Best RC Drift Car Guide for 2023

Are you looking for the best RC Drift Car Guide For 2021? Well, you have come to the right place because in this guide we will provide a list of the best remote control cars for toddlers available in 2023. Remote control cars are currently top trending. 

RC drifting is coming across as a highly desired and rapidly growing form of RC cars. The thrill that it offers makes it attractive and popular amongst people. Drifting in real life sounds like an exciting and thrilling hobby but unfortunately, it is too expensive to be afforded by everyone.

Real-life drifting is not only accompanied by maintenance along with repairs but also the tires plus fuel cost a lot of money. Other than that the long list of modifications plus many expensive upgrades to make your car a competitive one can cost you a fortune. Let’s not forget the equipment required for racing once you have bought your dream car can also be a burden to you.

Due to the heavy cost that is not affordable by everyone, remote control cars came into being to allow people who enjoy thrilling hobbies to fulfill their desire of drifting. The love for Remote Control car drifting has increased so much that now drifting rims have been created by enthusiasts to allow racing and fun activities.

RC drifting serves as the ideal solution for wanting to physically control a drifting car. This not only allows you to learn how to control a car but also increases your knowledge and understanding about shifting weight and applying brakes.

There is a variety of variations available in the market when it comes to RC drift cars. There are 3 types available. The first one is ready to run in which the car comes assembled at your door. The second one is RC drift car kits in which the car comes in various parts that you need to put together yourself.

The third and last one is the RC drift car chassis. This one is similar to the kits but in this, you can separately find the best body shell that you want.

In this guide we will provide you with a list of the best RC drift cars in 2021 for each variation:

RC drift car (ready to run):

1. HSP FlyingFish Nissan Skyline GT-R RC Drift Car:

best rc drift car guide

  • Name of manufacturer: HSP
  • Age limit: 14 years and above
  • Configuration/design: 4WD
  • RC scale size: 1/10th
  • Number of models: 94123

The motor (RC 540) is a recently upgraded motor that offers top-notch performance along with a high speed of more than 35km per hour. If you are someone who loves more thrill and excitement then you can search for the brushless model of this RC car that has high specs and can make your car drive even more swiftly.

The speed offered by this version is 60km per hour which is brilliant.

This car is quite cheaper and affordable RC CAr but the materials can come across as a little fragile. There’s nothing to worry about because you can easily find spare parts online. This RC drifting car comes fully assembled out of the box and is highly competitive due to the suspension that is adjustable and it allows you to tune each of the track-spec finely.

The motor offers more power by 22% and also comes with a chassis that is lighter by 9%. The recent model of this RC car has a center of gravity that is low along with a shaft drive that has 4 wheels which makes it easier to drift.

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  • The car comes fully constructed (ready to run).
  • It is a car with 4 by 4 wheels
  • Shaft drive
  • Ball differentials in the front as well as the back.
  • The motor is RC 540
  • Driveshaft is lightweight
  • Upper plate is high intensity and is made out of aluminum making it lightweight.
  • The battery along with the charger is 7.2NiMh and 2000mAh.
  • The height, tilt angle, and camber are adjustable.
  • The shock absorbers are adjustable and made of aluminum
2. Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car:

best rc drift car guide

  • Manufacturers name: Redcat racing
  • Age limit: 14 years and above.
  • Configuration/design: 4WD
  • RC scale size: 1/10th

Redcat Racing Car is another RC drifting car that is ready to run as well. This car is even less costly than the HSP model mentioned above. This RC drifting car is similar to that one in terms of its high performance and high quality but the variations in terms of body type are more preferred by the HSP kit.

If you want to tweak around this product and make some necessary adjustments to make the product competitive then you will have to spend some extra money on it as Redcat does not provide the tools required for basic adjustments. However, looking in terms of the price factor and being a beginner ready to learn, this product is excellent for RC drifting.

