GPS Trackers for RC Planes


It’s common for RC planes to get lost, which is why the market has introduced GPS trackers for model aircraft. Some of those have taken the position of the Best  GPS trackers for RC planes.

Remote Control RC planes are a popular hobby for people of all ages, offering the thrill of flying and the challenge of mastering intricate maneuvers. However, like any hobby, there are risks involved, including the potential for crashes or aircraft loss. That’s where GPS trackers for RC planes come in. These small devices use GPS technology to provide real-time location tracking and other flight metrics, offering pilots and owners valuable data and added security.

GPS trackers for RC planes have come a long way in recent years, with new advancements in technology and design making them more accessible and user-friendly than ever before. With a wide range of options available on the market, from compact and lightweight trackers to more robust and feature-rich models, there is a GPS tracker for every type of RC plane and flying scenario.

Drone mobile GPS tracker has the capacity to even provide the facility that you can do Drone tracker online. These GPS tracker prices are really very economical if you do a little bit of a market search.

No doubt that wearing FPV goggles really improves the experience of flying. But on the other hand, this really increases the chances of the plane getting lost. This is the time when the role of the GPS tracker for RC planes came into play.

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Benefits of Using a GPS Tracker for RC Planes

GPS trackers for RC planes offer a multitude of benefits for both hobbyists and professionals alike.

  • The GPS tracker can provide real-time location tracking of your RC plane, allowing you to pinpoint its exact location during flight. This is especially useful in the event of a crash or an emergency, as it can help you quickly locate your aircraft and potentially minimize any damage or loss.
  •  GPS trackers can also provide valuable data on the speed, altitude, and other flight metrics of your RC plane, which can be useful for improving your piloting skills and optimizing your aircraft’s performance.
  • In addition to the practical benefits of GPS tracking for RC planes, it can also offer peace of mind and added security for owners. With the ability to track your RC plane in real-time, you can feel more confident and in control during flight, knowing that you can quickly locate and retrieve your aircraft if necessary.
  • GPS trackers can also act as a deterrent to theft or loss, as the ability to track your aircraft can make it less attractive to potential thieves or vandals.
  • Overall, GPS trackers for RC planes can provide a range of benefits for pilots and owners, from improving flight performance to increasing security and peace of mind.

Top GPS Trackers for RC Planes in the Market Today

If you’re looking for the best GPS trackers for RC planes, there are several top-quality options available on the market today. Some of the most popular and highly rated GPS trackers for RC planes are listed below

The Tile Mate The GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker for RC Planes

This is a multiple-use product.  That can be used to track the various products not only the RC planes but you can track the keys, bags, and many other things. This tracker can easily be tracked moreover this is really very easy to install the tracker on multiple things.

The good thing is that you can easily track it with the help of your smartphone. No matter if it is running on the iOS or the Android operating system.

The lost object can easily be traced as you come within 200 ft of the distance. It will start to ring as you will be able to track the object easily. If you want to remain easy you can use your smart Home device. This Smart Home device can easily track your object

This is really an effective product to have. It communicates through the BlueTooth. But as you know, BlueTooth has limited access. This problem can easily be sorted out with the help of the app. This app is available for mobile phones. So using the GPS tracker through the mobile phone app you can easily trace the product.

The premium protection experience is available. If you want you can upgrade your experience. This can easily be done by subscribing to premium protection. This will truly make your experience remarkable.

Trackimo The GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker for RC Planes

This is a small portable GPS tracking device That can be used across the globe As you buy the product you will get a data plan for a year. This device can be used for pets, kids, and cars.

This device can be effective for 190 countries of the world. This can be used inside as well as it is highly effective outside. It comes with 5 different mods; this is the reason that it remains effective in all types of situations.

  • GPS
  • A-GPS,
  • GSM
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth

Trackimo is a reliable brand name in the industry of tracking. It has been used by a number of reputable cellular phone manufacturers. The repetition of this manufacturer is so reliable that law enforcement agencies including police and the army are also using this device.

This device weighs only 1.4 Oz, making it very lightweight. You can attach it using a magnet or a clip.

This tracking mechanism offers you the best trading facilities worldwide. You can use it with multiple devices, and it can track your children, elderly, and pets. The working mechanism will save their location.

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Beacon Drone Buzzer by VIFLY

GPS Tracker for RC Planes

This device is wireless and self-powered, and you can use it to track planes.

In case the drone crashes it can initiate its mechanism automatically. The alarm will help you to locate the device easily.

This is really very easy to set up the device. You don’t need to do any additional wiring or soldering.

All you need to do is to attach the device to the flying object. The beeper is able to produce a sound that is actually capable of producing a sound that is louder than 100 dB.

The tracker is capable of providing you with a light signal. When it is dark the life signal stands on automatically so that you can track your RC plane easily.

It is really very easy to install this device. You don’t need to put in extra effort to install it.

You do not have to do any type of soldering for wiring.

The loud sound of the people makes it easy to track the device. It is really very easy to locate with a signal of more than a hundred DB.

It provides an additional function and secures your device. In case any unauthorized person takes your plane away. The beacon will start to beep and because of the high beep, the unauthorized picker has to leave the plane. Otherwise, you will get the notice and take it away from the unauthorized Baker, or in other words, you can say the thief.

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Q: Why do I need a GPS tracker for my RC plane?

A GPS tracker can provide valuable data on your aircraft's performance and location during flight, as well as offer added security and peace of mind in case of a crash or emergency.

Q: How do I install a GPS tracker on my RC plane?

Installation methods can vary depending on the specific GPS tracker and aircraft model, but typically involve attaching the tracker to the aircraft body or inside the battery compartment.

Q: Can I use a GPS tracker on any type of RC plane?

Yes, you can use GPS trackers on a variety of RC planes, including drones, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft, as long as the device is compatible with the aircraft's size and weight.

Q: Do I need a separate data plan for my GPS tracker?

Some GPS trackers require a separate data plan, while others come with built-in cellular connectivity. Be sure to check the specifications and requirements of your chosen GPS tracker before purchasing.

Q: How accurate are GPS trackers for RC planes?

GPS trackers can be highly accurate, with some devices offering location tracking within a few meters or less. However, accuracy can vary depending on factors such as weather conditions and the quality of the GPS signal.