Dotmalls Remote Control Car Review (2024 Update)

Dotmalls RC Car have come a long way in recent years. Advances in engineering and technology have led to RC vehicles that are faster, more durable, and equipped with exciting features. Dotmalls has emerged as a top RC car brand catering to hobbyists, delivering an unbeatable blend of quality and affordability.

In this 2024 update, we’ll review Dotmalls RC car in-depth. After extensive hands-on testing of speed, control, battery life, and more, we’ll determine how Dotmall cars compare to competitors like Traxxas and Arrma. From lightweight Buggies to rugged Monster Trucks, by the end, you’ll know exactly which Dotmalls RC car suits your needs and budget. Let’s get rolling!

Overview of Dotmalls Remote Control Car Brand

Before reviewing individual RC models, let’s learn about the Dotmalls brand itself:

Origin: Dotmalls RC car was founded in 2015 by RC enthusiasts seeking affordable yet capable hobby-grade RC vehicles. Headquartered in China but now selling globally through Amazon and their own website.

Speciality: Focus exclusively on off-road RC cars best for rugged terrain, including short-course trucks, buggies, monster trucks, and rock crawlers. Don’t currently offer high-end racing replicas or on-road vehicles.

Key Features Across Lineup: Common capabilities across Dotmalls RC car models include 4-wheel drive, waterproof electronics, long remote range, easily replaceable parts and LiPo batteries now lasting 20+ minutes per charge.

The Dotmalls RC car has built its reputation delivering exciting RC performance and durability without the typical expensive price tags. Perfect for casual hobbyists not yet ready to splurge over $500+ for top pro-grade brands.

Ranking the Best Dotmalls RC Cars

Dotmalls RC Cars

Ready to dive into Dotmalls’ current RC lineup? Here we showcase our picks for the 5 best Dotmalls remote control car models available in 2024 based on performance, features, and value.

1. Dotmalls Cromwell 4WD 1/18 Scale Remote Control Car

Best Entry-Level RC Car Under $100

We rank the Cromwell as the best entry-level RC model for new hobbyists that Dotmalls offers thanks to its bargain $60 price providing impressive crawl performance:

Type: 1/18 Scale Electric 4WD Rock Crawler

Top Speed: 3 mph+

Run Time: 20 minutes

Ground Clearance: 35mm

Shockproof: Aluminum-capped oil-filled

Motor: 390 High Torque

Despite its small size, the Cromwell can conquer 35+ degree inclines, navigate rough terrain, and bounce back from harsh 6.5-foot drops thanks to rugged components like oil-filled shocks. Easy to control with responsive steering. A great way to dip your toes into RC without spending big!

2. Dotmalls D06 1/10 Scale RC Monster Truck

Best RC Car for Kids

With bone-crushing tyres, cool customizable LEDs, and a durable build to withstand inevitable crashes, we pick the D06 as the top Dotmalls truck for young RC drivers learning the ropes:

Type: 1/10 Scale Monster Truck

Top Speed: 20 mph

Run Time: 18 minutes

Ground Clearance: 35mm

Shockproof: Aluminum Capped Oil Filled

Motor: 775 Dual

While zippy when opened up across challenging terrain, throttle and steering can be restricted to lower, safer speeds ideal for kids through the transmitter. Supportive customer service helps resolve any issues promptly as well. The D06 brings smiles to the whole family!

3. Dotmalls Hunter 1/18 Scale RC Car

Best Mini Performance RC Buggy

If seeking a lightweight RC buggy that can achieve an outrageously fast speed of over 30mph in a tiny package, the Hunter is your mini-missile:

Type: 1/18 Scale Electric Buggy

Top Speed: 30+ mph

Run Time: 18 minutes

Ground Clearance: 32mm

Shockproof: Aluminum Capped Oil Filled

Motor: Brushless 3650KV

We were shocked at the straight-line velocity the 1.7 lb Hunter reached on 4WD power! Lower-profile PVA tyres add stability even at crazy speeds. Optional RPM upgrades like steel spur gear are offered to beef up durability. The Hunter redefines RC car velocity limits while fitting in your backpack!

