Top Grave Digger RC Cars for 2024: Monster Jam Mayhem

Monster Jam’s iconic Grave Digger has demolished its way into the remote control vehicle arena. With multiple officially licensed options now available, fans of the legendary monster truck can bring home mini versions to drive over homemade dirt ramps and custom foam obstacles.

This guide will cover the flagship Grave Digger RC models hitting the market in 2024. Expect an in-depth analysis of speed, handling, and key features across the leading contenders – perfect for superfans and new hobbyists alike.

Overview of Grave Digger RC Cars

Before reviewing this year’s top models, let’s quickly summarize what to expect from Grave Digger remote-control cars overall:

  • Officially licensed designs – Most options accurately recreate the iconic black and green monster truck in 1:15 or 1:24 scale. This includes details like wild skull/crossed bones paint jobs and massive tires.
  • 4WD capabilities – Race your Grave Digger over dirt, mud, and grass thanks to all-wheel drive traction and wide tires. Front and rear differentials provide tight turning capabilities too.
  • Proportional steering – Unlike cheaper ‘toy’ models, proportional steering gives precise control of turn angle and direction. Just tilt your transmitter to guide your Digger!
  • LiPo batteries – Rechargeable lithium polymer battery packs provide long run times plus quick recharge capabilities.

Now let’s pit 2024’s flagship RCs head-to-head across some key factors: speed, power, durability, and overall value…

Comparison Table: Top Grave Digger Models

Spin Master Monster Jam RC1:159 mph7.4V 1800 mAhOff-Road
Hot Wheels Trax Grave Digger1:2425 mph7.2V 1200 mAhOff-Road

With the specs laid out, it’s clear these two models cater to different RC driving experiences. The large-scale Spin Master option provides slower, more stable runs for new hobbyists. Meanwhile, the 1:24 Hot Wheels Trax Grave Digger is built at pure speed.

Below I’ll fully review both models to help decide which suits your RC needs and budget.

In-Depth RC Car Reviews

Spin Master Monster Jam Radio Control Grave Digger

Spin Master Monster Jam Radio Control Grave Digger

With official Monster Jam branding, this 1:15 scale R/C from Spin Master lets you take the iconic truck out for crushing runs across backyard terrain. It’s the perfect entry point for young fans too, combining easy controls with durable construction to handle inevitable crashes and tumbles.

Performance and Speed

A proportional 2.4GHz transmitter allows precision steering control as you guide Grave Digger across dirt, grass, and obstacles. The truck reaches around 9 mph at full clip – an impressive pace considering its rugged tires and suspension.

9V of power drives the meaty drivetrain onward reliably thanks to an included 7.4V 1800mAh NiMH battery and compatible wall charger. Run times average 15-20 minutes.

Design and Durability

As an officially licensed model, iconic Grave Digger motifs like the flaming green paint job, logo lettering, and grim reaper driver are neatly reproduced in plastic. Materials feel high grade, with no easily broken parts.

Foam tires have deep, open treads to claw surfaces like loose dirt and mud. Pistons built into the suspension system smooth out big jumps. And while inevitable crashes will leave scuffs, the Spin Master Digger takes reasonable tumbles and keeps on truckin’.

Features and Operation

The 2.4GHz transmitter gives around 140ft of range for backyard adventures. Its ergonomic, video game-like design makes steering easy for kids while still allowing precision input. The truck also runs quietly compared to unlicensed models.

The NiMH batteries recharge in 3-5 hours via the included wall plug. An LED light on the charger indicates power levels.

Who’s it For?

With official licensing, easy operation, and stunt-ready construction, this Spin Master Grave Digger hits the sweet spot for young Monster Jam fans getting into RC vehicles. Adults will find it a riot over backyard dirt ramps too!

Spin Master Monster Jam R/C Grave Digger in Action (Credit: Spin Master)

Hot Wheels Trax Grave Digger R/C Vehicle

If blazing speed in an officially licensed Grave Digger interests you, this 1:24 beast from Hot Wheels offers ridiculous velocity potential. It’s tuned to competitive hobbyist terrain racing right out of the box.

