How To Build An RC Track

The most amazing factor among the RC vehicles is that you can build your own track. These vehicles are so small that you can modify their tracks very easily and as per your wishes. No prior experience is required in building a track for your RC vehicles. Are you excited of building your own track at home or in your backyard? Well, we are sure you will be.

You don’t need to go anywhere to build your RC track and you can easily do everything yourself. But it is always more fun to invite your friends who want to race with you in the future, to build the racing track with you.

Don’t worry if you haven’t done it before, we will help to build the track and to provide you with the sound information which will help you in building the RC track at your home.

Some precautions

If you haven’t built any RC track before and have no idea about the precautions that one must take into consideration, we will let you know about all the caring measures. If you have planned to build your own RC track but have no idea about the precautions and pre-requisites, we will help you in understanding them.

  • Use comfortable shoes and easy clothing before building the RC track so that you may have the real joy of racing afterward and also while building the track. If you are going to build the RC track for the first time, it is always better to have someone with little knowledge of how things work.
  • Another useful step is to watch the live RC track-building mechanism by experts to make this task easier. You can also watch on television for your guidance but practical watching is worth more than watching on the record on television or the internet.
  • Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from any dust particles. While building an RC track don’t let any dust particles enter your eyes because they may damage any sensitive parts of your eyes.
  • We will advise you to wear a surgical cap for saving your hair from being filled with any dirt or any other harmful chemical.
  • Keep a safe distance while build an rc track  because any harmful substance may hurt you or get knocked into any sensitive body part of yours.

Safety should be given the top priority and one must also take care of oneself before doing anything, especially something new. Safety measures are important for you and you must take due care while building an RC track. If you wouldn’t take precautions before building the RC track, you may get any of your body parts hurt or even you may prolong your work.

Types of RC tracks

Just like the different types of RC vehicles, there are different types of RC tracks that are suitable for a certain type of tracks. The most important thing is to check the compatibility of your RC vehicle’s tires and then build the track that suits your vehicle’s tires.

Here we have enlisted a few types of RC tracks that you can build for your RC vehicle:

Indoor speed track

If you have enough indoor room, you can build this track for your RC vehicles which are suitable to run indoors. Usually, we recommend those RC vehicles used indoors which have smooth tires and cannot be used outdoors.

Racing on an indoor surface provides your vehicle speed and you are able to go smoothly. The indoor RC tracks are best for building carpet surfaces and speeding up your vehicle.

Backyard dust track

If you have enough space in your backyard and you are up to building a suitable RC track for your RC vehicles, you can do it easily. It is totally your choice to go for a smoother, flat, or rough dusty track. But it is highly advised to build flat, smooth surface tracks indoors instead of building them outdoors eventually you will have to spend more time cleaning the dirt that will fall on them in the backyard.

You can build a dusty track for your RC vehicles with knobby tires to enjoy a smooth yet thrilling racing experience. This type of surface is perfect for the racing of RC trucks. To make the track more interesting, you can add many obstacles or hurdles using old pipes, straws, and small rock pieces.

Rock crawler track

If you have RC vehicles with knobby tires and want more than just fun, you can add tough obstacles. You can add as many obstacles as you want to make your racing more interesting and thrilling. For making it more fun and exciting, you can add wet mud pools. These kinds of obstacles will double your joy and you will enjoy it more.

RC vehicles are tiny vehicles that are controlled and aligned by remotes or transmitters running on a radio frequency that usually ranges between 2.4-3.5 GHz. People in the present era are now spending more time in racing experiences using the RC vehicles manufactured by different brands like Traxxas and Redact. RC vehicles are mostly manufactured by Traxxas and Redcat, and both of these companies are giants in the RC world.

It is important to consider the model of your RC car and its capacities before building the RC track and making obstacles on the track. Not every RC vehicle is designed to bear the shocks or the knocks that these obstacles may offer. Some RC vehicles are better for racing but some are good to cross jumps and obstacles, so take careful consideration before building obstacles on your RC track.

