks. Firstly, they are exciting and fun. For some people, age doesn’t matter when it comes to the joy that comes with playing with trucks. These RC trucks are not just fast but also powerful making them entertaining for all age groups including children and adults and also all skill levels including beginners and experts. These trucks are excellent for both experts as well as beginners. You are not required to be a Pro to drive a remote control truck. The RC truck models are built for newbies and experts as well. It all depends on what type of truck you are purchasing. Lastly, the trucks are rough. They are the best off-road 4×4 waterproof remote control trucks that can last for a long time and are highly durable. You can drive them on all types of terrains without having to worry about them breaking or getting damaged.

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There are several types of RC trucks in the market:


Some vehicles that are rated the best remote control 4×4 trucks have nitro engines. The powerful engine makes these RC trucks fast and quite loud. If you are looking for something more affordable then this isn’t the right choice for you as this truck essentially demands a lot of maintenance and that requires much more money. However, if you are truly interested in the inner components of a truck and are in search of something powerful then look no further because these types of trucks are the best ones for you.


RC trucks that consist of an electric engine are usually recommended for those people who are new to drifting and just want to learn to pursue this as a hobby. If you are someone who is not quite interested in the mechanical part of the truck and the inner components then this type of truck is great for you because it doesn’t come with those complicated details. The batteries of these trucks last a long time and they can charge quickly. If you are in search of a truck that is durable and high quality but is not willing to invest so much time and money into running it properly then an electric engine truck is the best option.


Brushed and brushless trucks are both good in their own ways. Brush trucks are cooled down by the environment as they are open to it. Although, the fact that they are open can lead to the components getting debris and also dirt getting stuck inside them. On the other hand, brushless trucks are more costly but they have high durability as well as high efficiency. A disadvantage is that they are prone to get overheated because they cannot handle cold temperatures.


RC monster trucks are the best electric trucks that are famous for their giant tires as well as suspension. The RC monster trucks can drive on any terrain even if it is rocky and they can drive past any object that comes in their way. The trucks are too familiar with the speed and they aren’t known to be fast even though they can climb and maneuver on all kinds of surfaces.


Stadium trucks are those that have a wheel setup that is open and is like the one in a buggy. The suspension is usually decent and the body that has a truck style is also fairly decent. The truck is such that it can handle almost all types of terrains but it cannot drive on very hard terrains.


The short course truck is known for its speed because it was built particularly keeping speed in mind. The short course trucks are slimmer and they have smaller wheels than buggies as well as stadium trucks. The suspension and also ground clearance that is offered by this truck is not as perfect as the ones that are offered by other RC trucks. They are built to drive on surfaces that are flat and do not maneuver well on extremely tough terrain.

Some important features to keep in mind while buying a truck: 

  1. Battery life
  2. Durability
  3. Speed 
  4. Control range 

1. Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler

Best RC Trucks 4x4 Off-Road Waterproof


The Redcat racing Everest-10 electric rock crawler is an RC truck that is an example of a ready-to-run truck and it comes assembled at your doorstep. The four AA batteries need to be bought yourself for the truck’s transmitter. The ride height, toe angle, and wheelbase of the truck are all adjustable making the truck perfect for modifications according to your own requirements and likings. The suspension is also tunable as well as the shocks. The electronic speed controller is brushed and has a waterproof 40-amp.

The truck is quite larger than the typical rock crawlers and it has turned that look very realistic with the bodywork being detailed and eye-catching. The truck is worth the price factor as it offers high performance and is well-built. The high torque steering, powerful battery, and speed control make the truck a high-quality one. The truck is great for beginners and as you learn more you are free to upgrade it.

The gears are made up of plastic but there have been many complaints about the failure of the steering servo after limited use. The center of gravity is also high hence this makes it difficult for the truck to climb.


