Let’s start off with this one. What we’ve got here is a very impressive-looking monster truck that is suitable both for adults and children.

What’s great about this remote control car model is its looks and overall construction. Other than the interesting design and vivid colors it is presented by, this monster truck is built with powerful motors, which are proving that Double E RC cars are more than just looks. Climbing slopes with an angle of up to 45 degrees is one of the special features of this Best Mini RC car.

Remote Control Cars Under $100

Since we’re focusing on the affordable pricing of remote control cars, we must say that this one is listed way under $100, and it still has a lot to offer.
Driving a remote control car is a lot about slipping, crashing, and getting messy on more challenging terrains. Having this in mind, you need to consider the potential of the car to stay steady, when on the go, and to be able to withstand damage and splashes. This model is great due to the anti-slip tires, which make it a great choice for using it outdoors. It’s also equipped with shock absorbers, like many other models in this class, and in higher grade remote control cars, preventing unwanted damage caused by vibration.

Made of premium materials, and compliant with the highest safety standards, the Double E RC car is a great pick for children, but also for adults.