The Top Typhon RC Cars to Own in 2024

Typhon is one of the hottest RC car brands leading the charge making exhilarating, high-speed remote control vehicles. This guide will explore the best Typhon RC cars, comparing the latest models and specs to reveal which Typhons dominate the competition.

Overview of Typhon RC Cars

Typhon RC cars are manufactured by Arrma, a subsidiary company of Horizon Hobby. All Typhons feature attention-getting, race-inspired aggressive body styling hiding performance-ready beasts beneath. Common traits across Typhon models include:

  • Durable composite chassis and shock towers
  • Waterproof electronics for all-weather bashing
  • Pre-painted body shells with graphics
  • Heavy-duty drivetrain parts
  • Long travel suspension system
  • Knobby all-terrain tires on beadlock rims

With their robustness to handle hardcore bashing jumps and stunts, Typhon RC cars deliver an unrivaled adrenaline rush.

What Makes Typhon RC Vehicles Special

Several key assets set Typhon RC cars apart from rival RC brands:

  • Innovative Engineering – Cutting-edge designs with smart functional touches
  • Scale Looks – Vividly detailed body shells resembling real scale vehicles
  • Durability – Reinforced parts withstand demanding driving conditions
  • Performance – Speed and acceleration abilities to satisfy expert hobbyists
  • Upgradability – Compatible with hop-up grade alloy and carbon fiber parts to customize over time

Committed to high standards across all areas, Typhon RC cars represent the total premium RC package.

Typhon Model Lineup and Comparison

Typhon Mega 4×4

Typhon Mega 4x4
  • Scale – 1/8
  • Power source – Battery operated
  • Top speed – 45+ mph
  • Motor – 8S capable 1550Kv brushless
  • Dimensions – 20.5 x 11.6 x 9.4 in
  • Ground clearance – 2.8 in
  • Shocks – Oil filled, adjustable threaded

As the latest top-of-the-line 4WD 1/8th scale offering, the Typhon Mega delivers staggering velocity up to 50 mph out the box. Its low slung chassis paired with immense brushless 6S or 8S power unleashes torque other rivals can’t match.

Typhon 6S 4×4

Typhon 6S 4x4
  • Scale – 1/8
  • Power – Battery operated
  • Top speed – 45 mph
  • Motor – 1650Kv brushless
  • Dimensions – 22 x 11.6 x 9.6 in
  • Ground clearance – 2.56 in
  • Shocks – Threaded, oil filled

The Typhon 6S impresses with its impressive 45+ mph from the low-end torquey 1650Kv power system. Its rugged build and suspension handles real world bashing punishment. A perennial top seller.

Typhon 3S 4×4

Typhon 3S 4x4
  • Scale – 1/8
  • Power – Battery
  • Top speed – 35 mph
  • Motor – 1130Kv brushless
  • Dimensions – 21.8 x 11.3 x 9.6 in
  • Ground clearance – 2.36 in
  • Shocks – Coil-over, oil filled

As the most affordable Typhon variant, the 3S model still outputs up to 40 mph using a 1130Kv motor on 3S LiPo voltage. A perfect introduction for RC enthusiasts transitioning beyond toy grades.

Model Top Speed Motor Scale Ground Clearance Price
Typhon Mega 4×4 50 mph 1550Kv 1/8th 2.8 in $849
Typhon 6S 4×4 45 mph 1650Kv 1/8th 2.56 in $649
Typhon 3S 4×4 35 mph 1130Kv 1/8th 2.36 in $479

In terms of performance and construction, all Typhons feature waterproof electronics, modular chassis, adjustable suspension and rugged parts – making them nearly indestructible. The Mega and 6S output insane 50+ mph speed when geared properly on 8+S power. But even the 3S version posts over 30 mph velocities to thrill.

Typhon MEGA 4×4 Detailed Overview

As the flagship of the Typhon lineup for 2024, the Typhon Mega 4×4 deserves a closer look at what makes this 1/8th scale beast so special.

Vehicle Specs

Specification Details
Motor 1550Kv Sensorless Brushless, 8S Max
ESC 200A BLX, Waterproof
Top Speed 50+ mph
Scale 1/8
Length 20.5 in
Width 11.6 in
Height 9.4 in
Wheelbase 15.0 in
Ground Clearance 2.8 in
Shocks Threaded Preload Adjustment
Gear Pitch Mod1
Drivetrain 4WD Shaft
Tires Deep Lug Talon 2.8″

Notable Features

  • Low profile athletically proportioned body with graphics
  • SpektrumTM FirmaTM 130A brushless ESC
  • ducted fan cooling intakes improve airflow
  • Chassis side guards, skid plates, bumpers
  • 15KG torque capable 2055 racing servo
  • Pre-wired Deutsh connectors for batteries
  • Waterproof 150A ESC and receiver box

What Owners Are Saying

With near perfect ratings, Typhon Mega owners rave about its performance:

  • “This thing is a rocket straight out the box!”
  • “Unreal quality and engineering for the price”
  • “Low end grunt combined with high speed is intoxicating”
  • “Really impressed by the waterproofing after heavy rain runs”
  • “ Handles incredibly even at 50+ mph without stability issues”

Clearly the Typhon Mega sits at the top among enthusiasts wanting no compromise 1/8th scale machines.

