RC Helicopters vs. Drones: What’s the Difference?

In recent years, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, has rapidly increased in various industries. Drones have become a popular alternative to traditional manned aircraft such as helicopters. However, remote control cars are also gaining popularity among hobbyists and enthusiasts. In this article, we will compare drones and helicopters and briefly discuss the rise of remote control cars as a hobby.

Drones vs RC helicopters? Tough choice, isn’t it? If you are a fun-lover and enthusiastic about prolonging your fun-loving activities with more elite fun tools, you must be thinking of choosing between drones and RC helicopters. But here questions like durability, performance, features, above-all costing, etc. may arise in your mind. Well, getting worried is no longer your job, we are here for all your assistance and for your help.

We will help you to explore the unique features, pros, and cons of both drones and RC helicopters which will help you to select the one which serves your needs to the best terms. Drone vs RC helicopters? Which you would love to buy especially if you don’t have much knowledge about both of them but want fun and ease of use? Don’t worry, we will guide you to segregate your needs to find the best as per your needs.

Owing to the increasing advancement of drone technology, many manufacturers have started manufacturing them in the local and international markets which have certainly reduced their pricing. Now, you can get a good quality drone laced with all the basic features that you might need within the price range of around 50-100 USD. When we talk about drones, we also have to take care of their accessories like drone landing pads, chargers, batteries, etc. which also come with the cost of drones.

What Are Drones

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are aircraft that are flown without a human pilot on board. They are controlled by a remote operator on the ground, who uses a handheld device to control the drone’s movements. Drones are considered to be the most common fun-extracting tools these days. Drones are not only used for fun purposes but also the profession of millions of people around the world associated with them.

Prominent features Of Drones

  • Costly

Drones are available in different price ranges. That totally depends on your requirements and budget, which one you buy for you. There are cheaper drones that you can buy at the price range of around 30 USD and there are some costly drones that you can buy within the price range of around 2-300 USD. But when we talk about drones, that doesn’t apply to drones solely. There are a lot of accessories that are commonly not offered by the manufacturers and you have to buy them separately. These accessories include drone landing pads, chargers, drone bags, etc.

Of course, you won’t be able to fly your drone without charging it and wouldn’t be able to take it anywhere without the drone bag, ultimately you will have to buy these accessories which may raise the overall cost of drones.

  • Tough maintenance

When we talk about the maintenance of drones, that usually turns difficult for the buyer to maintain the drones. For example, if you don’t buy a drone landing pad and tried using your drone without it, it would become difficult for you to keep your drone in a good condition for a longer period. Because you wouldn’t be able to land or take off your drone from uneven places. The condition of taking your drone to an even place for take-off or landing will definitely create panic for you. Another tough maintenance feature is to buy a good-quality drone landing pad.

Because of the increasing usage of drones, the need for drone landing pads is also increasing fast. To deal with this increasing demand, many companies have started manufacturing drone landing pads. Among so many companies and options, it becomes very difficult for you to purchase a good quality yet cost-effective drone landing pad. Going here and there in search, take your time, money, and effort, nobody would prefer to do that.

  • High-quality testing and development

Drones are developed by sheer testing and after-minute experiments which make them a perfect tool on one side but a costly one on the other side. Most of the drones come their way to the consumer markets after passing the quality testing, because of which it takes more than usual time for a drone to develop.

  • Ease of flying

When compared with an RC helicopter, it is easy to fly your drone. Many drones have compatibility with different software and they have a high level of GPS coverage, so you can let them fly on their own. With the help of this high-class GPS system, you don’t need to get worried if you lose sight of your flying companion.

You can track the flying drone through the GPS system even you can set its track and it will land at the same place where it had started its journey.


Best Drones

There are so many companies manufacturing drones that it becomes difficult for a person to buy a good quality drone at a reasonable price. We have enlisted some good quality drones that have unique features and you can buy any among the following that suits you well:

  • Sea jump UDI RC UDI U842-1 4CH

If you are looking for a flyer equipped with a UDI Lark radio system and 3D stunt flying mode, a Sea jump can be your ultimate solution. Available at the cost price of $199.9, and a bundle of useful functions, yes, this is the drone you would be looking for.  The jet black and unique color is laced with the most advancements in its field.

The UDI Lark radio system with FPV is no doubt the most elite feature that any other drone would ever occupy. The 3D stunt flying mode along with hover-free flight would blow your mind and you will be able to capture the maximum photos or make videos to amaze others.