The Redcat racing car has a lightning EPX drift that is always on the go to deliver its best even if you choose to drive forward or opt for driving sideways. Dependability plus precision are essential when it comes to drifting as control and chaos is two things that can never be determined from before.

The RC tires that are specific for drifting along with the 540 brushed motors (27T) helps the car to slide easily in an effortless manner while turning from corners. It also helps to keep the car stable, steady, and in control.

The plastic chassis is lightweight offers a fast recovery when it comes to drifting and also helps change direction effortlessly. The radio system that is 2.4 GHz help to make the car highly maneuverable even when it comes to tight corners and the ESC (reverse) helps the car to drift backward without any difficulties.

Moreover, the lightning EPX car is made up of aluminum shock absorbers that have mounting positions and are filled with oil.


  • It comes with a scale size of 1/10th
  • The rims are 5 star
  • The suspension is independent
  • The chassis has a top plate made of aluminum and it is lightweight itself
  • The shocks are oil-filled
  • Bearings are placed throughout
  • The suspension is tunable
  • The ride height, camber angle, and toe angle are all adjustable.
  • The shocks are tunable their positions are selectable
  • It is a 4 by 4 car
  • The motor is an electric RC 540 brushed car (19T)
  • The ESC is waterproof 40A
  • Radio is 2.4GHz
  • The steering is powerful.
3. Redcat Racing Thunder Drift Car

best rc drift car guide

  • Manufacturers name: Redcat racing
  • Age limit: 14 years and above.
  • Configuration/design: 4WD
  • RC scale size: 1/10th

This car from Redcat Racing is quite similar to the EPX drift car reviewed above but the special and unique thing about this thunder drift car is that it offers a higher performance due to the method that is belt-driven.

The system that is belt-driven assists the wheels to maneuver at one time rather than them lagging behind which is a common thing to experience from systems that are shaft drivers and are often cheaper.

A common complaint seen by customers is that they have received belts that need to be tightened as they are loose but that can be fixed in just a moment and this would drastically improve the performance of your car.

There are two colors available in this car, one is in orange color and the other one has a metallic gun color. This car takes you to an entirely different level of RC drifting with its high-quality performance due to the 4WD method that is belt-driven. This car maintains the precision that is essential for balancing between control and on the other side chaos.

The tires of this RC drift car allow effortless sliding while turning around corners thus improving the performance level and making it high quality. To make sure that smooth acceleration is achieved by the car, the belt-driven system is made highly adjustable. You can also add various weight oils to the shocks to tune the shock dampening.

The pistons can also be swapped out. The independent suspension helps the rider to easily adjust the camber and toe angle.


  • The car is a 4 by 4 car. (4 wheels provided for driving.)
  • To allow the power transfer to be smooth the car is belt-driven.
  • The suspension is independent
  • The chassis is lightweight and is made out of plastic
  • The shocks are filled with oil and are made of aluminum
  • Bearings are placed
  • Throughout
  • The suspension is tunable
  • You can easily adjust the height of the ride
  • The shocks are also tunable
  • The camber angle and the belt tension are adjustable
  • The ESC is waterproof and is 40A
  • The steering is responsive
  • The electric motor is placed inside that is RC 540 (22T)
  • The radio is 2.4GHz
  • There are many positions available for shock mounting
4. Exceed RC MadSpeed Drift Car 350 Style

best rc drift car guide


  • Manufacturers name: Exceed RC
  • Age limit: 14 years and above.
  • Configuration/design: 4WD
  • RC scale size: 1/10th

This Exceed MadSpeed drifting car seems to be highly inspired by the movie fast and furious. The car is a replicated design of 350Z Nissan. This drift car has a higher price than the EPX car even though they have specifications that are quite similar. The look of this drift car is preferred by people as it is an exquisite and breathtaking model. This car is also super beginner-friendly.