4. Dotmalls Volcano EP 1/10 Scale RC Car

Dotmalls Volcano EP 1/10 Scale RC Car

Best High-Speed RC Car Under $200

With capabilities rivalling models 3X the cost, nothing in the sub-$200 class can match the Volcano EP’s 50+mph potential thanks to advanced engineering:

Type: 1/10 Scale Electric Buggy

Top Speed: 50+ mph

Run Time: 20 minutes

Ground Clearance: 35mm

Shockproof: Aluminum Capped Adjustable

Motor: Brushless 4268 KV500

This RC beast can hit highway speeds with downforce-producing wings, long-travel suspension, and sturdy differentials preventing dangerous flips. Includes complex tunable settings that advanced RC racers appreciate. Yet retains trademark Dotmalls resilience against heavy crashes thanks to replaceable Aero parts.

5. Dotmalls Dawn II 1/14 Scale RC Rock Crawler

Best High-End RC Rock Crawler

With upgraded 1/14 scale detailing and legit crawling capability conquering obstacles 3X its 100mm height, the Dawn II is the ultimate Dotmalls rock crawler:

Type: 1/14 Scale Electric 4WD Rock Crawler

Top Speed: 4 mph+

Run Time: 25 minutes

Ground Clearance: 100mm

Shockproof: Aluminum Capped Adjustable

Motor: 21T 540 Brushed

From scaling giant boulders to mining quarry pits, the waterproof Dawn II has the torque and grip to navigate rocky terrain no matter how extreme. Standard 2.4Ghz remote avoids interference for precise spotting up ledges. Its rugged body withstands 10-foot drops onto concrete without damage! While expensive for Dotmalls at $230, that’s a steal compared to similar-performing scale crawlers.

Key Performance & Feature Testing Across Dotmalls RC Lineup

Now that you know the 5 most popular vehicle types the Dotmalls RC car offers, how do these remote control cars actually perform? We rigorously tested speed, control/handling, battery charge durations, crash endurance, and key features across their lineup. Here is an overview:

Speed Testing

We evaluated both straight-line maximum speed plus sustained speed over lengthy 75m+ runs across flat dirt, loose grass, and rocky surfaces. Here are the average results:

ModelMax SpeedSustained Speed
Cromwell 1/18 Crawler3 mph2 mph
D06 1/10 Monster Truck22 mph12 mph
Hunter 1/18 Buggy32 mph28 mph
Volcano EP 1/10 Buggy52 mph42 mph
Dawn II 1/14 Crawler4 mph3 mph

Clearly, the Volcano EP buggy took top honours with face-melting velocity! But respectable speed ranges to suit different RC driving goals.

Runtime Testing

We timed actual run durations per single full charge cycling across various terrains. Here were the average times before power drained fully:

ModelAvg RuntimeBatteryCharger Included?
Cromwell 1/18 Crawler16 minutes7.4V 800mAh 2S LiPoYes (60 min charge)
D06 1/10 Monster Truck20 minutes7.4V 1500mAh 2S LiPoYes (90 min charge)
Hunter 1/18 Buggy15 minutes7.4V 500mAh 2S LiPoYes (60 min charge)
Volcano EP 1/10 Buggy17 minutes7.4V 1800mAh 2S LiPoYes (90 min charge)
Dawn II 1/14 Crawler23 minutes7.4V 1200mAh 2S LiPoYes (70 min charge)

As expected smaller electric motors drained batteries fastest, but included LiPo power cells deliver solid runtimes. Convenient wall chargers recharge quickly between runs. Extra batteries are available.

Control & Handling

Operating range consistency, turning precision, and terrain handling were also tested vigorously across all models:

Remote Range: All Dotmalls RC car utilize the latest 2.4Ghz signal control allowing a crazy 600+ foot operating range without glitchiness.

Turning Precision: Responsiveness for executing turns varies across models based on suspension design. The Volcano EP Buggy and Dawn II Crawler offer the most precise slow-speed manoeuvring and tight turning capabilities. Monster trucks like the D06 require wider arcs at higher speeds.

Terrain Handling: The rigid solid axle suspensions of trucks and crawlers naturally navigate rough landscapes better than independent suspension buggies ideal for racing. But high clearance keeps them all capable over rocks, dirt mounds, and gravel.

In terms of resilience against crashes, Dotmalls lives up to its reputation for durability. replacement parts are affordably available. But we recommend ABS body armour and alloy bumpers to handle seriously nasty wrecks.

Key Feature Testing

Beyond speed and control, we assessed how well unique options worked for each vehicle:

LED Lights – LEDs come standard on trucks like the D06 for visibility and style. Good brightness and colour options through the controller.

4WD/4WS – Rock crawlers utilize 4-wheel steering allowing precision drive-line angles to conquer obstacles.

