How to Change Frequency of Remote Control Car

Remote control cars are popular toys among children and adults alike. They provide an enjoyable and exciting experience for users, especially when racing with friends or family. However, there may come a time when you need to change the frequency of your remote control car, especially if you have multiple cars that operate on the same frequency. In this article, we will go through the steps on how to change the frequency of your remote control car.

Understanding Radio Frequencies

Before we delve into the steps, it is essential to understand what radio frequencies are and why they matter in remote control cars. Radio frequencies are the wavelengths that are used to transmit signals from the remote control to the car. In remote control cars or trucks, the frequencies used are usually between 27MHz and 49MHz, depending on the model.

The frequency of the remote control car is what determines how it operates. Each car model has a specific frequency at that it operates, which is determined by the manufacturer. It is essential to know the frequency of your remote control car, as it will help you change it when necessary.

Why change the frequencies

This doesn’t remain a simple activity As RC car frequencies can mess up with each other. This mess will result as per an old English proverb that too many cooks spoil the broth. For this activity to perform smoothly. All the RC devices should Run on different frequencies.

On the Racing Track

This may be a possibility that you are an administrator of the RC car racing track. the players who come here to play me have the RC cars operating on the same frequency. Again the same frequency of the multiple cars will make a mess. to avoid this message in both cases you may need to reprogram the operating frequency of the RC car and truck or RC plane or any other radio-controlled device

Same Operative Frequency

Many reasons why we need to change the frequency of the RC car and trucks. some brands provide the facility to change the frequency of RC cars. The most important reason is that we want to play with our friends we want to have two or more RC cars on a single track. but we can’t do it as other players interfere with our control signals because of the same operative frequency.

 Frequency of Remote Control Car

Most Common Operative Frequencies

In America in the routine we have two operative frequencies one is 27 megahertz and the second is 49 megahertz if you are planning a mass activity of RC cars then the chances are you will have to deal with both of these frequencies.

But to do this first we need to understand how radio-controlled cars or truck or plane actually communicates with their controlling device.


Controlling mechanism of RC cars

The controlling device transmits a signal of a specific frequency. This signal is received by a controlling unit in the car. Please remember that this receiver can receive the signal of a specific frequency only. if the signal is not of that specific frequency the car will not operate at all.

Then the controlling unit at the receiver end means placed in the car receives and translates the signal into action and the car performs direction as per desire. This is the mechanism of working of an RC car defined in the simplest words. The same is true for all RC devices eg trucks, aircraft, and boats.

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Crosstalk interference

Now you can easily understand the concept of crosstalk interference. What actually happened is that a controller is emitting signals of a specific frequency. On the receiving end, more than one device can receive the signal of that particular frequency.

This is the point where the crosstalk interference actually started. Two or more guys trying to control their car by using the remote control of the same frequency. This will create a mess and nobody will be able to operate his or her car as per his or her Desire.

How to avoid

The goal here is to avoid this crosstalk. Three different methods let us avoid this situation.

The first is;

Avoid the range

Every controlling device has a range in which it can emit signals. The same is true for controlling. Usually, if the remote control and the car are at a distance of 75 to 100 meters they can communicate otherwise not.

The trick here is to keep each one away from the other controlling unit. The problem is that this may not be possible all the time especially when you are on a race track for the RC cars or you are playing together.

Customizable frequencies

The second method is to buy cars of customizable frequencies these cars provide the user with the facility to change the operating frequencies this change can be made easily by a button on the remote control as well as on the car. Both of them should be on the same frequency. Usually, the manufacturer does not write the frequency instead they indicate the different channels in different colors.

These colors are Brown, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue and the respective frequencies are 26.99 5 megahertz 27.0 45 megahertz 27.0 95 megahertz 27. 145 megahertz, 27. 195 megahertz and 27.2 55 megahertz.

Advice for you is don’t it messes with frequencies just select the channel with the help of the color. The channel availability again varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and brand to brand how many Channels they provide you to operate usually it ranges from two to four.

The ultimate professional solution

If you are a hobbyist RC car driver and passionate about RC car driving then I suggest you this professional solution

All you need to do is to buy specialist cars from the hobbyist stores these have removable crystal sets. These removable crystal sets when change makes a change in the operating frequency.

Channel Availability

 Frequency of Remote Control Car

The different available channels for different frequencies that can be varied through the crystals are ranged are 27 megahertz 6 channels available for 50 heads 10 channels are available but to operate on 15 megahertz for this you need radio lessons in for 72 the 50 channels are available some frequencies are only to work with the aircraft.

In this way, the problem of cross-talk can be resolved easily while operating RC cars.

Have a blessed life and be happy to enjoy racing instead of the happy RC racing

Before leaving this page please remember to read some precautionary measures given at the end of this article this may save you from many legal obligations and can save you and others while playing with frequency-controlled toys.

Precautionary measures

Do you know that all frequency bands or not legal to operate?

So be aware of the restricted frequency band.

These prohibited frequency bands are prohibited as these are used for special purposes you must have complete knowledge about these bands. Before changing the operating frequency band of your RC car or RC truck. Not only this will be an illegal activity and you will be questionable before the law.


In conclusion, changing the frequency of your remote control car is a simple and straightforward process that can be done in just a few steps. Understanding radio frequencies and how they operate is crucial to ensure that the process goes smoothly without any complications. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily change the frequency of your remote control car and enjoy uninterrupted and enjoyable racing with friends and family.


Q: Can changing the frequency of a remote control car damage it?

No, changing the frequency of a remote control car will not damage it, as long as it is done correctly.

Q: How do I know the frequency of my remote control car?

The frequency of your remote control car can usually be found in the user manual or on the packaging. You can also contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Q: What should I do if my remote control car still doesn’t work after changing the frequency?

If your remote control car still doesn’t work after changing the frequency, try resetting both the car and remote control and then repeat the frequency change process. If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer for assistance.