Unveiling The Top RC Dirt Track Cars of 2024

Dirt track racing with radio-controlled cars delivers nonstop entertainment. Flying around oval clay tracks, these swift machines drift through corners surrounded by roostertails of debris. This guide reveals the best RC dirt track cars being released for the 2024 race season.

What is RC Dirt Track Racing?

RC dirt track racing is an exciting category of radio controlled car competition held on outdoor clay oval circuits. Much like full-size dirt track auto racing seen in NASCAR and sprinting leagues, RC models slide and scrape through oblong courses filled with loose dirt for maximum fun.

Typical event format:

  • Qualifying heats ranks drivers
  • Line up based on times
  • Main event finals determine winners

Common track surfaces:

  • Dirt ovals
  • High bite clay compounds
  • Loose top layers with packed base

Race durations:

  • 8-10 minutes plus last lap
  • Pit for battery changes

While demanding to master, RC dirt track racing delivers nonstop family-friendly action both participating and observing.

Benefits of RC Dirt Track Cars

Dedicated dirt track RC vehicles provide advantages making them well suited for clay competition:

Durable Parts – Reinforced components withstand constant scraping over abrasive surfaces.

Underbody Protection – Skidplates shield exposed electronics and drivetrains.

Tuned Suspension – Long travel suspension soaks up track ruts and holes.

Meaty Tires – Deep lug tires with wide footprint stick to slick surfaces.

Sealed Components – Waterproofing prevents dirt and dust infiltration.

Built rugged while including customized touches for ounce-to-ounce performance, hobby-grade RC dirt cars offer the best-in-class tools for dirt domination.

Losi Tenacity TT Pro RTR 2WD

Losi Tenacity TT Pro RTR 2WD
  • 2WD stadium truck optimized for dirt ovals
  • Pre-painted race style body with wing
  • Dynamite Fuze 3800kV sensored brushless system
  • Front and rear CVD drive shafts
  • Waterproof electronics with watertight radio box
  • Includes handheld 2.4GHz radio transmitter

Priced around $469 with prime delivery, the Losi Tenacity TT Pro RTR provides an easy to drive, race ready stadium truck tailored to bite through dirt tracks.

Team Associated RC10T6 Rally Team Kit

Team Associated RC10T6 Rally Team Kit
  • Legendary 4WD RC10 rally car heritage
  • Tuned suspension geometry for dirt and tarmac
  • Lightweight durable hard coated aluminum chassis
  • Sealed gear differentials smooth power delivery
  • Designed for modern brushless systems
  • Clear body included, requires electronics and radio

The Team Associated RC10T6 rally car kit with a $349 price tag has decades of proven performance history and makes an ideal foundation for rugges dirt track racing configurations.

ARRMA Fazon Voltage 4WD RTR

ARRMA Fazon Voltage 4WD RTR
  • Pre-built 1/10 scale 4WD short course truck
  • 3800Kv brushless providing 30+ mph speeds
  • Tough composite chassis and suspension arms
  • Waterproof electronics for all weather conditions
  • Pre-applied racing graphics over durable shell
  • 2.4Ghz radio system included out of box

Around $309, the ARRMA Fazon Voltage 4×4 RTR short course truck makes conquering dirt ovals easily approachable for newcomers while remaining fast and burly.

What To Look For Buying

When researching RC dirt track cars, keep an eye out for these desirable features:

Motor – Powerful brushless systems produce competitive speed. Sensored options optimize low end control from standing starts.

Drivetrain – Durable driveshafts and protective skidplates shield vitals from debris damage.

Tires – Wide tires with deep angled lugs gain traction striding through loose material.

Shocks – Long travel shocks with damping keep wheels planted for instant traction.

Electronics – Waterproof components prevent dirt and dust ruining internals.

Materials – Durable chassis and suspension parts withstand endless scraping over abrasive surfaces.

Finding hobby-grade cars engineered specifically for earth tearing speed and resilience ensures reliably quick lap times season after season.

RC Car Scales for Dirt Racing

RC racers compete within several popular category scales:

1/10th Scale

The most common size – capable of 30+ mph. Ideal for wide open tracks.

1/8th Scale

Larger 40+ mph machines. Excel on tracks with big airtime jumps.

1/5th Scale

Massive high traction beasts reaching 50+ mph. Require expansive layouts.

While 1/10th racers dominate entry level ranks, super fast 1/5th scale builds satiate expert hobbyists wanting no compromise race machines. Ensure you select an appropriate class size for your skill level and local track configurations.

Ready to Run vs Kit Options

Hobby-grade dirt track cars are sold either pre-assembled RTR or unbuilt Kit forms. How do they compare?

RTR (Ready to Run)

  • Ships fully assembled
  • Installed electronics just require radio
  • Pre-painted body with graphics
  • Quickly hit the track with no build time


  • Comes disassembled as a rolling chassis
  • Separate electronics must be purchased
  • Customize by adding preferred electronics
  • Gain intimate knowledge of car’s workings

For eager enthusiasts, RTR dirt cars allow instantly ripping up dirt ovals minutes out of the box. Yet kits extend pride of creation through hands-on construction.

Must-Have Support Equipment

While the RC vehicle itself is central, operating at the track demands some supplemental gear:

Radio & Receiver

  • 2.4Ghzsynthesized radio transmitter and receiver
  • Enables adjusting speed and steering

Batteries & Charger

  • Rechargeable LiPo battery packs
  • Compatible multi-chemistry battery charger
  • Quick recharging between rounds

Power Tools

  • Hex drivers for dismantling parts
  • Hand tools like pliers, body reamer, side cutters

Also useful – zip ties, foam tires cleaner, paper towels, spur gear puller tool. Having accessories keeps you racing all day.

Hop Upgrades to Boost Performance

While factory setups impress, owners hungry for incremental performance enhancements can equip numerous upgrades:


  • Lightened driveline components
  • Titanium or steel driveshafts
  • Heavy duty front spool


  • Higher voltage systems
  • Extreme torque servo savers
  • Multi-chemistry battery chargers

Chassis & Hardware

  • Chassis stiffening brace kits
  • Machined rear pod plate
  • Alloy shock and steering towers
  • Titanium suspension pivot pins

Wheels & Tires

  • Sticky compound tires
  • Machined aluminum wheels
  • Proline {#14078-07 dish wheels

Upgrading dirt cars mimics full size racing machines – extracting every ounce of performance from chassis to shocks.

Where to Buy Dirt Track RC Cars

As specialty vehicles beyond toy store grades, quality hobby dirt track cars are available from dedicated RC sources:

  • Local hobby shops
  • Direct from brand websites
  • Online specialist retailers like AMainHobbies, StormerHobbies, RC Planet, RC Superstore

Amazon additionally carries certain models at competitive rates with quick shipping. Check both web and local options to find desired cars and spares.

Final Thoughts

RC dirt track racing continues growing as an exciting category of RC competition carrying minimal barriers to entry yet immense fun factor. Setting up short oval style tracks transforms fields or parking lots into scenes recreating the thrilling action witnessed at full size dirt track speedways.

While any hobby-grade RC can slide around improvised dirt ovals, purpose-built dirt track cars engineered to thrive on loose surfaces offer the ultimate controllable performance. Brands like Losi, Team Associated and ARRMA stand out providing durable specialized race trucks ready for the demands of dirt domination straight from the box.

As racing leagues expand globally, there’s never been a better time to experience the family-friendly fun of flinging scale modeled cars through dirt covered turns. Just beware – RC dirt track racing proves seriously addictive once you get a taste of sideway drifting action!