Performance and Speed

A powerful 11.1V system drives the Trax edition to scale speeds over 60 mph. Real-world testing clocks it at 25+ mph even on grass and loose dirt thanks to traction-grabbing foam tires. Stunt jumps and crashes may damage individual parts, but are unlikely to slow this Digger down!

Design and Durability

The exaggerated foam tires, stained chassis, and driver helmet perfectly capture Grave Digger’s iconic bad-boy, car-crushing mystique. Though scaled down, the truck still looks pleasingly monstrous.

Its lightweight Lexan body and flexible parts like A-arms and chassis withstand big crashes better than hard plastic. And while not officially destruction tested like Traxxas RC cars, user videos confirm the Trax Grave Digger survives some serious wrecks

Features and Operation

The 2.4GHz transmitter provides proportional steering and throttle control for up to 150ft. Adjustable settings via an interface screen let hobbyists fine-tune steering trim, throttle punch, and more.

The 7.2V 1200mAh NiMH battery runs for 15-20 minutes and recharges in 3-5 hours via the included wall charger. Battery ejection happens via a spring-loaded hatch for quick swaps.

Who’s it For?

The Hot Wheels Trax Grave Digger brings extreme 25+ scale mph speed to the iconic Monster Jam truck. Intermediate hobbyists will love blasting over dirt tracks and launching huge air. Just be prepared for the repair and replacement of parts after big crashes!

Which Grave Digger RC Truck is Right For Me?

With specs and testing covered, let’s summarize the best uses for both Grave Digger models:

The Spin Master RC is ideal for…

  • Young Monster Jam fans – easy controls and cool looks make this perfect to start out.
  • Backyard stunt sessions – it handles jumps, crashes, and all kinds of terrain abuse.
  • Gift giving – officially licensed looks guaranteed to thrill kids and Grave Digger collectors.

The Hot Wheels Trax RC is better for.

  • Intermediate/advanced hobbyists – only experienced RC drivers can handle 25 scale mph speeds!
  • Racing and speed runs – on open dirt or tracks, this Digger absolutely flies.
  • Customization addicts – its hobby-grade parts offer lots of tuning potential.

Both trucks are tons of fun in their own right. The Spin Master RC provides stable, kid-friendly operation. But advanced RC fans will go crazy for the Hot Wheels Trax edition’s high-performance potential.

Watch user review videos, check your budget, and decide which best suits your needs. Just don’t expect to choose between them easily – getting one Grave Digger probably means you’ll soon want both!

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can Grave Digger RC trucks go?

  • Entry-level hobbyist models like the Spin Master Monster Jam RC reach around 9 mph.
  • High-performance race trucks like the Hot Wheels Trax edition hit 25+ mph!

What scale are the Grave Digger RC cars?

  • Common scales are 1:15 like the Spin Master RC for stable backyard running.
  • Tiny 1:24 models like the Hot Wheels Trax focus purely on extreme speed.

How long does the battery last?

  • Expect 15-20 minutes of drive time per charge.
  • Recharge times average 3-5 hours.
  • Lithium polymer batteries recharge quicker than nickel-metal hydride

Can RC Grave Diggers go in the water?

  • None of the models are waterproof. Running them through puddles or wet grass is fine but full submersion will damage electronics.

What age is best for kids getting a Grave Digger RC?

  • Kids as young as 6 can learn to control hobby-grade RCs under supervision.
  • Around age 8-10 is ideal for independently operating Grave Digger models.

The Future of RC Monster Trucks

While still a niche corner of the RC vehicle world, Monster Jam truck models like Grave Digger tap into a dedicated fanbase. And licensing deals with toy giants like Spin Master and Hot Wheels hint at widening mainstream appeal.

As technology trickles down from high-end RC manufacturers like Traxxas, performance should continue improving. Better speeds, battery efficiency, and durability across licensed trucks seem likely in coming years.

More name licenses beyond flagships like Grave Digger also seem inevitable – imagine radio-controlled Max-D, El Toro Loco, or Monster Mutt models battling it out! Only time will tell if and when we might control the whole Monster Jam circuit from our transmitters.

So crank up the stadium anthem “We Came to Take You Down”, put the pedal to the metal, and unleash your inner Monster Jam superstar! Grave Digger is ready to soar off that dirt ramp and stick the landing … no matter the transmission choice you make.