RGT Adventurer V2 Review – The Ultimate 1/8 Scale RC Buggy for 2024

The RGT Adventurer V2 sits atop the 1/8 scale RC buggy class going into 2024. As the newest iteration of Redcat Racing’s race-bred truggy, the Adventurer V2 introduces key updates that make an already impressive RC buggy even faster and more durable out on the track or bashing on rough terrain.

Equipped with an 8000KV brushless power system, optimized diffs, and refined suspension geometry, the RGT Adventurer V2 outperforms the competition whether blasting through the dirt or catching big air. This 1/8 scale masterpiece represents the pinnacle of RC engineering and technology as we head into the new year.

RGT Adventurer V2 Highlights

Brushless Power System

  • 8000KV sensorless motor
  • 150A waterproof ESC
  • 2S/3S LiPo compatible

Durable Chassis Design

  • 3mm thick 6061 aluminum
  • Front/rear diff covers
  • Heavy-duty shock towers

Long Travel Suspension

  • Oil-filled coil-over shocks
  • Adjustable turnbuckles
  • Droop screws for tuning

All-Weather Electronics

  • Waterproof receiver box
  • Waterproof servo design
  • Sealed diff cases

Racer-Inspired Looks

  • Realistic scale details
  • Bright color schemes
  • Race number decal sheets

Key Specs:

  • Scale: 1/8
  • Motor: Brushless 8000KV Sensorless
  • ESC: 150 amp waterproof
  • Radio: 2.4GHz SLT3 3-Channel
  • Shocks: Oil-filled Coilover
  • Top Speed: 45+ mph

Detailed Analysis and Review

Pros Cons
Insane acceleration and speed, jumps incredibly well Can be almost too powerful for less experienced RC drivers
Durable aluminum chassis and parts, protective skid plates and diff covers Higher wear items like shocks and diffs may need periodic rebuilding/replacing
Waterproof electronics, optimized drivetrain, race-inspired design Complex design means higher skill required for repairs and upgrades
Top-notch performance and quality at a reasonable price point Higher initial investment than a basic RC, but justified by performance and durability

BLX Brushless Power Unleashed

The Adventurer V2 is built for speed thanks to its 8000KV sensorless brushless motor powered by a 150 amp waterproof ESC unit capable of running on 2-3S LiPo batteries. This latest-generation BLX power system gives the V2 absolutely explosive acceleration and ridiculous top speeds over 45 mph. It can pop massive wheelies on demand and launch higher than seems reasonable for its size. This kind of brute power does require an advanced skill level to control, but in experienced hands, other short-course trucks or buggies can compete with the V2’s sheer power.


  • Sensorless 8000KV motor for intense power
  • Compatible with 2-3S LiPo batteries
  • Waterproof 150 amp ESC
  • Insane acceleration and jump height
  • Top speeds over 45 mph

Durable Race-Engineered Design

Bashing RC cars hard inevitably leads to crashes and tumbles that would destroy lesser vehicles. Here the Adventurer V2’s race-tuned 3mm thick aluminum chassis, protective skid plates, and sealed diff cases give it the durability to keep pounding the dirt no matter how hard you smash it. The differentials feature hardened internal gears along with heavy duty front and rear diff covers to withstand hardcore driving. Adjustable turnbuckles allow tuning suspension geometry for jumping or high-speed stability. It’s truly an RC tank ready for any track or trail.

  • 3mm thick aluminum chassis
  • Heavy duty differential cases
  • Front and rear skid plates
  • Adjustable aluminum turnbuckles
  • Cooperate suspension parts
RGT Adventurer V2 Review

Refined Race Geometry

While durability keeps you bashing all day, it’s the refined suspension geometry and racing design that let the Adventurer V2 corner and jump at the highest levels. Extensive testing and design from Redcat’s racing engineers has led to optimized suspension arm angles, weight balance, and a low center of gravity. The oil-filled coilover shocks feature preload adjustment clips and droop screws for fine tuning suspension rebound characteristics. Serious RC enthusiasts will appreciate the race-derived design elements like the Tibet-style rear hub carriers, floating motor mount, and reversible rear hubs allowing for different width settings. This is advanced engineering you’d expect from a custom built race rig.

Competition Inspired Design Includes:

  • Tibet-style rear hub carriers
  • Floating motor mount
  • Reversible rear hubs
  • droop screw suspension tuning
  • Preload adjustment clips

Weatherproof and Tunable

One downside to hardcore bashing is the risk of weather and water damage, but the Adventurer V2 ensures water, snow and mud won’t slow you down. The receiver box, ESC, and servo use waterproof components so splashing through puddles or running in rain won’t cause issues like it would for typical RC vehicles. Should you want to push the V2 even further, it’s built for customization with a programmable ESC offering custom throttle and brake profiles. There are tons of tuning options from the droop screws and preload clips to upgrading servo, shock oils, batteries, and gearing. This machine truly grows with your skill level.

All-Weather Capabilities:

  • Waterproof sealed receiver box
  • Waterproof ESC design
  • Waterproof servo

Tuning Options:

  • ESC throttle/brake programming
  • Shock droop screw adjustment
  • Preload adjustment clips
  • Servo upgrades
  • Battery upgrades

Final Impressions

In the world of hardcore RC vehicles, the RGT Adventurer V2 sits at the pinnacle going into 2024. With its race-bred suspension geometry, 8000KV brushless power system, and durable aluminum/composite construction, this 1/8 scale machine simply dominates. While not the best choice for a beginner, RC enthusiasts looking to push their driving and upgrade skills will be blown away by what the RGT Adventurer V2 can do straight out of the box. And with its huge range of tuning options, there’s no limit to how extreme you can get with this RC beast. Redcat Racing has a true champion with the Adventurer V2.