The Ultimate Ford Raptor Remote Control Cars for 2024

The Ford Raptor is an iconic high-performance off-road pickup truck renowned for its rugged durability, tenacious grip, and sheer power. It’s one of the most popular vehicles for tackling extreme off-road conditions thanks to details like a race-tuned suspension, terrain management system, and FOX Racing ShoxTM making it ready for rock crawling, high-speed desert running, and everything in between.

For those looking to experience the thrills of Raptor-style action on a smaller scale, several highly remote-controlled truck models provide pulse-pounding excitement right in your own backyard. This guide covers the capabilities to prioritize when selecting the ultimate RC Ford Raptor for 2024.

Key Ford Raptor RC Truck Features

To capture the spirit of the full-size Raptor, look for these realistic touches when choosing RC versions:

  • Licensed Ford branding & trademarked design – Body resembles 2024 model year with accurate badging and styling details
  • 4-wheel drive with differential lock – Enhances traction and control for climbing over rough terrain
  • Functional shock absorbers – Allows suspension to flex and compress realistically through jumps and dips
  • Multi-terrain remote control tires – Deep lugs and massive footprint grip most surfaces
  • High torque motor – Delivers impressive speed and acceleration to power over obstacles

Matching several of these critical features results in Ford Raptor RC trucks that not only look the part but also perform similarly for brutal off-road fun.

Highly Rated Ford Raptor RC Pickup Trucks

1. WH2008 App Control Ford Raptor RC Truck

WH2008 App Control Ford Raptor RC Truck

WH2008 App Control Ford Raptor RC Truck
  • This 1/12 scale Raptor delivers a balance of user-friendly app control features and proven mechanical capabilities ready for the most demanding drivers and conditions.

Key Attributes:

  • R/C Functions App Enabled via WiFi
  • Front and Rear LED Lights
  • Four Wheel Wheel-independent suspension
  • Differential Lock for Increased Traction
  • All-Terrain Tires and Bead Lock Rims
  • Top Speed of 25 mph
  • Run Time Up To 25 Minutes

With the ability to switch between an app or traditional remote control, this Ford Raptor pickup provides next-gen smart features without sacrificing rugged performance. The adjustable suspension absorbs big hits while the locking differential and grippy tires keep on trucking through all kinds of terrain.

2. Hosim Large 1/10 Scale Ford Raptor

Hosim Large 1/10 Scale Ford Raptor

Hosim Large 1/10 Scale Ford Raptor
  • Hosim goes big with an RC Raptor measuring over 13” long and loaded with capabilities to devour the most demanding driving courses.

Standout Characteristics:

  • Full Proportional Throttle & Steering Control
  • Front and rear Metal Shock Absorbers
  • High Torque Motor Reaches 25+ mph
  • Four Wheel Drive with Locking Differential
  • Deep Tread Tires for Max Grip
  • Dual Rear Wheels on Each Side

This Hosim RC Ford F-150 Raptor model offers advanced handling and performance upgrades dedicated off-roaders need for intense climbs, runs, jumps, and all-terrain challenges. Its size, speed, and stability let you push the limits just like its life-size counterpart.

3. Volantex 1/12 Ranger Raptor RC Truck

Volantex 1/12 Ranger Raptor RC Truck

Volantex 1/12 Ranger Raptor RC Truck
  • Volantex captures the sleek silhouette of Ford’s mid-size pickup with realistic details like an Ecoboost decal on the side, 5-spoke rims, and molded grille.

Key Off-Road Prep:

  • Full Proportional Throttle & Steering
  • Locked Differentials Front & Rear
  • Low Profile All-Terrain Tires
  • Coil Over Oil Filled Shocks
  • Waterproof Electronics

While scaled back in size from a monster truck, this 1/12 Ranger Raptor pickup delivers big fun with suspension and diffs ready for rocky hills, muddy pits, or puddles thanks to water-resistant components. The smartly positioned center of gravity makes it very nimble through technical sections.

4. Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Ford Raptor

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Ford Raptor

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck
  • Redcat infuses trophy truck inspiration into their electric-powered Volcano platform, now wearing an officially licensed Raptor body with functional ram air hood, honeycomb grille, and upgraded performance.

Rugged Race Replica Build:

  • Rear Wheel Drive for Epic Slides
  • Waterproof Electronics
  • Rechargeable Battery & Charger Included
  • Full Ball Bearings Throughout
  • Oil Filled Shocks with Coil Springs
  • R/C with Electronic Speed Control

While the rear motor design favors fierce drifting action over climbing, waterproof parts let kids bash through puddles and ditches without worries. Its authentic Ford F-150 Raptor look earns style points while the Volcano bones offer speed and durability.

What Makes the Ford Raptor Dominate Off-Road?

Whether in full-sized or RC form, the secret behind the Ford Raptor’s gnarly off-road abilities lies in the carefully designed elements enhancing its performance:

Specialized Shocks

  • FOX Racing Shox with remote reservoirs disperse heat while suspension travels
  • Allows for incredible wheel travel to absorb uneven terrain

Advanced Chassis & Drivetrain

  • High-strength steel frame reinforced for impacts
  • Locking differentials on both axles evenly distributes torque
  • 4WD constantly powers all wheels for optimal grip

Race-Tested Parts

  • Long-travel suspension tuned across rigorous Baja runs
  • Body panels resist dents/damage from kicked-up rocks/debris
  • BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 tires are specially developed

The result is a pickup bursting with trophies and truck DNA ready to battle the most brutal off-road races or trails drivers throw its way!

Take Your Raptor RC Driving to the Next Level

Once you have a Ford Raptor replica capable of tackling any obstacle, creating courses maximizing its potential takes playtime to another echelon.

Ramp Up Jumping Thrills

Construct jumps from plywood or clay ramps for catching sweet airtime! Start small to slowly work up to more hang time. Place foam blocks or dirt mounds as landing zones.

Get Muddy in Backyard Bogging

Use shovels and hoses to make squishy mud pits and soggy grass tracks loaded with splattery twists and slides!

Climb Rocky Quarry Hills

Head to construction sites or landscapes with loose stone rubble to traverse steep mogul-like climbs. Spotters help retrieve any flip-overs!

Crush Crushed Cars

Obsolete vehicles picked up cheap from junkyards become gnarly crawling challenges to mount and smash through!

While stock Raptor RC trucks easily traverse most terrain, upgrading wheels, tires, shocks or motors enables tackling even more extreme driving adventures!

Gear Up for Epic Ford Raptor RC Action in 2024!

With smart app integration meeting realistic functionality, the coming year takes Raptor replica play to unprecedented levels of performance and customization.

As leading RC brands pack more power, speed, and resilience into the frames and electronics of their Ford F-150 and Ranger Raptor models, thrill-hungry enthusiasts gain more intense control over climbs, jumps, races, and bone-jarring crashes!

Whether you seek a high-tech app-enabled truck or a back-to-basics fast machine, scoring one of the Ford Raptor remote-control pickups above positions you to hit the trails running when adventure calls. Let the off-road fun begin!