Best Remote Control Nitro Boats For Kids 2021

Remote control nitro boats are becoming one of the most popular fun items for kids these days. From professional races which take racing quite seriously to kids who love racing nitro boats in their leisure time, everyone can enjoy the water race.

There are many nitro boats available in the market – you can find the classic versioned boats as you saw in amusement parks and the ones with modern high-tech designs that are very sleek. Does your kid loves boating and fascinate their boat race one day? The remote control nitro boat can be their best gift this Christmas.

There are so many incredible options available in the market, but only a few are reliable enough to be bought, and it is hard to separate the best one from those which do not fit your exact needs. We decided to help you with the task and reviewed many boats available online with our expertise. We reviewed these boats for their performance, quality parts, durability and price. Here is the list of best remote control nitro boats for kids 2021 available on Amazon.

1. Remote control Boat For Beginners – Altair AA 102

Features Of Altair AA 102

The Altair boat is a sleek and smart designed boat that looks pretty fantastic. The performance makes it a center of attraction for many beginners. This nitro boat of Altair AA102 can speed up to 30km/h at a range of 100 meters. The make and build are solid and durable. The ship is designed to play longer.

The remote control nitro boat kit includes a remote control boat and a 1500mAH Li-ion battery. The boat design consists of a water safety propeller and a self-righting system. The Boat is excellent in a lake, pool and even in the river.

The boat comes with endless features that include the Anti-Capsize Hull system. The feature ensures that it will turn back to itself when the boat flips into the water. There is also a low battery alarm, and also you will have an out of range alarm feature in case you have missed the one and forget while having fun for too long.


  • Low battery alarm
  • Durable construction
  • Fun for all ages at an economical price
  • Feature Anti-Capsule Hull system
  • Stress-free operation


  • Battery life is too short
2. XFUNY HJ806 remote control boat

Features Of XFUNY HJ806 Remote Control Boat

The XFUNY HJ806 nitro RC boats have robust built and multifunction features. The XFUNY boat is a good choice for beginner racers and an ideal gift for all those who love sailing the ships in ponds and lakes whenever the opportunity arises.

The boat features strong magnetic motors; the motor runs fast and comes with a wear-resistant rugged propeller. All these features make it 2.2 times more potent than typical boat motors. It overcomes the water-resistant and eventually drives at relatively high speed in the water.

It is one of the best remote control nitro-powered boats that comes with multi-function. The design is innovative and sleek, and functions are unlimited. You can reverse sailing by reversing the ship a button that reset the boat with one button also control water induction with your remote control. The boat has a high sensitivity; that is why it will automatically stop moving when the boat leaves the water.

The feature also includes a low battery alarm; even if the signals are weak, the remote control will sound a beep alarm. It helps you to control your ship to return. The boat parts are high in quality, waterproof and resist impact. It has a durable waterproof enclosure to prevent water seepage in the hull.

The material is quite challenging, and there will be no crack after a collision. There is water circulating cooling system that extends motor life. The manufacturer provides a 180-day full refund in case you are not satisfied with the purchase.

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  • Feature low battery alarm
  • Multi-functional control
  • Water-resistant material
  • Anti-impact parts
  • Strong magnetic motor.


  • Propeller quality is not good.
3. SZJJX remote control Boat for beginners

Features Of SZJJX Remote Control Boat

The RC nitro boat engine is powerful than many other boats found in this list. It is fantastic nitro remote control racing in Venecian blue. The color and powerful features make it an appealing choice for all age boat lovers. It has a high power motor that comes with an excellent cooling system and high torque steering. The feature all along provides outstanding performance and never-ending water adventure and fun.

The SZJJX the gas remote control boat waterproof qualities and the powerful engine can make the boat do various skills without any stress. The boats are stylish, no doubt, and its remote control is no less than 2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter has an LCD screen with remote control. It allows you to know the boat’s status and enable multiple boats to sail at the same time.

If the boat hits any rock or obstacle during the sailing process, it will automatically flip back upward. There is also a no way rudder, so when the boat swing left and right, it will automatically keep it in the right direction according to the navigation. The water circulation system keeps it cool while it performs for durable engine life, and also there is an alarm system to warn about low battery.

There is a rubber ring between the hatch cover and the inner boat compartment to prevent water from damaging its component. The water sensors are pretty impressive; the boat will stop when it touches the ground, and it starts working automatically when you place it on the water.


  • High speed and better control over a long distance
  • Sleek and smart design
  • Easy to control – an elegant and unique design
  • It runs on rechargeable batteries
  • Waterproof rubber ring to prevent any damage.


  • The controls can jam occasionally.
4. Chweering remote control race boat


Features Of Chweering Remote Control Race Boat

Does your kid love racing boats every time they get an opportunity? If you are nodding in yes, then a Chweering race boat can be one of your choices this Christmas for your enthusiastic child. The UDI001 high-speed electronic RC boat has many impressive features.

It has an elegant and sleek design – the boat has a streamlined hull and dense design that provides impressive handling and the ability to run small water bodies.

The boat comes with a beautiful display stand; it will look beautiful while you display it on your shelf and help dry it quickly and protect the engine. The boat runs on 15Kmh for race; there is also a low battery alarm. There is a self-righting hull, water cooling system & waterproof body.


  • Elegant design
  • Impressive control
  • Capsize recovery feature
  • Display stand


  • Poor alarm system.
  • Battery life is only 8 minutes.
5. KINGBOT remote control Boat

Features Of KINGBOT Remote Control Boat

The waterproof and durable nitro remote control boat by KINGBOT comes with many incredible features. All parts are durable and waterproof.

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  • Changeable speed
  • LCD Screen display
  • 4-channels allow the boat to move in any direction
  • Waterproof body
  • Durable parts


  • A little fast pace for kids.
The remote control nitro boats are an excellent opportunity to have some real fun with your friends and family. Take a day off and enjoy the new hobby. The best remote control nitro boats in 2021 have made the journey more excites and technologically advanced. Kids will love exploring the waters other than solid surfaces all time. Keep sailing – have fun!