Best RC Cars Under $200 in 2023

Remote control cars, also known as RC cars, are an excellent way to get outside and have some fun. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, there’s nothing quite like controlling a car with a remote and watching it speed around the track. RC cars come in various shapes and sizes, from simple toys for kids to more advanced models designed for serious hobbyists.

In this article, we will focus on the best RC cars that are under $200.


If you’re in the market for an RC car, you may be surprised at how many options are available. With so many choices, it can be challenging to find the right one for you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best RC cars that are under $200. These cars are all great choices for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

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Best RC Cars Under $200:

Offering a fair value of money is not possible for every RC car. Hence if any car matches your requirements, grab it on the spot. Your kid will fall for it, and your pocket will also be happy. For your ease and convenience, we are mentioning some of the most excellent and budget-friendly RC cars:

1. Hosim Onslaught

Best RC Cars


Hosim has a surprise for you in the form of the most affordable and best-quality RC car. Hosim is ruling the hearts for years and is one of the leading RC car brands these days. Hosim onslaught is the most promising model this year by Hosim. It is an excellent option for beginners.


Onslaught is a big hit this year, do you want to know why? There are more than one reasons to convince you. Onslaught is a lovely car to make your kid happy and satisfied at the same time. Your child can start playing with this amazing car just after you purchase it as it is a ready-to-run car. All the necessities are included in it by Hosim, making it a lot more convenient for you and your child to play with. It is a plus point for the brand as well as people like this car way more than other cars. Getting a budget-friendly RC car with all the batteries, chargers, transmitters, etc. is a blessing.

Hosim’s onslaught has a tremendous and beneficial scale of 1/12. The well-performing nature of this fantastic RC car is the reason why kids fall for it. That’s not all, the RC car has not only 10 or 100 but has 500 brushed motors to generate more power. More power means incredible performance, which is a top feature of an onslaught remote control car. Being one of the best RC cars under $200, an Onslaught car can cover about 45km per hour.

This  remote-control car features oversized rough and tough tires for high-end results. This car can let your kid enjoy both on-road and off-road making it a lot more impressive. It is a quality option for kids of all ages to chase their racing passion.

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2. Deerc Sneak

Best RC Cars


What if you are offered something smaller but extraordinary? Deerc sneak is a bit smaller model than other models but judging it by its size is not a good idea as this car has impressive things to show you. Unlike typical monster trucks or vehicles, it is a perfect racing car for toddlers. It boasts up your energy and lets you enjoy its small size and exciting features.


This impressive car model is a full-time champion for RC car enthusiasts. Remote control cars are not long-lasting usually, but this champ can run for even about 40 minutes. Do you know how? Deerc sneak shows love to the users for about 40 minutes because of the dual batteries. It is the feature that makes this car one of the long-lasting RC cars. Not only the car you think of buying will give you satisfaction, but the speed will also amaze you and leave you in awe. At this price, it is unbelievable to get so many beneficial features. So, if you are getting them, don’t waste your time and get your hands on this stunning RC car.

If you are expecting some RC monster truck  design, then you are wrong. Unlike your typical and traditional monster trucks, this incredible car features a cool design. Having almost non-existent round clearance, the faster racing car is excellent for you. Deerc sneak is the right option for your kids’ growing needs. It is not so tricky for rough terrains but a classic car for common terrains. By rough terrains, we didn’t mean mud or grass. It runs tremendously on such surfaces without any hassle. But if you are expecting it to show you wonders on rocks by climbing, it’s not a wise choice because it’s not meant for such terrains. Featuring better aerodynamics, this car is perfect for making your child’s experience exciting, which is not possible with monster trucks. Moreover, its lower center of gravity allows you to have more fun with this faster racing car.

3. Laegendary Powerful Truck

Best RC Cars


If you are planning to choose from our top picks, get yourself prepared to see wonders. Some remote-control cars are too amazing to make us believe them, and a legendary powerful truck is one of them. Among the best RC cars under $200, this car is no less.


