Top 6 Best Remote Control Car Brands in 2022

Every year brings its new choices for the customers. This is the tradition this is custom and this is what happens from centuries. We are breathing in 2020 now. Like all other years before this, this one also brings its own choices and eliminate the old ones.

The same is true for the RC car fans this year brings lots of new choices for you. No doubt that the old RC cars will take the position of legends but excitement is something which will be provided by the new cars. Here is a review of the top 6 best remote control car brands available to you in the year 2020.

Top 6 best remote control car brands Reviews

1. HPI


Another brand of 80s and is still popular and successful in the market. The reason is hidden in the two words one is innovation and the other is courage. They never hesitate to take the initiative. No doubt this is the brave RC brand in the market right now.

The product chooses to represent the HPI is really the adventure hero the same as the HPI brand itself.

The Real Adventure Hero

This trail truck is one of the best RC trucks ready to accompany you on every adventure. You can choose the turf to run and this will run with you.

Fully Functional

This is the perfect replication of Toyota Cruise. In fact the licensed. Most of the parts are fully functional so to provide the driver with the feel of realism. Shocks are properly designed to absorb the shocks and the tires can grip firmly so that it can run on any turf without fail.

Even you don’t want to buy this product even then this is really a treat to watch this product. So just have a look.

2. Traxxas

Traxxas is the historical RC car brand, started in 1986. They provide the user with the complete Radio Controlled experience In the air, on the land, and in the sea. For the two consecutive decades, this brand remained the industry leader. The product we choose here to represent Traxxas’s signature product is the RC truck. This Traxxas RC car is available in three different color combinations Black and Red, Blue and Yellow, and Red and Orange.


Racing Giant

This racing giant can run at the speed of 48+Km/H. 4×4 off-road racing monster can run on all types of turfs easily. Truly Waterproof and extremely Shock Proof thanks to the coating of the truck and the heavy shocks filled with oil and fitted in the truck.

Anti Slip

Extremely powerful two brushed motors with the firm tire grips make it possible to cross any hurdle without slipping and leaving the track.

5 x Fun

Double batteries will double the fun the extra battery with the RC car can be used for an additional 30 minutes of time play. Anti-jamming technology used in the remote with 250 meters and the choice to choose between the speed mods is another element of fun.




This signature product from JEYPOD is the beautiful speed racer car that comes in the color combination of blue, orange, and black, and the good this is that these days it is available for less than $30. You can save 5% on this deal at that moment.

Let’s talk a bit about the features of this RC car.

Playing Experience

Playing time for kids and Adults is the most important feature of any RC car brand here we will get 30 minutes of playing time and the charging time is only 90 minutes. With one extra battery, the playing time will double means double fun. The car can run 10 to 20Km per hour and the operating range is 50 to 80 meters.

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This RC car brand uses non-toxic material in the manufacturing of this car. This not only protects the environment but also saves you from the harmful effect of the toxic material.

The fully functional remote control provides the user with full control to enjoy the RC remote control car.

2020 Upgrading

Big tires with big-time you will enjoy the fully upgraded version of this beautiful RC car in the year 2020. Enjoy it on multiple types of turfs like from grasslands to sandy lands including small roads.


Ready to serve you with RC devices in all three mediums. That is on the road, in the air, and in the sea. Losi designed car is easy to drive may be the most easily driven cars available in the market. The second distinguishing feature is the accessories made by them for their own cars so that the user may customize it as per his or her own choice and personality.

Isn’t it difficult to find a product as the representative of Losi? Nops we have it her the

Speed Maximizer

With the brand name of Rock Ray, this RC car has the ability to outperformed the competition especially in terms of speed. All the things are set to achieve a speed of 50 + KM/H.


Speed alone is not enough if the body does not have the capacity to handle the top speed. Suspensions are designed to save the car on high speed, tire grip is perfect, and the design of the car itself provides the safety durability and beautiful looks.

Grow up and play big.

4. Prextex


The product we choose to represent the Prextes brand is RC cartoon Car.

First Romance

This under $30 car is an amazing choice as the first RC for the kids. Truly the romance of an early age. The cartoon character of the race car driver and the police car make the car attractive for the kids.

Colour choice is another important and attractive feature of the car Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange and Green. Bright colours to entertain and attract the kids.

Fantasy with reality

The design and the style of the remote control in the shape of the real car steering gives the feel of the real car to the kids. Car direction is controlled through the buttons, easy and attractive for the kids to control and play.

This is not two in one but four in one type of product. Two cartoon characters one is a policeman and the other is a race car driver to drive one police car and a race car. Cars are designed to look real at least the kids of an early age. The police car has the real siren sound and flashing headlights.

Playing together

The additive advantage is that the two kids can play with these simultaneously as both have different frequencies. So operating their own cars but in a separate way.

5. Team Associated


One of the oldest brands in the RC industry. Six decades of market presence with the love for the competition. This love is shown n their products as they design the most thrilling cars in the industry. The product of the choice today to represent this RC Car Brand is the Thrill itself.

Truly Thrilly

Compatible with the modern-day trend of racing this RC is designed to get extreme performance with durability. Unique in its class of 4WD cars sets you all to win.

Light Weight

Parts are lightweight so that you may enjoy the speed you want and the material used with the touch of modern engineering gives the RC car the durability. Anti Slip feature due to adjustable height makes the vehicle perfect to run on different turfs.

It is a treat to watch this car in action have a look

If you are on this page the chances are high that you are either an RC Cars Lover or new to this field. In the second case if you are here this shows you will soon be a lover too. This article is a real treat for the RC car lovers. Have a look and fall in love again with your favourite RC car Brands.

It is a treat to watch this car in action have a look

If you are on this page the chances are high that you are either an RC Cars Lover or new to this field. In the second case if you are here this shows you will soon be a lover too. This article is a real treat for RC car lovers you will know about the Best wall climbing RC car for 2021. Have a look and fall in love again with your favorite RC car Brands.