  • The truck has a chassis made of aluminum.
  • The suspension is 4-link
  • The shocks are filled with oil and are capped with aluminum
  • The positions of the shocks placed in the upper part are selectable
  • The wheels are headlock
  • The motor is an RC 540 brushed (54T) motor that is mounted centrally.
  • The truck is shaft driven
  • Throughout the trucks, ball bearings are installed.
  • The height of the ride is adjustable and the suspension is also tunable.
  • The tires are not just large but also aggressive and the body is scaled with great articulation.
  • The crawler is 40A ESC and is waterproof.
  • The radio system installed is 2.4GHz.
  • The steering servo has a high torque.
  • The truck is ready to run and it comes fully assembled at your doorstep.
  • The NiMH battery included in this truck has a 7.2 voltage and is 2000mAh.
  • The batteries that are required for the transmitter are 4-AA.

2. Traxxas Bigfoot No. 1 2WD Monster Truck Vehicle

Best RC Trucks 4x4 Off-Road Waterproof


Featuring a licensed F-100 Ford XLT truck ranger body the RC truck comes with several high-quality components. The NiMH battery of the truck has 7 cells and it comes with a quick charger that has 12 volts DC and 4 amps. The box of the receiver is waterproof and there are 3 channels for the box making it watertight. The body of the truck is attractive and eye-catching due to the blue metallic paint and the body that is chrome.

The best part about this truck is that it can work in different types of weather conditions without damaging the antenna as it has a strong resistance. The receiver is designed in a way that makes it comfortable while using it for many hours. The truck is quite entertaining for all age types and the look is quite exquisite. The truck also performs well on most types of terrains.

The downside to this truck is that the tires are super soft due to the poor-quality vinyl-like material used. When you want to drive the truck at a lower speed or when it is neutral, the motor whines and that’s a complaint often received for this truck. Moreover, the charge is not such that it can be plugged into the house’s regular outlet.


  • The paint on the body of the truck is brilliant metallic paint in the color blue.
  • The trucks give a sense of replication of the BIGFOOT No. 1 and its ranger body F-100 Ford XLT that is licensed officially. This is due to the chrome body of the truck.
  • The NiMH battery has 7 cells and includes iD technology.
  • The charger of this truck is fast and reliable due to the 12-volt DC nod 4amp.
  • The EXC (XL-5) of the truck is waterproof and comes with a receiver box that is watertight and a receiver that is 3-channel TQ making it perfect to drive in any weather condition.
  • The tires of the truck belong to a monster truck that is authentic and shaved.
  • These tires ride on truly exquisite chrome rims.
  • The radio system that comes with this truck is 2.4 GHz (TQ) and it comes with s design that is ergonomic and comfortable to drive for the entire day. The antenna built on the intern side is also at no risk to get damaged.
  • The tires mounted on the wheels that are chrome headlock style are terra grooves and they can ride on all types of terrains.

3. Traxxas 82024-4 TRX-4 Sport 4X4 1/10 Scale Crawler

Best RC Trucks 4x4 Off-Road Waterproof


This sports pickup truck is a high-performance and lightweight truck. The components of this truck such as the body, numbers, and wheels are built keeping extreme terrains in mind. and can be driven on any type of terrain. The huge ground clearance along with the portal axes are designed specifically to prevent twisting of the chassis torque. The speed for transmission is single and there are front as well as rear differentials present in the truck for traction.

This truck is a perfect all-rounder when it comes to rail as well as rock crawling for amateurs. This truck is also another type of ready-to-run truck that comes fully assembled with waterproof electronics. This makes it suitable to use the TRX-4 truck in the worst conditions. You can also customize the truck and upgrade it when you learn more.

The downside to this truck is that it has a weak steering servo. The top of the truck is a little heavy and the batteries are also not included in the purchase.


  • The portable axles are innovative and they offer a large ground clearance. This helps to also eliminate twisting the chassis torque.
  • The front and rear differentials are completely locked and they offer unstoppable traction.
  • The transmission of a single-speed is perfect for trail driving as well as crawling.
  • The ESC is XL-5 HV and is waterproof.
  • The motor is a powerful 22T titan RC 550 motor.
  • The cells are NiMH and they are 6-7.
  • The batteries have 3 cells and they are LiPo batteries.
  • The body is lightweight and offers great stability and balance.
  • The body also provides a line of scaled parts with which you can accessorize/decorate your ride.
  • The TRX-4 is capable of driving in the worst rainy, windy conditions due to the electronics being waterproof.