Steps in building RC track

For building the RC track, we advise you to make a checklist and include all the pertinent tasks and get them crossed or tick after doing them one by one. This activity will raise your confidence level and you will be able to estimate the time left for the completion of RC track. We have enlisted some of the pertinent points for your guidance that you can check:

  • The most important step and the foremost should be the selection of land/area for making it perfect for your RC track. The ideal land area for making the RC track is 12′ x 24′ with a 3′ wide racing lane but you can go for an even wider scope. Of course, that is your own choice but this measurement is what we recommend to be at least there.
  • The next step is to determine the type of track that you intend to build for your RC vehicles. If you want carpet road for your RC vehicles this might require a bit of extra effort in framing and aligning the track. But if you want a coarse track for your RC vehicle, this will take little effort from you. Refining the coarse track wouldn’t take extra effort from you. But make sure that the track type should be in compliance with the tires of your RC vehicle.
  • The next step is to visit the nearby hardware store to collect all the needed tools and equipment that you might require for building the RC track.
  • The equipment that might need includes no pile carpet, 4′ x 8′ x 1/8″ board quantity 2, 2″ x 4″ x 12′ board quantity 2, small-sized bricks, cement, and 2″ Wide Velcro Brand Plastic Hook and Loop, etc.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned equipment, the tools that you would require include a scale, pencil, masking tape, skill saw Scissors, etc.
  • If the RC vehicles wouldn’t capable of jumping through the obstacles, they will quickly lose their durability and sustainability. For this reason, it is always recommended to do some test drives and then take your RC vehicle on the track finally.
  • For making the obstacles interesting and more appealing, you can make a jump with an overpass giving a clean chit to the cars if they cross the jump. This overpass jump will work like completion of the lap by crossing which a vehicle would be considered to have won rather it has to go back and again go for a racing round.
  • For making an overpass jump you can use either wet dirt or even an old skateboard ramp that you don’t use anymore. Make the obstacles more interesting and add more appealing material which will double your thrill and you will be able to enjoy more with your friends while racing.
  • If you are building an indoor track and want to add obstacles you can also do that. You can use some ramps to depict different levels and to make it more challenging for indoor RC vehicles. RC buggies, trucks, cars and rock crawlers, etc. are considered to be best for outdoor racing, and for indoor racing, you can go for RC cars manufactured by Redcat. The Rc cars manufactured by Redcat have all those features that a racing car must possess to win an indoor journey.

Connecting with the RC world can also be beneficial to know the updates and to keep oneself aware of the changing trends in RC tracks. No matter how long you have been racing using RC vehicles, you can learn a lot of key tips from RC world. So, we advise you to always get in touch with the RC community for grabbing useful information which can prove beneficial for selecting the place, material, and building the RC track.

You can also ask any question which is confusing you or can take expert advice using the same platform. That matters a lot to attain useful information and then build the RC track for racing. Your exposure and outlook will be better after going through the information and knowledge that will be available to you by using the RC community platform.

Using RC vehicles provides you with superb fun and if you want to have more fun, try building your own RC track using the high-quality material and saving cost. Try to build the track and use the material which is in accordance with the tires of your RC vehicle. For example, RC vehicle tires play a major role in their proper running and balancing, etc.

If you would try to run the smooth tires on a track that is rough or coarse, it can damage the tires of your RC vehicle. Smooth tires are only suitable to run on flat surfaces. If your RC vehicle has knobby tires, you would have a lot of variety to choose the surfaces. So, bear in mind the tire quality and compatibility of your RC vehicle before building the RC track.

There are so many varieties of RC vehicles that you cannot run all those on one uniform track. You need to find out which car type, tire and body parts, etc. are compatible with which type of RC track. If you possess an RC truck or RC buggy with electric power, you can use them both easily on a rocky/ rough surface. With RC electric buggies, you will have double joy because the optimum speed of your e-buggy will blow your mind with excitement when you will watch it jump through all obstacles easily. With conventional RC vehicles like RC cars, you don’t have that much speed joy but with RC e-buggies you will enjoy an exceptionally high speed.

Building an RC track for running your RC vehicles is not much difficult. You can do that easily by collecting some useful tools and using them efficiently for making flat or rough tracks for your RC vehicles. You will enjoy more on rough tracks with added jumps and obstacles but the fun of indoor racing is also something different. If you will add jumps to your indoor RC track, your joy will also be increased.

Wear safety equipment to save your sensitive body parts, especially your eyes while building RC tracks for your RC vehicles. Safety glasses will not let any dust particles enter your eyes and similarly, wear safety caps to protect your head and hair from dust.