The wheel-spinning action of this car is intense and this car is highly competitive due to its unique features and distinct design. The motor that is RC 540 offers a high performance of power that comes from that motor. The speed is also electronically controlled. These two components combined provide the car with a fast drifting speed. If your car speed is not that much faster then check how to make an RC car faster.

The RC drift car is easy to operate and has unmatchable power. Other than that, the design and look of the MadSpeed are breathtaking, exquisite, and eye-catching. This car is on every person’s list due to its mesmerizing look. The side mirrors are quite detailed and it is a car worth standing out in a crowd.


  • The motor mount is constructed with aluminum (CNC)
  • The shock absorbers are filled with oil and are highly durable
  • This RC car offers a radio control that has a pistol transmitter
  • The brush motor is RC 540 and has electronic speed control.
  • The 3KG steering is a high torque
  • The suspension is independent
  • The type of shock is filled with oil and is made of aluminum.
  • There are complete ball bearings
  • The drift body of this car is already painted
  • The motor is a high-performance one
  • To provide extra protection as the car drifts foam bumper is added
  • The tire is made of rubber
5. Liberty Imports Super-Fast Drift King

best rc drift car guide

  • Manufacturers name: Liberty imports
  • Age limit: 36 months old to 12 years
  • Configuration/design: 4WD
  • RC scale size: 1/24th

This car is a replica of the GT-R making it the perfect drift car for your kids. If you are looking for an ideal drift car to gift your children then make sure to check this one out. This drift car gives plenty of entertainment for hours and it is not just amazing for your kids but you can also gift this to a friend who is crazy about drifting. This car is not just small and easy plus fast to drive at home but is also very affordable and cheap. To allow racing with a fast grip, the car comes with an extra wheelset.

If you are not quite interested in the body style GT-R then you can also take a look at the Bugatti red color. This car is focused on drifting as it allows you to race with a super-fast speed anywhere that you like. The drifting car can drive smoothly in all directions, backward and forward while steering left as well as right.

To allow for an extraordinary drifting action there 4 tires installed in the very smooth car. The tires are made of rubber and they provide a better grip while turning around sharp and tight corners. The car can easily perform drifts that have a U-shape or even an 8-shape. The tires are also water-resistant and the components are all high quality with a comfortable and easy remote controller.

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  • The RC car has a speed that goes up to 15miles/h and is ultra-fast
  • There is an under glow that is blue along with all working components such as the headlights, sidelights, and headlights.
  • For those looking for drifting that is advanced, the adjustable alignment of wheels serves to be a good feature for them
  • The car has smooth tires and they come with a pair of extra tires made of rubber so that you can try speed racing.
  • The car is quite fast, highly responsive, and controllable with a remote hence making it great for racing.
  • You can control the directions as well as the speed.
6. GoolRC WLtoys K989 High Speed RC Race Car Drift Car

best rc drift car guide

  • Manufacturers name: GoolRC
  • Age limit: 14 years and above
  • Configuration/design: 4WD
  • RC scale size: 1/28th

If you are interested in cars that have a smaller style like the best mini Rc Cars but at the same time are somewhat fancy and high quality then this drift car is the perfect option for you. For those who drift as a hobby and acquire a small area to drive in then this car is great for them. The car may be small but the speed is fast as it can reach a speed of 30km per hour. This car is perfectly suitable for teens mainly the younger generation who are in search of an RC drifter, to begin with.

This car is a racing car that comes with a high speed, is highly responsive, and is controllable with remote control. You can be fully in charge of the speed and also the direction which includes U shape drifts. The steering also allows you to freely drive in any direction you wish.