4. Traxxas Stampede XL-5 Truck

Best RC Trucks 4x4 Off-Road Waterproof


The stampede truck is a best-seller truck due to its high-speed performance. The truck has a bold yet sleek design. The ground clearance for this truck is also large and it comes with higher horsepower. This is another type of ready-to-run truck and is perfect for racing to its modified motor which is RC 550 and has a titan 12-turn. The electronic speed control feature of this truck is XL-5 and it has electronics that are Waterproof making it a perfect RC truck to drive in any weather condition. This truck is highly entertaining and brings a lot of fun and joy to people of all age groups.

The stampede truck is highly maneuverable, and fast, has a solid construction, can be operated daily, and also can run for about 30 minutes with good throttle management and a powerful battery. The truck has a speed of 30 miles/h and it can travel on terrains such as dirt as well as grass. The truck has a stock motor that serves perfectly for a truck that is built for beginners. The best part about this is that you can easily replace and find spare parts if you accidentally break any of the components.

A downside to this truck is that it is not capable of taking rapid turns at a higher speed due to the sliding of the wheels. You also have to buy another charger because the one that comes with the purchase is not very good.


  • The NiMH battery has 7 cells and includes iD technology. 
  • The charger of this truck is fast and reliable due to the 12-volt DC and 4amp. 
  • The EXC (XL-5) of the truck is waterproof and comes with a receiver box that is watertight and a receiver that is 3-channel TQ making it perfect to drive in any weather condition. 
  • The radio system that comes with this truck is 2.4 GHz (TQ) and it comes with s design that is ergonomic and comfortable to drive for the entire day. The antenna built in the intern side is also at no risk to get damaged.
  • The RC 550 (titan 12 turn) motor is modified with a slipper clutch that is controlled by torque (Revo-spec). 
  • The talon tires are 2.8 inches and the wheels (all-star) that are mirror-chromed are pre-glued with foam. 
  • The painted body has enticing graphics all over it. 
  • This belongs to a part that is O.E.M

5. Redcat Racing Volcano EPX

Best RC Trucks 4x4 Off-Road Waterproof


This volcano EPX is another type of ready-to-run four-wheel truck that comes fully assembled at your doorstep. The components of this truck consist of a bushed 27-turn electric motor that is RC 540, a transmission in both directions (forwards and backward), a steering servo with high torque, and a radio system that has two channels. The chassis is made up of molded plastic that makes it lightweight and also has a tunable suspension with differentials that are front and rear.

The truck is ideal for beginners as well as experts. The center of gravity that is closer to the ground encourages a performance that is high speed.

The downside to this truck is that many of the screws and the steering rod placed at the front are prone to falling out and getting loose. The truck has a low-quality charger that needs to be replaced with a better one. You also need to buy the 4 AA batteries yourself for the transmitter of the truck making you spend extra money.


  • The truck is a type of monster truck and is 4WD and comes with gigantic monster tires. 
  • The chassis is made of plastic and is lightweight 
  • The shocks are filled with oil and are made up of aluminum. 
  • The trucks have both differentials present, front, and rear gear. 
  • The suspension is tunable and the shocks are also tunable. 
  • The gear differentials are also tunable. 
  • Moreover, the ride height, camber, and toe angle are all adjustable. 
  • The speed control is 40A and comes with an ESC that is brushed and waterproof.
  • The tires are quite aggressive
  • There are ball bearings installed throughout. 
  • To make the performance a high-speed one, the center of gravity for the chassis is low. 
  • The suspension is independent. 
  • The radio system is 2.4GHz which stops disruptions. 
  • The electric motor has a heat sink and is RC 550 with brushed 19 turns. 
  • The steering servo is high torque and waterproof.



Finding the best Remote Control RC trucks 4 X 4 off-road waterproof trucks can be a slightly tough job due to the variety of versatile trucks available in the market. Each brand has its own line of products that are highly competitive with other brands, making it hard to choose one.

To help you select the best truck without wasting your money we have short-listed the 5 best-selling RC trucks and have discussed in detail the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each. It is much easier to select a product when all its details are listed in front of you. If you buy a product on our recommendation, do give us feedback if you were satisfied or faced any difficulties.

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