How Big is a 1/16 scale RC Car

If you are new to RC cars it is very natural for you to get confused with the scale that is written on the making of RC cars

Traditionally the RC cars are the mini versions of the original cars that can run on the instructions of the person who is operating them with the help of Radio Signals. This is truly a craze if you ever enter into the world of RC cars. This will be really difficult for you to get rid of. You want to know more and more about it. 

The question : How big is a 1/16 scale RC Car? Is a very basic question that may reside in the mind of the person who may be looking at the scaling of the RC cars for the very first time. Some other questions that may also be accompanied with this in your mind are 

  • how big is a 1/16 scale rc car bumper
  • how big is a 1/16 scale rc car battery
  • 1/16 rc car body
  • fastest 1/16 scale rc ca

All of these questions are those which show that you are unfamiliar with the process of scaling a RC car. Let’s learn first.

The scale of RC car

Different types of the RC cars are present in the market. Usually these are scaled as 1:6, 1:8, 1:10, 1:12, 1:16, 1:28 and even 1:64.

This number shows the size of the RC car in comparison to the actual size of the original car.

For example if we ask 

How big is a 1/16 scale rc car?

The answer will be that an RC car is 16 times smaller than the original car.

 Similarly this same principle applies on other skills like 1 by 8 means that the car is a time smaller than the original car for stop the most common size used in the scaling is 1 by 8.

Some cards are even smaller ; these cards are 1 by 28 and 1 by 64. These are the Mini versions of their original counterpart of these cars. Another interesting thing to be noted here is that all 1/16 cards are not of equal size. For example the size of an army truck is much bigger than the size of a sports car. The same thing remains when you draw the Mini version of both the cars. If you draw the Mini version of the army truck then the scale of 1 by 16  is much bigger than a sports car at the scale of 1 by 16.

Let’s look at some of the 1:16 Scale cars available in the market for you to play.

1:16 Scale by Legendary Store


  • 1:16 Scale Large RC Cars really looks like the original one
  • Car can run with the massive speed of  40+ kmh Speed
  • A Boys car that can be Remote Controlled
  • A Car that has the ability to run with the capability of 4×4
  • Really an Off Road Monster Truck 
  • It can run with Electric power
  • A Hobby Grade Waterproof Toy
  • Best RC Trucks for Kids and Adults
  • It require 2 Batteries and Connector to be charged
  •  The fully charged electric cars that can run for 40 Min

Water Resistant

It provides the IPX4 standard of the Water Resistant. This Rc truck is so technically built that you  drive it through snow and even puddles. The sonic truck can easily take splashes of water. These splashes of water can easily be resistant  from different directions. 

Do remember that if you think that the truck can be fully submerged into water, No this is not possible.

Play Time

This toy provides you with the playtime of 40 minutes. More Fun with Extended Run Time: Equipped with two Li-Po 7.4V 1000mAh. The good news is that these are  rechargeable batteries. This means that you don’t have to spend money on new batteries again and again. 

It is also equipped with a double battery connector as far as the performance is concerned this is really a special one.

It is truly a Legendary car. The high speed with remote control makes it a highly suitable car for boys. This doesn’t mean that the adults cannot enjoy it. It is equally popular among adults. This playing time is quite adequate. I think a 40 minutes run time is enough for anyone. As soon as you have it believe me the phase of  Don’t stop the fun begins for you. 

Motor Power

The car ran on the tires. This is the motor that makes the tire run. Machine is ready to provide you with the Extreme Tire-Scorching Action.

This is something which is  made possible with the presence of a motor. This is a specific type of the  brushed powerful built-in motor. This can make the truck run in the 4×4 mod. Straight from the box  It reaches speeds of up to 25 mph. The same speed if calculated in the Km/h will be 40.  

The reason is the use of highly powerful motors that make the truck run at an unmatchable speed.  As soon as you open the box the fun will begin as these trucks  come in fully assembled form. So I just opened the box and made the truck run.

Technical Body Specification

The technical body specifications of the RC truck are

  • This 4wd truck is made at 1:16 scale
  • Truly it is a  remote control monster trucks
  • It provides the  boast with extraordinary grip
  • The operations are visualized and designed with the prospect of durability.
  • Shocks are high performance and are made with the heavy duty metal.
  •  wheels really make the drive smooth
  • You can drive this RC car in different terrains. These include the beach, concrete road, sand and rock.

Easy-to-use pistol

You can do as much Maneuverability as you want. No doubt here it is  at its Finest. This is only possible due to the easy-to-use pistol. 

It comes with the 2.4GHz radio remote controller. It provides the low speed as well as the high speed mods. Both have their own functionality. The low speed mod is helpful for learning purposes. Moreover in the smaller areas this is more beneficial to use this driving mod.

The second mod is for the more expert drivers. Moreover the fast RC Cars mods are more helpful for those moments when you are playing in the large playground.

Final Words

If you are looking for a present. Then you are lucky. Your research finisher here and here is the perfect gift.