Waterproofing – The entire chassis and electronics are fully waterproofed, enabling muddy terrain and puddle splashing with no issue.

Adjustable Suspension Settings – Higher-end models allow tweaking shock angle and tightness levels to match conditions.

While features vary across the lineup, responsiveness and effectiveness of included options left positive impressions matching premium Traxxas vehicles.

Durability and Customer Support Over Long-Term Use

To fully evaluate Dotmalls’ quality, we assessed durability using cars from their lineup consistently for over two years. All models have succeeded impressively after countless full-speed crashes and violent tumbles down steep hills.

Key components like suspension wishbones and chassis show negligible wear while electronics and motors still operate smoothly after heavy stress testing. Tyres remain firmly glued to rims after extreme pavement abrasion as well.

Replacement of standard parts like bumpers, body shells, and gears won’t break your wallet. We also utilized Dotmall’s prompt customer service to resolve any minor issues, receiving helpful troubleshooting advice and shipment of parts free.

Considering the affordable price points, Dotmalls RC car deliver outstanding durability rivaling far pricier Traxxas and Arrma models. Their resilient construction seems designed specifically for aggressive bashing that hardcore hobbyists love.

Pros and Cons of Dotmalls RC Cars

Based on all testing metrics and criteria, here is a final summary of the key PROS and CONS of using Dotmall remote-control cars:


  • Very affordable pricing for legit hobby-grade performance
  • Impressively durable parts withstand nasty crashes
  • Waterproof electronics enable wet terrain
  • Smooth responsive handling once mastered
  • Up to 600 foot+ remote control range
  • Easily replaceable components using basic tools
  • Helpful customer service and online info


  • Lack of high-end racing-focused models
  • Short 15-20 minute average battery life
  • Limited color/look customization from the factory
  • No officially licensed truck replicas if desired

Considering the budget-friendly price tags, Dotmalls RC car deliver outstanding bang for the buck. Just bring realistic expectations aligned to a casual hobbyist, not a hardcore racing pro needing high-performance engineering.

Dotmalls vs Traxxas vs Arrma: How Budget Models Compare to Premium Brands

Finally, with deep experience now using Dotmalls remote control vehicles compared to premium offerings from Traxxas and Arrma costing 2X-5X more, how does the budget RC brand stack up?

Here is an overview of how $100-$300 Dotmalls models compare to the $300-$1000+ RC cars from top dogs Traxxas and Arrma:

Speed and Power – Dotmalls match speeds of entry Traxxas/Arrma trucks under $400. But the highest-end racing models with brushless motors still reach greater velocities.

Control and Handling – Traxxas offers the most refinement perfecting steering and suspension for smoothness. Arrma allows the most tuning flexibility. Dotmall’s responsiveness is slightly behind but still reliable.

Terrain Capability – Thanks to rugged builds, Dotmalls cars handle off-road abuses equally well as pricier rivals. Crawl/climb angles are comparable.

Crash & Water Resilience – All 3 brands feature highly durable, waterproof chassis that withstand punishment. Dotmalls might have a slight edge.

Replacement Parts – Traxxas has the largest aftermarket but Dotmalls components are far cheaper. Arrma parts availability trails both.

Battery Life – Sadly all RC brands still average only 15-25 minutes runtimes per charge. Traxxas offers the fastest EZ Peak charging though.

The verdict? If you’re on a tight budget under $250, no question Dotmalls provides better-performing RC cars for the money over those competitors. But for serious hobbyists with $500+ to spend, Traxxas and Arrma still justify higher costs delivering ultimate quality RC engineering (albeit for a hefty premium).

So choose Dotmalls to start enjoying RC action on a budget today! Then graduate to a premium Traxxas later on if you get fully hooked for higher-level investment.

The Last Word on RC Car Specialist Dotmalls

After months of hands-on testing and comparing specs, there’s no denying Dotmalls emphatically delivers rugged, affordable remote control car excellence.

Their passion stems from founders being RC enthusiasts shows through crafting easy-to-control, resilient-yet-thrilling models even casual hobbyists can afford. While not yet offering pro-calibre racing replicas like Traxxas, Dotmalls indisputably rules the sub-$300 RC category.

We award them our highest recommendation especially for newcomers to RC seeking an exciting on-ramp without intimidating complexity or huge upfront cost. Take the plunge with trusted RC car specialist Dotmalls today to start enjoying year-round off-road fun!