What else you can think of? You can also insert a micro-SD card for storing your photos, and videos for a longer period. Another unique feature is the 4-channel operation which when equipped with 6 axis gyro function, seriously takes you into another world. Moreover, it’s very easy to start the drone and control it. 4 protective blades would help in protecting any rough flying even if you are a beginner. Also, you can read the manual and take further assistance from the mini user guide which is included in the package.

  • Sea jump UDI RC UDI U842-1 4 channel

The holy white color along with the classic functions that this drone occupies, make this drone one of the top-quality drones in the list of unique drones. The most appealing feature that this drone includes is the UDI Lark with FPV radio system, this system provides you to record videos or capture images along with flying the drone freely in the air. You can insert an SD card within this drone to save more videos and images so that you may be able to save more data and shift it to your backup to use later.

This drone can be easily controlled using the remote or you can set the itinerary as per your desires and just start the journey. You will be able to not only control the drone whenever you want but also you can direct its way. The FPV screen allows the user to delete the images or videos that are stored in the SD card without inserting your SD card into your laptop. The stabilized 6-axis quadcopter feature that this drone carries allows you to enjoy the unique stunts. So, thrill your drone tours and amaze your friends with the superb features of your flying car.

The amazing flying experience of this drone would definitely blow your mind. This drone carries multiple functions that you can explore through the expertise you can gain on every flight. So, if you want to experience high-class flying exposure with professional images and videos, this drone can be the perfect choice for you.


RC helicopters

RC helicopters are small-scale helicopters that are controlled by a handheld radio transmitter. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from mini-RC helicopters that can fit in the palm of your hand, to larger, more complex models that require a higher level of skill to operate. Similar to their real versions, RC helicopters almost look similar but they are operated a controlled through remotes or transmitters. You will have firm control using your remote to direct your way. There are different types of RC helicopters which range from simple flyers to those specialized in maneuvers.

RC helicopters have several functioning ways, you can fly them in the forward or backward direction with ease. They are available in different sizes and shapes. You can buy the one that suits your needs.


We have compiled a brief list of prominent features that RC helicopters occupy:

Prominent features of RC helicopters

  • Convenient size and shape

RC helicopter rea is available in a very convenient size and shape. You can buy the size or shape that you want. A helicopter is developed based on the aircraft and generally occupies one main rotor which is placed on the top of the helicopter.

  • Ease of use

Learning an RC helicopter, yourself is certainly challenging for you. For teaching, you drone riding there is so much software available that even helps you to control it efficiently even after losing sight. But for operating helicopters, there is very limited software with limited information to enable you to fly your help yourself.

Also, you cannot track it easily if you lose sight of your helicopter. Because there is no active GPS system attached to it, the user has to keep a vigilant eye on the helicopter while flying it.

  • Efficient control

If you occupy an RC helicopter, you will be able to an extensive autonomy and firm control to enjoy the most while flying it. You will have to control it through a remote or transmitter but you will have to keep a vigilant eye on your helicopter while flying it. If you happen to lose sight of your helipad, it wouldn’t be easier for you to find it because there is not much software available in the RC world to keep track of the flying helicopter.


Best RC helicopters

RC helicopters are a revolution in elite technology these days. If you have an RC helicopter, you will be able to have extensive freedom to move it and control it firmly. You will have to control it through a remote or transmitter but you will have to keep a vigilant eye on your helicopter while flying it.

  • Syma RC Helicopter

Syma RC helicopter can be controlled within the frequency of 3.5 GHz. You can fly your heli for up to 6 minutes in one go and with a maximum range of around 20 m.

Syma RC is one of the top-class RC models that is laced with one take-off/take-on button. Unlike other conventional helicopters, this heli will stick to a certain altitude after taking off once you will fox its altitude. Also, the heli will be flying at a slower pace till the time the energy sustains.

As far as the quality of this heli is concerned, it is certified by CE, FCC, and ROHS and thus makes it safer to be used for your kids. So, if you have bought this heli for your kids or teenage children, you won’t be worrying more after giving it to them because this is certified and equipped with elite quality and safer to be used for your kids.

The sleek design of this heli enables it to fly smoothly in the air. Because of its heavy body and frequency match, it is recommended to use it indoors and within the frequency range, outdoors. It usually becomes difficult to control when one uses it outdoors.

