Best Outdoor Remote Control Cars & Trucks

Outdoor remote control cars are one of the best tools to bring the child out of the home and be involved in outdoor activities. Getting older doesn’t mean getting a stronger mind and body. Outdoor activities bring the child out of the comfort zone and started to develop the mind and body. Means making them strong physically and mentally. Here you find the best Outdoor Remote Control Cars & Trucks.

The outdoor remote control cars are a very strong reason for kids to involve in outdoor activities. The age and the desired activity level may alter the choice of the RC outdoor car for the kids. Here we have provided a review of the best available RC Outdoor cars and trucks.

Best Outdoor Remote Control Cars & Trucks Reviews

#1. 4WD RC Amicool Stunt Car

Product Features and Description

This double-side drive anti-crash RC car for children can be the best birthday gift car for a five-year-old champ. He or she can immediately start to play. Put in the batteries and let the fun begin. No need to wait for the long charging hours to be over. The car requires a total of 6 AA 1.5-volt batteries to operate two for the remote and four for the car.

Based on made to fit technique the remote can easily fit in the hands of any person no matter if he is an adult or kid. The operating frequency of the remote is 2.4GHz and it works on anti-interference technology. Due to this multiple cars can be operated in the same playing arena.

Playing with a remote control car is always a fun thing for the kids especially when like this RC car for kids the car can perform the stunts of rotation, flip flop, and double side driving.

The use of environment-friendly material in the manufacturing of this car will give you peace of mind that you are not contributing in every day increasing pollution on our planet earth.

  • Double Side Drive
  • Charging is not required.
  • Environment-Friendly Material
  • Batteries are not included
  • Batteries are not rechargeable

#2. Remotely Controlled 4WD NQD 1 Off-Road Truck

Product Features and Description

This outside remote control car is truly a Rock Crawler. You will always find him ready to run on any surface from muddy roads to grassland. Anti-slip tires keep it on course and save it from collision. And to save it from accidental drop or in case of jump every tire is installed with a superior suspension system to absorb the shock.

Playing time is 45 minutes thanks to the powerful 1200 mah battery installed in the car. If you think that 45 minutes are not enough to satisfy your playing thrust then be happy, the product package has an extra battery to double the playing time now it makes a playing time of 90 minutes in total.

Other valuable elements that can be found in the product package are a screwdriver a USB charging cable and a remote operative at 2.4 GHz. Equipped with the anti-jamming function it will enable you to play with multiple cars.

A parameter to know the product quality is simple. Look if the manufacturer backs its product or not. Here you can get an exchange of one year or three months full payment refund in case of any trouble or malfunctioning of the product.

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  • Long Playing time
  • Equipped with an extra battery
  • Anti-interference technology remote control
  • Separate charger is not included

#3. Dual Motor 4WD DOUBLE E Off-Road RC Truck

Product Description and Features

Looking for a powerful adult RC truck to drive on off-road tracks here is the solution for you. This powerful truck can run on any track. And the most amazing part is, it can even run on the watery surface as this is a waterproof truck.

Aesthetics are completely applied in the design of the truck the car interior provides a detailed view. The richness in the view provides inner satisfaction and has a feel of the real car. Here you find the best Outdoor Remote Control Cars & Trucks.

With a 100 meter range, the remote control unit operates at the frequency of 2.4 GHz and needs two (02) AA batteries to operate.

Double motor powerful RC truck for adult consumes 800 mah battery of 4.8 v. this battery can be recharged with any charger whose output is less than 5 volts. This product is available in less than $40.

  • The body is waterproof
  • Interior is Detailed
  • Exotic Packing
  • Shock Absorber Suspension
  • Separate charger is not included

#4. DEERC RC Truck DE36W

Product Description and Features

This monster truck has a dual controlling system. One is with the mobile phone app and the other is the traditional way with the remote control device. Functionality difference is present between both mods. With remote, the operating range is sufficiently long which is 165 ft and the operating frequency is 2.4 GHz. With the mobile app, the operating distance is reduced to 100 ft and here operating mechanism is applied through WiFi signals.

In the second operating mechanism, the advantage is that you can receive the live image in the first man`s view in the form of RC Truck Car pictures and videos.

These videos and pictures can be shared with friends and family. The remote control unit is loaded with anti-interference technology so that the multiple RC trucks of this kind can be operative in the same arena without interference with each other.

A unique function is a speed adjustably the speed can be increased and decreased as per your choice. The truck can achieve a speed of 20 Km/h and the playing time is 30 minutes. After this, the battery can be recharged with the USB cable provided in the product package. It took approximately 4 hours to fully charge the battery. If you want more speed then you should check how to make rc car faster.

The customization is not limited to the truck camera can be tilted to the angle of 45 degrees for adjusting the view. The live streaming from the camera or recording can be done on 720p

The product package has one remote control device one camera phone one 800mah Ni-MH battery, one USB cable to charge this battery, two product manuals one is for the car and the other is for the camera. Remote Control; unit requires 4 AA batteries to operate.

It is recommended that the operating age for this product is eight years and above.

  • Dual Control System
  • Adjustable speed
  • Ni-MH material Battery
  • A separate charger is not included in the product package.

Final Words

Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best. Your best depends on your own choices and requirements. Whenever you want to choose the RC car for yourself or your kid make sure that what you buy should be appropriate for you and fulfil all your needs. Remember your needs and requirements will be different from others. So take a deep breath and consider the specifications of the products before buying the RC outdoor truck or car.

Happy Shopping and Happy RC Driving