Unlike ordinary remote control racing cars, this powerful 4×4 truck has so many features to convince you. This year is making it a popular RC car, because of the several reasons, including its powerful and incredible built-in motors. This highly capable RC car is a fun way to add some thrill to your life. The motors fit in this RC car are to boost their power and performance. Moreover, it features two built-in DC motors.

As we have mentioned about its great motors, there are two-speed modes for better convenience and fun. These two modes include low and high speeds. A low-speed mode is suitable for beginners to let them learn how to control the RC car. It is an excellent idea to utilize this model in smaller areas. Simultaneously, the high-speed mode that is fast enough to add thrill to your experience is provided for classic racing and dodging. You can cover larger areas with this speed mode.

You can control a legendary RC car even from a distance of 250ft. The speed it can reach per hour is 48km. As it is a powerful remote-control car, it features a dual battery system to boost performance. You should check the Best RC Cars Batteries For Long Distance Coverage With two batteries, this car can give you an exciting running time of about 30 minutes, isn’t it amazing? With a scale of 1/10, it can do wonders on common terrains. This incredible car has a metal body to give it a realistic feel with oil filled shock resistance. Moreover, its wheels are of high-quality rubber grips and heavy-duty nature.

Its remote controller is another most impressive part of buying this super remote-control car. The ergonomic pistol grip style remote is also lightweight to make your experience much more exciting and convenient. The simple turning on and off is required, nothing typical for confusions and hassle.

4. Protector Fast RC Buggy

Best RC Cars


If you are seeking an RC car that looks and works well at the same time, then this one is for you. Protector is one of the best RC cars under $200 because of its cool looks. It is a suitable 4WD RC car for all ages because of the high performance and attractive design. It will never disappoint you, so you don’t have to think before purchasing it.


Protector 4WD RC car is designed to satisfy the passion for racing and driving. It features RC390 brushed motor for better and faster drives. Four LED lights are mounted to make it look super cool and attractive. Not only it has four wheels, but there is a spare wheel as well. This spare wheel makes it look like a real buggy, making it a favorite of many.

The roll cage of this beauty is easily detachable so that you can access to modular chassis with convenience. When we give this legend a look, it feels like a real monster that can jump like a pro. It’s not just a feel but a reality that can make your dreams come true. The model can jump like no other because of independent suspension. It also features a quality ball bearing to increase the performance rate. The tires of this protector RC car have multi-terrain abilities to run at any terrain with ease.

You don’t have to worry about the joy of dark, because of its two front lights which help you to continue indulging a fun-filled experience. If you plan to make it run on stones or near water, no worries, you can do it without any hassle because it has a water-resistant facility. The battery can be charged quickly and can give you enough running time. It features ergonomic batteries and a USB charger as well. It means you can charge it in two ways, which is highly convenient.

The Protector is the best option for your racing experience because of overheat protection, blockage prevention, and lower battery voltage. So, you can have this fantastic RC car to increase your fun and thrill.

5. Madspeed Drift Car

Best RC Cars


Exceed Madspeed drift car is what you want as a beginner or a pro. In both situations, you can have great fun with this favorite car. This ready-to-run model is to satisfy your needs and provide you with the best feel with an RC car. It will never make you feel bored, which is the best part of this legend.


The look of this incredible and gorgeous car is attractive enough to catch all the sights. You can’t leave it behind in the list of best RC cars under $200. It will show you the real meaning of racing. The car is designed to make you feel that you are running an actual racing car. It is realistic, but the design is to provide a low center of gravity for better performance.

The wheel spinning look is what makes it look different and unique from all other RC cars. Not a brushless RC car but a brushed version with good running. If the user is new to drift driving, it is the best option to make their experience fun. It is a suitable choice for beginners so that they can learn quickly. Want to enjoy some drifting tricks? It is not any regular toy but a great source of fun for all ages with tier-shedding torque abilities.