Typhon RTR vs Kit Options

Typhon RC cars primarily come in RTR (ready-to-run) or Kit configuration. What is the difference between the two?


Typhon RTR models come fully assembled with electronics installed. They only requiring charging batteries and driving. Benefits of RTR:

  • Ready to drive out the box
  • Fully set up with electronics
  • Painted body with decals pre-applied
  • Simplicity for first time hobbyists

Considerations: Often cost more than Kit option. Upgrades can get expensive.


Typhon Kit vehicles come disassembled requiring completion. This allows customizing and learning how components connect.

Benefits of kits:

  • Full assembly experience
  • Flexibility to install electronics to preference
  • Lower cost than RTR
  • Chance to intimately understand how parts fit

Considerations: Require mechanical skill and understanding electrical systems. Budget for additional electronics/batteries.

Whether RTR ease of use or customizable Kit experience is preferred comes down to needs. Both yield high performer Typhon machines.

What You Need to Operate

To hit the trails or track driving any Typhon RC model requires a few supplementary components beyond just the car itself:

Radio & Receiver

Batteries & Charger

  • Rechargeable LiPo batteries
  • Compatible multi-chemistry battery charger
  • Charge before first use and between runs

Basic Tools

  • Hex drivers for disassembly when needed
  • Wrenches for maintenance access
  • Scissors for trimming body shell if required

Optional handy extras would include a starter toolbox, spare parts like prop shafts or shock pistons, and battery cooler bag.

Having the basics covered means you’ll be racing around in no time!

Comparing Brushless vs Brushed Motors

Under the hood, Typhon RC cars utilize either brushless or brushed motor types to deliver rip-roaring power. What’s the differences between them?

Brushed Motors Brushless Motors
Pros Pros
– Simple construction – Greater efficiency and speed
– Low purchase cost – Produce less friction and heat
– Easy basic maintenance – High torque output
– Extreme durability
Cons Cons
– Low efficiencies and runtime – Higher initial cost
– Replacement brushes required – Complex ESC units required to run
– Prone to excessive heat and wear

It’s clear only quality brushless power systems found in Typhons provide the extreme output expected from professional caliber RC vehicles.

Typhon Upgrades and Hop-Ups

While Typhon RC cars already boast impressive specifications from the factory, their modular designs allow installing upgrades over time. Common hop-ups Typhon owners invest in include:


  • Higher voltage ESCs
  • Extreme torque servo savers
  • Firmer steering servos
  • Multi-chemistry battery chargers

Power System

  • Extreme Bash motor plates
  • Higher KV/torque motors & motor fans
  • Extreme Bash hardened steel gears
  • Multi-shoe slipper clutch

Chassis & Hardware

  • RPM front and rear bumpers
  • Chassis brace supports
  • Metal bearing sets
  • Titanium suspension pivot pins
  • Alloy front and rear shock towers

Tires & Wheels

  • Pro-Line performance tires
  • Anodized aluminum wheels
  • 17mm wheel hex adapters

With xe-system interchangeability, the Typhon can transform from mildly wild to an untamable powerhouse.

Where to Purchase Typhon RC Cars

As a premier hobby-grade brand, Typhon RC cars are available at specialty RC shops:

  • Local hobby stores
  • Online at AMainHobbies, HorizonHobby, RC Planet, RC Superstore
  • Large online retailers like Amazon
  • Manufacturer direct from Arrma website

Street prices for latest Typhon RTR models roughly range from:

  • Typhon 3S BLX 4×4 $429-$479
  • Typhon 6S BLX 4×4 $589-$649
  • Typhon Mega 8S BLX 4×4 $799-$849

Consider checking both local and web stores to find lowest pricing. Models sell quickly during peak seasons so order promptly once decided.

Final Thoughts

In the world of hardcore bashing RC vehicles, Typhon stands atop as the ultimate intersection of scale realism, innovative engineering and unrelenting power. Whether conquering towering obstacles or pulling pavement scorching speed runs, Typhon RC cars set the bar delivering best-in-class performance with head turning style.

While the entire Typhon lineup impresses, the 1/8th scale MEGA sits mightiest as the supreme offering. Yet even the Typhon 3S packs potent brushless muscle starting under $500. No matter the skill level or budget, Typhon models reward drivers with a controllable beast hungry for speed and airtime.

When glancing at other brands, nothing currently matches the Typhon formula. Their vivid style, admirable durability credentials and competitive specs cement Typhon as the peak RC thrill vehicle most covet. Veteran RC fanatics along with newcomers addicted to acceleration simply can’t go wrong running a Typhon in 2024.