Batman Remote Control Car For Kids 2021

Batman is an all-time favorite of kids – there is no argument when we say he is an evergreen comic superhero of every child. The caped hero has won the hearts of children and kids across the globe. He is the superhero to get a star in the Hollywood walk of Fame. The children love playing with the toys like batman remote control car.

The Dark Knight, the caped Crusader, or Batman, we call him with different names. He is the first superhero without any supernatural or mystical powers like superman and spiderman. He trusts his detective skills, science, and wealth to fight with the villains who threaten Gotham City. That’s something which kids and adults most like.

Your batman fan kid will be thrilled by any batman themed toy, but there is one thing that will make them happy and excited as no other toy can, and that is batman’s remote control car. A remote control car is an all-time favorite of every child, and when it is themed with batman, they can never resist it. While driving their themed batman car, they feel like they are growing on a mission like their favorite character and live the life of their favorite fantasy of all time.

There are numerous batman themed cars available, and the most famous among them is the batman remote control car Lego. It is hard to choose what’s best – in this; we have arranged a list of the best batman remote control cars available online to make your choice easy and convenient.

1. Batman themed lego remote control car

Batman Themed Lego Remote Control Car Features

batman remote control car lego is all your child love when they find it under the Christmas tree. A lego remote control car will give allows them to enjoy multiple stuff at a time. First, it is lego, they will build the app-controlled mobile toy, and then they will control it with their smartphone or tabs.

The toy has many features like batman weapons, a mini-figure of batman, and RC capabilities. The Lego batman car is built with 321 pieces that include a batman figure. There is a Bluetooth hub that enables your child to control and drive it conveniently. They can even do wheelies with their device.

You can follow lego batman remote control car instructions to built and run it. The construction of the car is pretty robust. Along with the pieces, there is a four-wheel drive, two dual stud shooters, and an opening cockpit that fits the batman driver.

The Batmobile can be controlled by downloading the app on your smart device, and you can do the tricks with it. The LEGO DC car is compatible with all LEGO DC Super Heroes building toys. The whole building set up a cinematic DC Justice League film series at your home. The vehicle comes with 3 x 7 x 5-inch diameters. It is ideal for kids from age 8 to up.

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  • Super fun lego toy
  • Three hundred twenty pieces to be built.
  • A mini-figure of batman and batman weapons are included
  • Control through an app on a smart device
  • Compatible with all LEGO DC toys.


  • Battery time is short.
2. Batmobile remote control car by BATMAN

Batmobile Remote Control Car By BATMAN Features

Now you can bring the action, thrill, and excitement to life with this incredible launch and defend Batmobile remote control car by BATMAN. The RC vehicle comes with a Batman action figure in 4′ and an automatic launching feature. The car is easy to control and runs smoothly to the roads of Gotham City. Your child will love it most when by pressing one button; they can send Batman into action.

You can combine different 4″ batman figures to complete the batman action collection and enjoy playing them with the incredible RC vehicle. The car is chargeable with a built-in USB cable. The car is full of unique features like a spring-loaded ejection and a batman figure of 4″. The red button on the controller will help you launch it out from the cockpit.

The remote control gives you control over many functions. Now you can move it left, right, and forward and reverse with a dual joystick controller. You can race your car up to 250 feet away. The vehicle comes with original batman features; you will find authentic batman styling, aerodynamic wings, and rubber tire threads for endless fun-filled action. It also features a soft front bumper – race and protects your city on exciting adventures.

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  • Full function remote control
  • Batman figure of 4 inches
  • Epic launching feature
  • Ideal gift for kids from 4 to above
  • Durable built.


  • Batman’s ejection feature stops working occasionally.
3. Remote-controlled batman car by Fisher-Price

Remote-Controlled Batman Car By Fisher-Price Features

A batman toy means a play full of imagination and excited adventures. When villains start creating havoc on your city, it’s time you bring your exclusive Batmobile into action. The remote control features control over their toy completely. They can use it to reverse it, zoo forward, backward and spin around. They can turn the power pad and watch the car transform into battle mode with incredible lights, projectiles, and sound effects.

The remote control easily stores at the back of the vehicle. Now there is no chance an evil can attack your city with such an incredible companion standing with you always.

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  • Fully functional remote control
  • Features like an authentic batman car
  • Transform the vehicle into battle mode and enjoy the show
  • Ideal gift for children from three to eight.
  • Economical price.


  • The vehicle is too slow.
4. Batman Radio Control car by Jada Toys

Batman Radio Control Car By Jada Toy Features

It is an authentic styling of a car taken from Batman 1989 by Jada Toys. When you are a true fan of batman and don’t miss out on completing your collections – this car is definitely for you. It is stylish and comes with many incredible features like USB charging technology and turbo boost.

The Radio control USB adapter allows you to play as long as you want. The box includes batteries so that your kid can start having fun right after taking it out from the pack.


  • Fully functional radio control
  • Turbo boost feature
  • Ideal from children from age six and above
  • Batteries included.


  • Parts quality is not good.
5. BATMAN's remote control Car

Features Of BATMAN’s Remote Control car

The BATMAN’s remote control car features an incredibly sleek and intelligent design with wing details in the rear and batman rims. It will be a fantastic addition to your batman toys collection. The car is easy to control and fun to drive. The joystick controller is perfect for beginners.

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The joystick enables the user to control the car in all directions, move to front or reverse – also turn left to right with ease. You can race your car both indoors and outdoors. With its 2.4GHz, you can race it up to six vehicles at a time and control it from 250 feet away.


  • Easy to control
  • Fully functional remote control
  • Authentic batman car design
  • Race and control from a distance
  • Ideal for kids from age four and above.


  • Tires quality is not good
Batman toys are one of the favorite playtime friends for almost every child worldwide. There are many batman themed toys, but batman’s remote control car will make their collection complete. Now they can go on their imaginary adventures and save the city with the great car in their hand.