The construction of this heavy-duty remote-control racing car is durable enough to perform various tricks and races. The metal body improves energy and looks at the same time. The upper deck is made of aluminum, along with a motor mount and center drive. Not only is its performance worth appreciating, but those minor details are awe-inspiring. To indulge in a real racing experience, there are rear wings, side mirrors, alloy-style wheels, etc. As it features drift tires, they are of higher quality to avoid mishaps. The foam bumper provides better protection to decrease damage chances so that your car looks like new after years.

6. Exceed Brushless Buggy

Best RC Cars under $200


We have discussed many brushed best remote-control cars; now it’s the turn to know about this outclass brushless version. Unlike other ordinary remote-control cars, it is an electric-powered car with huge benefits. As it is specially designed for racing, the body is made to protect it in all situations. If you are willing to get the fastest racing model, this one is perfect for you.


Racing and driving these best RC cars under 200 is not just for fun every time. Sometimes, it’s passion. For those passionate people, toy grade racing cars are not enough; they need something real and daring. Exceed Sunfire racing buggy is what adds thrill to your racing adventures. It is not a toy-like car but an actual racing source to suit every age. If you are an amateur or don’t want a faster version, then a brushed one is good for you, or else this extreme car will amaze you like no other.

Not only can you have fun with this buggy, but if it’s your passion, you can upgrade the settings or parts to make it more interesting for you. This car will let you enjoy the adventures of racing because of the adjustable features. Its rear wings have three positions to make you choose from. Toe turnbuckles, camber, and aluminum shocks are also adjustable so that you can experience real fun.

Not only it looks real, but it works wonders. You can run this beauty at higher speeds because of its 3300Kv motors that are brushless for better performance. This beauty can reach up to 80km per hour, which is more than perfect. Don’t worry about the higher speeds and brakes because it features incredibly working brakes. Ground clearance is also favorable for all types of racing modes. Moreover, the motor or transmitter won’t be damaged because of dirt or dust as it is properly sealed. The confidence will give you while racing is not possible for every RC car.

7. Tacon Brushless Buggy

Best RC Cars under $200


Want to have fun with the funky and well-working RC car under $200? Grab a Tacon brushless buggy right now to enjoy the thrill of racing. Not all remote-control racing cars are as lovely as this car. If you are more into colorful, attractive designs and don’t want to waste your time then get this one as quick as possible. This ready-to-run version makes it easier for the user to start driving just after getting it.


If you are bored with your previous toy-grade racing car versions, then what are you waiting for? Tacon brushless soar buggy is to make you experience the real thrill and fun. It features all the hobby-grade components, so the users feel different and unique. There is a 2mm aluminum chassis, small metal parts, aluminum shock towers, oil-filled shocks, etc. Remote control enthusiasts fall for such cars so quickly because of the available upgrades and adjustments. This Tacon brushless buggy offers many adjustments and upgrades, so you never feel bored with it.

As it is designed to run on different terrains, the driver will be amazed all the time without any hassle. There are behavioral changes you can make according to your needs related to terrains. If you want to feel the joy, then minor tweaks will do that for you by making the racing experience exceptional.

This incredible car can reach up to 30mph because of the mighty 380 motor that is brushless. Its stock battery also plays a role in improving its performance. If you want more speed, you can go to upgrading the batteries accordingly. It will increase enough speed to make it incredible for you and your passion. It will be tough sometimes to find its parts except for batteries, so don’t go for frequent changes. But a better change is advised to have fun and thrill.

8. Redcat Racing Car

Best RC Cars


Are you looking for something with cool looks and epic performance? Redcat EPX car is what everyone falls for. Among all the other best remote control cars under 200, Redcat is an exceptional choice. When you buy it, you will realize that it’s worth every penny. With a brushed motor, the car is a bit bigger, which is a plus for many users.



If you love drift racing and RC cars under 200, you should not ignore this perfect model. Drifting is fun because of the smooth and maintained driving. The drift’s size and measurements must be proper, or else you can’t enjoy the real pleasure of drifting. The Redcat racing car is designed perfectly to control the car while drifting. The car’s chassis is lightweight making it easier for the vehicle to return to the actual situation after drifts.