Drones VS RC Helicopters

Drones RC helicopter
LIPO battery with extensive power to run the drone


Relatively cheaper to buy than drones
USB cable included


No elite GPS system to check its tracking
FPV real-time live transmission


No live transmission is possible
Firm control and vigilance through the GPS system Faster than drones so, suitable for racing
 Frequency ranges between 2.4 -3.0 GHz


Longer battery timing when compared with drones
Can insert the SD card Can insert micro card up to 4 GB and capture videos for up to 1.30 hours
Audible low battery alarm sound as a warning to land the drone Available in more versatile shapes and sizes than drones

Choosing Between RC Helicopters and Drones

When it comes to choosing between RC helicopters and drones, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It ultimately depends on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for a fun and stable flying experience, and are not interested in capturing aerial footage or data, an RC helicopter may be the best choice for you. If, on the other hand, you are interested in capturing high-quality aerial footage, or require a drone for long-range missions or exploration, a drone may be the better option. You need a lot of research in making your final verdict but in doing so, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort. But for your ease, we have compiled this well-researched article.

Drones are becoming common because of their unique features and because of their increasing demand, they are now being manufactured at affordable prices. So just need to invest once and you will be able to enjoy the expert modes of drones. Drones are equipped with multiple modes that you can choose from accordingly. If you are a beginner, you can switch to the beginner mode and if you are an expert, you can switch to the expert mode and enjoy the top-class features using the same drone. The high-quality images and videos that you will be able to record while flying your drones, you can store them using the SD card, and can watch after storing them in your backup device.

Many drones are equipped with an exclusive radio system that has an advanced UDI Lark FPV for your live streaming or for deleting images or videos without inserting the SD card in your drone. Some drones have a 4-6 axis quadcopter that allows you to boost your image and video caption with perfection.

RC helicopters are used commonly by kids and adults for having fun, capturing the landscape, and racing purposes. You can easily control your RC heli by using a remote with a frequency of 2.4-2 Ghz, which is certainly exceptional. RC helicopters are designed and shaped on the main design of aircraft and therefore, they give you a tough time handling it and learning it yourself. You can fly your heli as above as 50 feet and can make videos/capture images for up to 1.30 hours with full battery charge which is exceptionally high time when compared with a drone.

When compared with drones, RC helicopters are not very easy to fly because the GPS system doesn’t work with them. Moreover, you have to continuously keep it under your watch rather it would not fly properly and will be lost somewhere when its charging would be over. Also, on average, the flying time of RC helicopters is not much high. Drones usually fly higher and also for a longer period.

If you have budget issues and want to enjoy the basic features of unmanned vehicles, we recommend you use RC helicopters because drones cost a bit higher than helicopters in the RC world. But if you want to prolong your fun time and want to enjoy more thrill, by flying your quadcore up in the air, you must go for drones.

Keeping in view the low flying time and height, for those fun-lovers who have gained some experience flying carpets in the air, RC helicopters would not be a good choice for them. It is also very difficult to handle them when they go up in the air. They usually tend to tilt to one side when they flew at a higher altitude. If you have some experience using RC heli, then you must go to buy an advanced one for you.

We hope that now all your concerns regarding the RC helicopters and drones have been sorted. After reading this article, you might have made up your mind about buying the right unmanned vehicle for you. That all depends on your needs and wishes.


Q: What is the difference between an RC helicopter and a drone?

RC helicopters are typically controlled by a radio transmitter and are designed to look and function like real-life helicopters. Drones, on the other hand, can be controlled by a transmitter or a mobile device and are typically equipped with cameras, sensors, and other advanced technology for various purposes.

Q: Which one is easier to fly, RC helicopters, or drones?

It depends on the model and the pilot’s experience. RC helicopters can be more difficult to fly because of their complex mechanics and control systems, while drones are typically easier to fly due to their simplified controls and built-in stability features.

Q: What is the maximum range of an RC helicopter or drone?

The range of an RC helicopter or drone varies depending on the model and the transmitter used. Generally, the range of an RC helicopter is shorter compared to drones, which can have a range of up to several miles.

Q: Can RC helicopters and drones be used for photography and videography?

Both RC helicopters and drones can be used for aerial photography and videography. Drones are more commonly used for this purpose because of their built-in cameras and advanced features such as GPS positioning and stabilization.

Q: Which is more expensive, an RC helicopter, or a drone?

The cost of RC helicopters and drones varies widely depending on the model, features, and brand. However, in general, drones tend to be more expensive than RC helicopters due to their advanced technology and features such as GPS and obstacle avoidance systems.