Best Radio Control Airplanes for kids 2021

Choosing the first radio control airplane is always fun and full of excitement. Flying a plane while staying on the ground is thrilling to everyone, and no age is exceptional from the feelings (accept it, we are all kids at heart).

Learning to fly is a big step for any kid, and they can quickly get discouraged when you present them with some high-tech complicated radio control to take a start. There will be so many buttons, and maybe they get confused about how to use them.

The beginner radio control airplanes for kids do not take long hours to set them up, and also, they are strong enough to service the accidental fall on the ground. Moreover, they provide the junior pilot with thrill and fun.

Finding the first radio control planes for beginners is exciting and overwhelming. There are hundreds of options available, and it is tough to choose one that suits your needs best. Luckily, there are some excellent airplanes out there, and we have arranged a list after reviewing, so you don’t need to look a lot to browse for hours.

Best Radio Control airplanes:

Here is the list of our reviewed RF planes you can buy from Amazon:

1. Ready to fly an airplane for kids by Hawks Work 2

Hawks Work 2

The Hawk’s work Radio Control Airplane is the overall best RC airplane for kids. The plane is quite economical and suitable under the budget, and still, there are fun and exciting features to enjoy. The Hawks Work RC is one of the unique RTF radio control airplanes.

The plane has a gyroscope stabilization system, and the design helps to build and maintain good stability while your kid flies it. When you are flying your aircraft high in the sky, it can go in four different directions, and your Radio control system of 2.4 GHz has a range of around 100 meters.

The plane is easy to fly as there will be no interference at play. When your kid is starting to fly the aircraft for the first time, it is better to launch from the ground, and after ten minutes, it will take off. Once they get habitual of it, they can launch planes by hand.

The Airplane comes with three Double-A batteries; they can take the airplane right off the box and start flying it at once. The plane also features two extra propellers and two landing gears. The landing gear is for single use only.


  • It is a lightweight and durable airplane.
  • The package includes extra batteries and Best Remote Control Airplane Parts.
  • Easy to control and fly
  • Radio Control System controls the plane in four directions
  • Quality designed controller


  • The lightweight causes the plane to fly too fast in windy situations.
2. Wltoys F959 RTF airplane:

Wltoys F959 RTF

Sky King RC Airplane F959 is a three-channel glider for beginners. The airplane is made of high-quality, reliable, and impact-resistant EPO. It means your plane will survive common falls and impacts as a result. The RC is designed to fly for more than 15 minutes due to t its discharge rate feature. The plane can be glad for around 20 minutes.

The Ready fly airplane takes a maximum of forty minutes until full charge up. The design includes 6-axis gyro so the plane can fly smoothly and be more stabilized way. The aircraft will grow with the junior pilot as they can put away the folding propeller and glide smoothly when they get more confidence in flying.

The WLtoys airplanes for beginners come with a complete kit of everything necessary for a successful flight. It has aircraft, a radio control transmitter, a better and USB charger. You might not need to assemble the plane, and your kid can fly it out soon after taking it off from the box.


  • Easy to control and steady to flight
  • Perfect choice for beginners
  • High discharge rate for better flight
  • Smooth and stable flight
  • Strong and robust construction


  • You might encounter radio control errors occasionally.
3. Hobby Zone airplane for beginners

Hobby Zone airplane

Hobby-zone radio control airplanes make learning to fly more straightforward and convenient. Your kid will love the learning process and have fun like they never had before while they know. The RC airplane is durable and equipped with Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope (SAFE) technology.

The SAFE technology helps to prevent the over control loss of orientation and avoid crashes. In this way, anyone can learn how to fly successfully. The plane features three flight modes, i.e., Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced. You can now choose among the level for better stability and control over the flight with just one flip of a switch.

You can instantly return to steady flight by using a Panic recovery button, and there is a unique pusher power configuration that offers improved safety with propeller and motor protection. It has advanced EPO material that makes it durable.

The oversized tires and wheels’ noise make it convenient to take off and land on various surfaces that include grass at parks and soccer flying fields. The ready-to-fly airplane version includes chargeable batteries and all necessary equipment so that you can fly it immediately after taking it out from the box.

It has a powerful brushless power system to provide you with long flights and fast speed. There is the power to perform aerobatic stunts like loops, rolls, and upside-down flying.

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  • SAFE technology provides extra safe flights.
  • Easy to fly an airplane.
  • Ready to fly features.
  • Extra power to perform aerobatic loops and stunts.
  • Smart charging.


  • Comes with a premium price tag.
4. Indoor RC flight by Goolsky

RC flight by Goolsky

It is a micro radio control airplane by Goolsky. The plane imitates classic warplanes SU-35 – and design boosts domineering appearance. The construction includes strong and super tough EPP material – that makes it flexible and resistant to fall.

The battery is chargeable and replaceable easily. It is a good choice; if you are looking for a budget-friendly gift for beginners this Christmas, the SU-35 can be your choice.

It is a small and lightweight plane that features Ready to fly set. The airplane is easy to wash and specially designed for beginners. The motors are pretty powerful, and it will make them convenient to take off from the ground. The airplane includes a 4-directional flight, i.e., ascending, descending, turn left, and right.


  • Small size
  • Powerful motors
  • Include 4-directional flight
  • EPP material that resists light fall and crash
  • It imitates the classic warplanes SU 35


  • Lightweight will cause a plane to fly fast in windy weather.
5. Three Channel RC plane by Top Race

RC plane by Top Race

The Top Race airplane imitates a real aircraft with channel control. The speed and exclusive features make it the best remote control airplanes for adults.


  • Easy to fly
  • 3 Channel control for speed
  • Ideal gift for adults and teenagers


  • Fly time is very short.
Flying radio control airplane is always fun and thrilling. The remote control planes for beginners are easy to control and fun to play with for long hours. The advanced technology has made the adventure more fun and exciting for kids and adults.