The 5 Best RC Monster Trucks for Bashing in 2024

Few things deliver pure adrenaline-pumping fun like ramping RC monster trucks off makeshift jumps as they bash through extreme terrain. As monster truck technology improves entering 2024, these rugged bashers can tackle higher speeds, bigger obstacles, and wilder stunts.

Below we detail the top 5 RC monster trucks to buy this year and take bashing to the next level. Whether blasting through mud, pulling epic aerials, or clashing with other trucks, these beasts are built to wreak havoc wherever they roll.

What is RC Monster Trucking Bashing?

For the uninitiated, bashing involves driving RC vehicles at high speeds through challenging environments and getting radical without worrying about damage. Think oversized terrain, high-flying jumps, and careening landings.

RC monster trucks are perfect for bashing with their huge tires, durable parts, high clearance, and racing credentials. Modern stability controls, sensors, and suspension systems allow even newcomers to experience insane tricks risk-free.

Comparing the Best RC Monster Truck Bashers

Here is a breakdown of how the top trucks stack up across important bashing metrics:

TruckScaleSpeedSuspension (in)Tire Type
Redcat Shredder1/530+mph3.5Deep web tread
Traxxas Maxx1/1030mph3.25Canyon Crawler
Losi LMT1/1035mph4.0All-terrain
Arrma Kraton1/850mph4.1All terrain
Team Redcat1/1045mph2.2Deep web tread

Now let’s jump into the top RC monster truck recommendations for hardcore bashing and mayhem in 2024.

1. Redcat Racing Shredder XTE Monster Truck

Redcat Racing Shredder XTE Monster Truck

Redcat Racing Shredder XTE Monster Truck
  • Massive 1/5 scale
  • 30+ mph top speed
  • Electric brushless motor
  • All aluminum parts
  • Waterproof

If extreme size translates to extreme bashing in your monster truck dictionary, Redcat has your number. The Shredder XTE towers over the competition at 1/5 scale yet weighs under 10 pounds with strategic materials like titanium and aluminum.

It launches off the line reaching over 30mph thanks to a rapid 2700KV brushless motor. The heavy-duty waterproof system keeps power flowing in wet conditions. Large coilover shocks add a cushion for big drops and landings while sticky wide tires stick turns. This menacing truck is your ticket to aerial stunts and wicked tail whips hitting the ground running.

2. Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck

Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck

Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck
  • Iconic X-Maxx style monster
  • Self-righting mechanism
  • Beefy 7-cell battery
  • High torque XL-5 ESC
  • Rear stiffening brace

Since its debut, the Maxx has dominated RC monster trucking with an iconic style emulating its big brother the X-Maxx. Its wide chassis and low center of gravity make it very hard to roll. But if you do manage to flip it, the automatic self-righting system will immediately put it back on its wheels.

A sizable 4000mah 7-cell battery provides an ample power reserve for marathon bashing sessions without fading. Backstopping the velocity is an XL-5 waterproof ESC delivering smooth electronically regulated torque to rugged crawler tires that chomp dirt and stone. When it comes to household names in RC bashing trucks, Traxxas always answers the call.

3. Losi LMT Monster Truck

Losi LMT Monster Truck

Losi LMT Monster Truck
  • 4WD terrain traction
  • Dynamite brushless system
  • Tough composite materials
  • Water/dustproof
  • Sensored brushless motor

As a longtime powerhouse brand specializing in racing vehicles, Losi packs speed and tenacity into the LMT Monster Truck. Dynamite electronics generate a surge of constant power across terrain via a sensored brushless motor. This amplifies throttle response for the catapult starts exiting corners and launches off jumps.

The advanced drivetrain design pressurizes the center of the differentials for superior grip and traction on mushy surfaces like mud and snow. Wide all-terrain wheels extend the 4WD capabilities and custom composite materials form the nearly indestructible frame, chassis, and body panels. Count on the Losi legacy of engineering to elevate your RC bashing sessions.

4. Arrma Kraton Voltage Monster Truck

Arrma Kraton Voltage Monster Truck

Arrma Kraton Voltage Monster Truck
  • 1/8 scale bash-ready
  • 8S capable LiPo power
  • Aluminum chassis
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Innovative FLM slipper

Go big or go home is the mandate of the Kraton Voltage series from RC brand Arrma. These 1/8 scale trucks boast flexibility between 6S and 8S LiPo battery set-ups allowing insane 50+ mph top speeds for advanced drivers. Less experienced RC fans can limit output until driving skills progress.

Arrma built upon their race-winning platform to create an unyielding aluminum chassis surrounded by protective composite bash bars and oversized tires. Sealed electronics prevent frying circuits when sprayed by giant puddle splashes or mud baths. Spektrum Smart tech unlocks telemetry for monitoring truck vitals. Go ballistic bashing knowing the Kraton can take hit after hit and stay charging ahead.

5. Team Redcat TR-MT10E Monster Truck

Team Redcat TR-MT10E Monster Truck

Team Redcat TR-MT10E Monster Truck
  • Lightning quick brushless
  • High-strength carbon steel
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Flexible suspension tuning
  • Cross brace chassis

Rounding out the list is the fierce Team Redcat TR-MT10E which lives up to its menacing looks. A 3300KV sensorless brushless motor provides sensory-fast response translating throttle to tire spinning velocity nearly instantly. Wide tires on CNC machined wheels traverse rough conditions without traction loss.

The military-inspired durable carbon steel frame braces for heavy impacts and the waterproof RC equipment keeps cruising through the wettest environments with no problem. All four shocks offer spring and oil tuning so dialing in cushioning for smooth bump absorption is effortless. Rest assured the TR-MT10E has the speed, strength, and sinew for barrage bashing time and again.

Monster Truck Bashing Buying Considerations

When evaluating your perfect RC truck for hardcore bashing, consider these key areas:

  • Durability – Strong materials and waterproofing are crucial
  • Power system – Brushless motors offer more torque and faster reaction over brushed units
  • Suspension travel – Long shock strokes soften big drops and jumps
  • Tire tread – Pick deep aggressive threads for maximized grip
  • Weight vs. size – Heavier models exhibit more inertia making stunts easier

As shown, you get various combinations of key bashing attributes across this elite monster truck lineup to suit differing skill sets and budgets.

Are You Ready to Start RC Monster Truck Bashing?

From backyards to skateparks to open fields, monster truck bashing promises adrenaline-pumping action through rowdy stunt driving. With scale power and cutting-edge tech reinforcing the fun, the RC trucks highlighted above will attack any terrain you throw their way at breakneck speeds.

Now that you know the top basher truck options in 2024 and how to assess their bashing prowess, pulling off radical jumps as you channel your inner Evel Knievel is just a throttle trigger away. Let loose and unleash mayhem with trusted RC partners bred for hardcore bashing!