How to dispose of lipo RC batteries

How to properly dispose of RC lipo batteries? Is an important question that should be answered appropriately and accurately. The reason is that this battery can create harm. It can explode even after it has been disposed of. This will certainly create problems. Moreover, these batteries are used in a large quantity to provide power to RC cars. The reason is that these batteries are full of power.

If you are an RC car lover it means that you may encounter the problem of how to dispose of the battery. This article is dedicated specifically to how to dispose of Leprosy batteries. But there are other small questions that are also addressed by this article. These questions are how to dispose of lipo batteries? LiPo battery disposal saltwater, How to dispose of Traxxas LiPo batteries? LiPo battery disposal Home Depot and discharge lipo to zero.

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Why there is a need to dispose of a battery

A question may come to mind: why should you know how to dispose of a battery? Or at the first hand, there is a need to dispose of the battery.

A battery is a charge carrying device that can store power in the form of a charge. Then it provides the power to the equipment whenever and wherever it is needed.

As the charge is stored in the battery with the use of the chargee in the form of power for the equipment. After providing the power to the equipment the battery needs to be charged again and again. This process continues. Every time the battery stores the charge and then completely empties by providing the energy to the equipment this is known as a charge cycle.

Unfortunately, these charge cycles are not limited. Every battery has a limited capacity to handle these cycles. A complete cycle is when you charge a battery fully and it will discharge fully by providing the energy to the equipment.

With continuous use, the batteries will become damaged and old. Sometimes the battery becomes swollen. This may happen because of the overcharging of the battery. There can be other reasons associated with this D shape of the product. But here we are not discussing the reasons for the battery D shape. What we are doing here is to learn the ways and methods to Dispose of the Lipo Rc Batteries.

How to dispose of swollen batteries

Small batteries are more difficult to dispose of than other ordinary old and dead batteries. The reason is that they are more prompt to be exploded.

The first thing is to completely empty the battery from the charge. It means that potentially the battery must have the 0 V stored in it. If this is not so it means that better can be exploded.

It is a dangerous thing therefore you should discharge it completely before throwing it. Once the battery is completely discharged now you have two options. The first is that you can put the battery in the waste bin like the normal stuff. The second is to bring it to the recycling centre of your area. Where they were recycling the battery co

completely and you will become a part of the healthy ecosystem.

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Battery Disposal Service

There is the safest way to do the job properly. But it may involve a financial penalty and you have to spend a little while doing so. The thing is simple what you need to do is to call the local service of the battery disposal in yourq

Once you call them and their charge they will take the battery from you and dispose it of professional

If you do not want to do it this other way or you do not want to spend money on this you can simply do it in the other way. This is a very convenient method but for those readers who don’t want to do it this way. Let’s explore some other options.

Dispose of lipo RC batteries in Home

This process will start by discharging the battery completely. This is something that can be achieved easily in the house. All you need to do is to follow the small steps accurately and you will be happy to have your battery disposed of themselves.

This portion is specifically written for those candidates who really want to do the DIY type of projects. If you will be a Guy of this type you will certainly enjoy it. So it will provide you with dual excitement. First it will provide you with the satisfaction that you’ve done a good thing. Secondly, it will provide the satisfaction that you did it yourself

Home Battery Discharger

You need to create a home battery discharge yourself. Take a bucket and put the sand into it. The bucket is made of plastic or wood is more desirable. Now put the battery inside the sand as the terminal of the battery should be visible so that this can be connected with the wires.

Start the Draining Process

This is the time to connect a battery with a small LED light. Put the battery in the same position for at least add a full day. In the meanwhile, the LED will stop growing as the battery is drained off. But even then for 3 to 4 hours put the battery in the same position so that the battery should be completely empty from the charge

This is the time that you have out of the battery from the LED. This is regulated by just cutting the connection between the battery and the LED.

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Prevent Next Storage

Once you are sure that there is no more charge left in the battery. Now is the time to prevent more storage in the battery. This can be done by connecting the positive and negative terminal of the battery with each other.

You can do it with the help of a wire. This will connect the terminals to  permanently make it a  short circuit. This is done now the charging of the battery cannot be done.  Now this time that you can put the battery into the normal track.


Some people want to cut the battery and want to see what is inside the battery. This is something really very highly dangerous. We do not advise you to do this adventure.

We highly recommend you recycle the battery. If we do not recycle we are breaking the cycle of nature. This is really harmful not only for us but for our coming generations too.