  • The radio system used for this car is a 2.4DHz transmitter which restricts all sorts of radio interference.
  • On-road drift tires that are anti-skid provide an enjoyable drifting experience.
  • The PC material used is of high quality making the car depict an actual realistic car. It also has amazing flexibility that reduces rupture’s impact.
  • The 30km per hour speed of this car makes it faster and more distinct than other racing cars.
  • The battery is rechargeable and provides a higher playtime that lasts for approximately 30 minutes.
  • The metal chassis is highly durable and also sturdy.
7. JADA Toys Fast & Furious Brian’s Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR34)

best rc drift car guide


  •       Manufacturers name: JADA Toys
  •       Age limit: 6 years and above
  •       Configuration/design: 4WD
  •       RC scale size: 1/16th

JADA toys are a company that has produced a range of RC cars in the market that is inspired by the movie fast and furious. This makes Brian’s Nissan Skyline the ideal RC drift car for the younger generation as well as diehard fans of this movie.

The name of the car is also kept after Brian O’Conner and his fans can get an opportunity to get the jest of drifting with the GT-R skyline. If you are looking for a gift that has a theme of this movie and you want to give it to someone who loves this movie then this car will definitely prove to be the best one. 

The impressive thing about this car is that it has a long-lasting battery life that comes from the USB charging system which is very convenient. The RC drift car is quite affordable and is being sold at a reasonable price thus making it an all-time favorite for people. The car is not meant for experts or people who are highly enthusiastic and take drifting seriously. The car is great for entertainment for beginners. 

This car is built keeping speed in mind and it is a very stylish car. Racing with this car is quite aggressive with the lightweight components and wheels that have a high-performance level.


  • The radio system functions well and the system is 2.4GHz
  • It has a feature that is boosting turbo
  • The batter of this car is alkaline and is ready to run
  • The outer design of the car is inspired by fast and furious
  • It has packaging that is themed with an authentic and real movie
  • There is advanced technology present such as USB charging
8. HPI Racing Micro RS4 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

best rc drift car guide

  • Manufacturers name: HPI Racing
  • Age limit: 14 years and above
  • Configuration/design: 4WD
  • RC scale size: 1/18th

This drift car is famous for showing casing its skills at a popular festival in Europe. It is not being offered on a scale of 1/18th. This car is pre-built and comes straight out of the box once it reaches your house. The belt drivetrain that has a 4WD speed is combined with a motor that is highly powerful and an independent suspension in the front of the car to provide as much power as required along with a high level of control.

The motor has a size of 180 and it has an electronically controlled speed along with a belt drive that is 4WD and is full-time. These components along with the water-resistant servo make this car an ideal one for those in search of a small car that is beginner-friendly.

The car is ready to run but still, you are provided with optional upgrades if you install them in your car then it can become even better and more competitive. The scale size of this car is 1/18th whereas the usual one is 1/10th so this size makes it a perfect small drift car for you.

With all these excellent and high quality, top-notch features, you can drive this car on all the possible smooth surfaces Such as a carpet, concrete, etc. all of are allowed for your car to slide on. There is a wide range of custom bodies available for your making it extremely easy for you to switch your car into whichever car you want to take inspiration from.

To make you achieve the closest look possible to your inspiration car, wheels can also be customized and the grip tires can also be upgraded.


  • It will remind you of driving a larger remote control car
  • 4WD is provided for higher control over the car and at the same time high speed
  • To make sure that power transfers to the wheels in front, there is a belt drivetrain present.
  • The suspension is independent
  • The front shocks are oil filled and have a coil-over
  • To achieve maximum efficiency there are front and also back differentials present and the ball bearings are complete.
  • The radio system is 2.4GHz and has a reception that has a large range thus frequency crystals are not required
  • The motor has a size of 180 and it provides faster acceleration and speed
  • The battery is 6v 1200mAh and it is long-lasting and has a lot of power.
  • For the convenience of the driver, there is an AC wall charger
  • The batter (4AA) has a transmitter included in them
9. HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3 VGJR Ford Mustang

best rc drift car guide

  • Manufacturers name: HPI Racing
  • Age limit: 16 years and above
  • Configuration/design: 4WD
  • RC scale size: 1/10th

This car is the last one from our recommended list of cars from the ready-to-run section. If you are someone to whom formula drifting is well known then you definitely know about the VGJR Ford Mustang. In the drifting market, this car is the most famous and well-known. This car is not a small one as the scale 1/10th is a large one and it comes with stunning and attractive details on the features including the Nitto tires.