The Redcat RC Car can reach up to 20mph at the highest speeds. With aluminum oil-filled caps chocks and independent suspension, this RC car can do wonders. It is easily adjustable, which is the reason why it is a favorite of many RC enthusiasts. It also features an aluminum top brace and electronics with water resistance to avoid inconvenience and damage. You can enjoy a tremendous racing experience with this car for about 20 minutes, but the time also depends on how you are running the car. Moreover, the car will only take two hours to charge the batteries. So, get this gorgeous thing now to indulge yourself in the fantastic racing and drifting fun.


Best RC Cars


You asked for the best RC cars bad this is the one! This RC car runs for around half an hour. It is an upgraded version of a 4×4 RC truck. This version is a stunning, powerful model with an oversized version that allows you to indulge in 1600 mAh batteries within the same time.

Indulge in a mesmerizing RC car experience with this heavy-duty construction model with independent and powerful suspension mode. Get ready to tackle all kinds of terrains put forward to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with this powerful pro truck within minutes as soon as you get this car out of the box. Once it’s out, you need to pull the throttle back, and you’ll be hitting massive speeds.


What makes this Power Pro XL different from others is that it offers a long-lasting battery life with twice the run time. Plus, it allows you to use an included battery adapter with paired multiple batteries, which can be run simultaneously.

Indulge in extra time for jumping over the ramps. Racing against your siblings or friends and splashing within the puddles. Bring it on with this awe-inspiring, joyful RC experience, what’s more! The 4WD RC Truck comes with a water resistance IP x 4 system, which allows you to manage all terrains. It also features rubber all-terrain wheels with six metal springs, individually mounted over the suspension system.

Enjoy taking your Altair Power Pro 4×4 all over muddy puddles, beaches, rocks, dirty race tracks, street racing, and more.

10. SPESXFUN 1:14 2.4GHz High-Speed RC Car:

Best RC Cars


SPESXFUN is a brand that offers a captivating RC car to users, which is a perfect gift for girls and boys aged between 8-12 years. This remote-control car comes with a speed of around 15-25km/hr. This RC car’s playtime is approximately 25-30 minutes, with a charging time of 4-6 hrs. That’s not all! The control range with this RC car is around 40-50m.


Indulge in a realistic car racing experience with this 1:14 scale design having a 2.4GHz transmitter. Get ready to start this RC car immediately within seconds. The best part! This best RC car under $200 also features shock absorbers, making this car stable and reliable even if you make it ready to face obstacles. The multiple rechargeable batteries in this RC car ensure a longer usage time. The anti-slip tires in this RC car offer a more robust power to this car, ensuring easy movement over rugged areas. Besides that, you also get a USB charging line, which provides a convenient charging method. Enjoy an advanced racing experience with its controller and mode of the car in all directions.

This upgraded version ensures that the chassis material can protect the remote control and prevent any damage to the car while increasing its stability.

Choose your RC car wisely; be it a monster truck, speedster, rock crawler, buggy, or else. A good RC car will never disappoint you in terms of performance and quality. The reasonable range of best RC cars under $200 will be your best helper to select the appropriate RC car that suits your passion and needs. Such pocket-friendly cars are a bit faster, so it’s better to don’t try them if you are a newbie. Check for a durable body and faster speed if you are a racer, minded person. Don’t forget to take care of your RC car because every RC car needs good maintenance no matter which car it is. The list we have made for you is perfect in every way, but it depends on which car satisfies you the most. So, grab the right one for yourself and begin the adventure.

Q: Are there any safety precautions I should take when using an RC car?

Yes, it’s important to wear eye protection and use your RC car in a safe area away from people and animals.

Q: Do I need any special tools to maintain my RC car?

Depending on the model, you may need some basic tools like screwdrivers and pliers to maintain and repair your RC car.