How much does an RC Car Cost?


RC cars, short for remote control cars, are a popular hobby enjoyed by many people of all ages. Whether you are a child or an adult, something is fascinating about controlling a miniature car with a remote control. These days the RC racing trends are really in common. Usually, the tracks made for the racing are made to provide the drivers with the driving challenge. Therefore people are continuously trying to make the best cars that can run on these tracks. However, one of the most common questions that beginners and enthusiasts alike ask is, “how much does an RC car cost?” The truth is that the cost of an RC car can vary greatly depending on several factors.

In this article, we will break down the different types of RC cars and the factors that affect their prices.

Types of RC Cars

To begin discussing RC car prices, it’s important to first have an understanding of the various types of RC cars that are available in the market. Generally speaking, there are two main types of RC cars: toy-grade and hobby-grade.

Toy-grade RC cars are usually the less expensive option and are commonly sold in toy stores. They are intended for children and are manufactured using lower-quality materials such as plastic. Although they are generally less expensive, they are also less durable and have limited performance capabilities.

In contrast, hobby-grade RC cars are more expensive and targeted toward dedicated enthusiasts. They are constructed using higher-quality materials like metal and offer exceptional performance capabilities. Hobby-grade RC cars can be further categorized into two types: electric and nitro.

Factors Affecting the Cost of RC Cars

Now that we have a basic understanding of the different types of RC cars, let’s consider the various factors that can influence their prices.

Type of RC Car: As previously mentioned, toy-grade RC cars are generally less expensive than hobby-grade RC cars. Additionally, electric hobby-grade RC cars are typically less expensive than nitro hobby-grade RC cars due to the complexity of nitro engines.

Quality of Materials: The quality of materials used in the construction of an RC car can have a significant impact on its price. For instance, an RC car made of high-quality materials like aluminum or carbon fiber will be more expensive than one made of plastic.

Performance: The performance capabilities of an RC car can also affect its price. RC cars with faster speeds, better handling, and more advanced features will generally have higher price tags.

Brand: Similar to other products, the brand of an RC car can also influence its price. Established brands with a strong presence in the RC car industry typically have higher prices compared to lesser-known brands.

Accessories and Upgrades: Additional accessories and upgrades like higher-capacity batteries or upgraded motors can also contribute to the overall cost of an RC car.

We have figured out the Electric off-road RC setup cost. The cost that is calculated here is for the 1/8th scale car.

Electric off-road RC setup costs 1/8th scale

This is a ten-step process. Let us find out the individual cost for all the processes

  • Car Kit
  • Motor
  • Speed controller
  • Batteries x2
  • Lipo charger
  • Servo
  • Transmitter and Receiver
  • Wheels & Tires can last 3 race days.
  • Mod 1 Pinion gear
  • Paint

Car Kit

The cost may vary but the variation in the price may not be at a very large scale. Usually, you need to pay  $499 to get a professional racing kit.


The price of the motor varies between $50 to $300. Although you may not be able to find the significant difference. Actually, this is not the motor. These are actually the skills of the driver that will make possible the successful run of the RC car. So we advise that you should buy the  $50 motor instead of the $300 motor.

Speed controller

Very similar to motors, this is not necessary to buy a high-priced speed controller. You can have a cheap and less expensive speed controller. This speed controller can work well for you. But you need to keep in mind that you should buy a waterproof speed controller. Usually, you will get the speed controller for $99.


2 sets of batteries are needed so that you can run the car smoothly. Especially for the race day, it is necessary to have 2 sets of batteries. So that the car should not be left outside the racing arena. You will not get the electric supply on every track. Therefore this is recommended that you should have an extra set of batteries so that you may not short off the electric supply and be left alone on the track. Usually, these batteries are available for $160.

The batteries that are needed to run your RC car are lipo batteries. You cannot charge the batteries without a special charger. These special charges are known as the Lipo charger. This charger is considered to be safe. Usually, you can get this product for around  $40.


Servo is necessary to steer the car This is available for around $100. Even though this is a really very low-priced object. The reason is that it will remain with you for a very long period. $25 for a year is not a very big amount. This literally made around $2 for a month. The calculation will be smaller if you calculate it for a day.

The servo usually lasts up to 4 years. But remember that here we are talking about the Servo whose initial cost is not less than $100 or at least around it.

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Transmitter and Receiver

In RC cars the main things are the transmitter and the receiver. You transmit the instruction to the transmitter. The receiver has been installed in the car so that the car can move according to your instruction.

But for this, the instruction should be received and understood by the car property. Therefore synchronization between the transmitter and receiver should be necessary. Different types of transmitters are available in the market. Some of these are single-channel transmitters while other transmitters can transmit multiple frequencies on different channels.

Even now transmitters of this type are available in which you can tune the frequency of your own choice. It may happen that around you in the race arena, the same frequency transmitter is being used by other people.

If this happens it means that you can face problems while driving the car. The reason is that the same frequency signal will be transmitted by multiple transmitters. You may want to drive your car in another direction while driving his or her car actually and do not in driving of your car. Therefore it is highly recommended that you should consider this element while purchasing the transmitter and receiver.

Another important thing is the range of the transmitter. It means for how long the transmitter will be able to provide the signal to the receiver. This is necessary because maybe after a certain distance, the transmitter will not be able to transmit the signals that the receiver can catch. So do consider this fact.


Based on these factors different transmitters and receivers are available in the market at different prices. In the beginning, we recommend you buy, A transmitter that is not more than the cost of $40. After the use of this, you will be able to find out what is best for you and will buy more advanced transmitters as your skills develop.

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Wheels & Tires

It depends on multiple factors; it includes the driving style and the track on which you are going to drive the RC car. Do remember that the RC car tires that can run on smooch road are not able to serve you in a better way on Sandy or stony Road.

Therefore it is highly recommended that you buy tires that are according to the track on which you are going to run your RC car. This may be a possibility that after the race you may need to change the set of tires.

Therefore if you are going to run your RC car in a race where you need to participate for multiple days. Do remember that it is always better to have one or two extra pairs of tires with you. So that if needed you can change the tires during or after the race.

Usually, a set of tires may reside in 3 races. A set of tires usually cause $40

Pinion gear 

Usually, the Pinion gear is included in the kit. You do not have to buy it separately. But we recommend you check it so that you may not be left out to run the race at the last interval of time. This is not difficult to buy and moreover, it is not costly either. You can acquire it only for $15.


Now is the time to decorate your car. So that it can run with beauty. Usually, spray paints are available for more or less $10.


If you calculate it fully the complete cost to set up the RC car will be around $1,055. Calculated in pounds this will be £813. This step-by-step and part-by-part breakup of the RC car will definitely help you in two ways.

The first is you will be able to chalk out the details of the parts properly. Secondly, you may be able to find the best parts at the most affordable price.

So enjoy the RC racing and keep visiting this website to remain updated with the updated information.



Q: How much does a toy-grade RC car cost?

A: Toy-grade RC cars are generally less expensive and can cost anywhere from $20 to $100.

Q: How much does a hobby-grade RC car cost?

A: Hobby-grade RC cars can range from $100 to $1,000 or more, depending on the type and quality of the RC car.

Q: Why are hobby-grade RC cars more expensive than toy-grade RC cars?

A: Hobby-grade RC cars are made of higher-quality materials and offer better performance capabilities than toy-grade RC cars, which contributes to their higher price tag.

Q: Are electric hobby-grade RC cars less expensive than nitro hobby-grade RC cars?

A: Yes, electric hobby-grade RC cars tend to be less expensive than nitro hobby-grade RC cars.