Traxxas e Revo 2.0 review 2021

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Traxxas e revo 2.0 review

Salient Features

  • Traxxas is the name of the powerful Brand standing behind this product.
  • This is made with the high-quality Material the TPR
  • The Dimensions of Revo 2.0 are Length is 19.69, width is 13.39 and height is  9.21 all of these lengths are measured in inches.
  • Revo 2.0 has the  Weight of 2.54 Kilograms

Product Description and Features

The highest evolved product

The products evolved with the passage of time. The same is true for racing and monster trucks. Revo 2.0 is the highest developed form. You can check it on any parameter.  You can check it for its beauty you can check it for performance and you can simply check it for its grip on the road. Believe me you will not be disappointed by even a single feature. This monster truck has everything that has been designed with the care to mesmerize you. 

Top speed

Obtaining high speed is difficult. Maintaining a high speed is even more difficult. This monster truck has the possibility to run beyond the speed you can even imagine. it can get the mark of the highest speed as well as it has the ability to maintain it for a long period of time. 

1 mile per hour is a milestone for many monster trucks to be achieved. 60 miles per hour is a psychological number that creates psychological boundaries. This monster truck breaks both the psychological boundaries as well as the psychological number of 60 miles per hour. It has been found multiple times that this monster truck is crossing the speed limit of 60 miles per hour. This is something that is possible due to the installation of extremely powerful VXL brushless motors

Harness the power

Most of the time this happens you need to sacrifice the fun for the sake of the power. Or you need to sacrifice the power for the sake of the fun. There is a Third case. It may happen and this is the extreme collaboration of both power and fun together that can bring you to a new height of ultimate fun. 

Thanks to the TSM stability management system-based advanced technology that makes it a possibility to enjoy the fun and power at the same time. Now you do not need to sacrifice any of the two aspects.  This monster truck is based on the TSM stability management system.

Water Excitement

Life is based on water. The water always brings excitement to our life. Look at the beautiful ways of the water extracting from The fast-moving Wheels of the massive truck.

And the problem with this excitement is that not all of the RV trucks are able to handle the water. Do you want to put it in the water? This means that you play with the truck in the water. 

What happens if the truck refuses to come out? This may mean that the truck fell in love with the water and decided not to come out. This is not true actually the water enters the holes and the loops of the truck. This makes the short circuit and you will not be able to play with the truck anymore. 

Thanks to the waterproof technology used in this truck. You do not have to worry about this problem while playing with your truck in the water. This product is extremely waterproof And you do not have to worry about the short circuit due to water while running this track in the water. 

Extreme grip

The grip on the road is extraordinary. The tires fitted in the truck are off extremely good material. The good grip even remains good on the muddy surfaces and on the grass too. This means that you can perform different stunts without thinking about the surface on which you are driving your car. 

The fun is on, you can easily drive the car on the snow as well as on the mud. 

Wheelie Bar

Wheelie bars give a smooth ride. The good thing is that four different positions of wheelie bars are available in this Jeep. 

Shock Guard

Jumps and hurdles you need to run fast on different surfaces. The car needs a stabilizer. The stabilizer is installed in the form of shock guards. This protects the car from rolling and overhead circulation. These are good enough to protect the jeep in various situations. 

Battery and Charger

With all the plus points this product has a negative element too in this car. This negative element is that all the spare parts are not available with this product. Moreover, the product pack lacks the battery and the charger inside the product. This means that you have to buy both of these products separately. If you love to play with RC cars then you must know the Best RC Cars Batteries For Long Distance Coverage, also check the Best RC Trucks 4×4 Off-Road Waterproof.


  • The highest evolved  product in terms of the heavy monster racing truck.
  • Destructive drone with the message speed of 60 miles per hour
  • Power photo fun and fun for the power
  • A powerful water proof product
  • The Tyres provide extreme grip on different surfaces including mud grass water snow and solid land.
  • Shops provide extreme driving experience


  • The battery and the charger are not included in the product package and you have to buy it separately.

Final words

RV racing products have been in the market for a very long time. No doubt that these are really great to have and provide extreme fun to the player.

Some of this product has established a standard and acquired a legendary position among its other rivalry products.

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