This car has a high performance that is equivalent to a real car due to the molded chassis that comes in one piece. This car also has a drivetrain tunnel that provides amazing characteristics. The car has a layout that is low profile so that all components are placed as low as it could be to produce a center of gravity that is low hence controlling and driving the car would be easier.

The VGJR Ford Mustang is the best drift car for beginners as all features available in this car are beginner-friendly. The car is another form of ready-to-run cars and comes fully assembled as well. The upgrades available have a large variety as well which makes it easy to take your car up a notch and improve the level of performance. This Mustang is a realistic car and has a set of wheels that are Tech 7 and they have replicated the Nitto RT05 original wheels that give a realistic illusion to this drift car.

This car is equipped with the most modern and recent car chassis along with a shaft drive that is 4WD and is full-time. The drivetrain is sealed completely and is water resilient. The 2.4GHz radio system prevents any interruptions and has an independent suspension and the shocks that are filled with oil are adjustable.


  • The chassis is molded and comes in a one-piece
  • The layout has a low-profile design 
  • LiPo capable (2S) 
  • The car has wheels that are 4 by 4 and are full-time. 
  • The drivetrain shaft is sealed completely.
  • You have easy access to the differentials. 
  • The suspension has a wishbone that is double and is completely adjustable. 
  • The metal diffs are 4 gear
  • The shocks are filled with oil 
  • The suspensions are tunable and have a tough front
  • The steering is a fast and double-bell crank
  • The motor mount is made up of aluminum
  • The ball bearings are also sealed and are made of rubber
  • The body mounts have an adjustable height

Take a look at our RC DRIFT CAR KITS:

1. Tamiya TT-02D – Various Models

best rc drift car guide

  • Manufacturers name: Tamiya
  • Age limit: 14 years and above
  • Configuration/design: 4WD
  • RC scale size: 1/10th

Tamiya is a brand that has a good reputation in the RC drift industry. Their chassis is proof enough for the brilliant and high quality that they have been delivering over the last few years. If you are aware and familiar with constructing your own rc car and even if you are not but are willing to learn then this kit is perfect for you as it is quite beginner-friendly.

The traction provided by the drive spec that is 24mm wide is great. Also, the shock unit along with the suspension that is a double-wishbone and has 4 wheels allows great control when it comes to drifting. The setup of the ball bearing is complete and there is a motor with a heat sink that is made up of aluminum the motor is also tuned.

All these components are excellent for an entry-level drifter. The upgrades available have a large variety available to help you build the perfect ride and the spares are also available. Many Remote Control body shells are provided and many people start their drifting hobby with this Tamiya ride. Although there are several kits available, they are all the same parts with different body shells, so it’s entirely your decision as to which shell is best for you.

One reason that makes this expensive is that you will need to purchase the electronics yourself individually for example the radio, ESC charger, steering, and battery, etc. Though there are extra expenses but don’t let them get in the way of this outstanding kit. The  RC car kit is worth the price because the quality is very high.

The body shells are also customizable as they come in transparent plastic and you can easily select whichever colors you want or stickers you want to put. The maintenance and assuming process of this car is super easy and includes parts that are special to make your drifting experience even better.


  • The scale size is 1/10th 
  • The construction type is that it’s a kit to be assembled yourself
  • It can be used on the road 
  • The type of drive is shaft drive
  • The driveline is a dog bone 
  • It has gear differentials
  • The suspension is completely independent and has a double wishbone
  • The mechanism for steering is a bell-crank.
  • The shock damper is made out of plastic and is filled with oil
  • The material used for the chassis is plastic 
  • The bearings are shielded ball ones. 
  • The camber, ground clearance, wheelbase, shock angle, gear ratio, track width, and toe angles are all adjustable.

Take a look at our RC DRIFT CAR CHASSIS:

1. Tamiya TB-03 VDS Drift Spec Chassis

best rc drift car guide

  •       Manufacturers name: Tamiya
  •       Age limit: 14 years and above
  •       Configuration/design: 4WD
  •       RC scale size: 1/10th

If you are someone who is experienced with RC drifting and is looking for an upgrade that you don’t mind spending cash on then this drift spec chassis is great for you. Tamiya has constructed this high-quality chassis that has been perfectly modified to provide you with the most amazing performance of drifting. The bottom deck is made out of carbon and has a thickness of 2.5mm.

The gearbox braces and the center brace are made out of aluminum and they provide more rigidity to the car. The TB-03 has been made keeping in mind high performance and higher durability. The TB-03 is somewhat in the expensive range and you have to pay extra to buy the electronics, body shell, and motor but still, you cannot find a kit better than this one as it offers high quality and performance.

Even if you are a beginner and you are still tempted to buy the best kit in the market, not just an average one, then definitely check this one out. The chassis is shaft driven and has a drift-spec. The layout is balanced in a good way and it has a propeller shaft that is two-piece and also comes with a battery pack along with an R/C unit that is placed at the sides of the chassis. High-spec parts are also a part of this for example steering that is parallel, knuckle extensions, etc.


  • The chassis has front as well as rear gearboxes. 
  • The lower deck is built of carbon and is thick by 2.5mm
  • The center is made up of aluminum which makes it lightweight along with superior when it comes to the strength of the chassis. 
  • The layout is perfect for drifting as there a propeller shaft that is 2-piece and there comes a motor, radio gear, and battery pack on the sides of the car.  
  • The suspension is shortly reversible and is independent with a double-wishbone. 
  • The shock body is made up of aluminum and the damper has a Teflon pistol. 
  • Has a high durability
  • The shafts that are turnbuckle ones are made up of aluminum 
  • The steering system that has a parallel geometry helps to make the car more maneuverable and provides higher control over speed and turning.
  • The hi-torque servo is placed inside this kit.
2.Hobbypower Alloy & Carbon RWD Drift Racing Chassis

best rc drift car guide


  •       Manufacturers name: Hobbypower
  •       Age limit: 14 years and above
  •       Configuration/design: RWD
  •       RC scale size: 1/10th

If you are someone who is determined to buy a drift car chassis kit but is looking for something in the more affordable and cheaper range but also with the best quality then this chassis kit is for you. This Hobbypower chassis kit is for those who are on a budget and cannot afford something as expensive as the Tamiya TB-03 mentioned above.

The chassis is built from good quality alloy along with carbon and this makes it worth the money. This kit has a setup that has all the weight inclined towards the back and also comes with a steering system that is wide to ensure lock capabilities at the maximum.


  • There are shock towers installed in the main chassis as well as the upper deck 
  • It has a system that is a belt drive
  • The ratio of the gear is 2.06
  • The driveshafts that have a large wide angle are almost 65 degrees. 
  • The height is completely adjustable and there is a bearing that comes in full and damp
  •  The wishbone for the suspension is double and wide 
  • The caster angle in the front is 10 degrees. 
  • The weight of this chassis is 750g
  • The suspension arms are adjustable and are shaped in a Y form from the front.


Consequently, we can see that there are many best drift cars available in the market. We have listed above 12 drift cars divided into 3 variations available. Each has been discussed in-depth and in detail so that you can decide which one you want to purchase.

When considering which RC drift car to purchase, it is important to keep in mind your skill level, intended use, and budget. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, there is an RC drift car that is perfect for you. By investing in a quality RC drift car, you can enjoy the thrill of drifting and improve your driving skills in a safe and controlled environment.