Dji Mavic Mini Review 2021

Aviation rules of the country in which you are living may restrict you to fly. Otherwise, if you have this product in your hand there is no restriction left for you. Mavic Mini is no doubt the best of the best product in terms of the drones available these days in the market. Especially if you’re talking about a drone. Here we are talking about one of the best available drones in the market. This is the dji Mavic mini. But First, you need to find out if this article is really for you. 

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Without wasting any more time let’s start the article at once. 

dji mavic mini review

Super saver offer

The original price of this product is $399 But if you buy this product from our link you will definitely save 5%. So keep $21 in your pocket and buy it at a lesser price. This means that if you buy it from our link You only need to pay only $378. Do remember that this price does not include the sales tax. This depends on your location, if the sales tax really applies to you or not.

Salient features

  • The brand that introduces this product in the market is known as DJI
  • The model name with which this product has been introduced in the market is Mavic Mini.
  • The control application has been designed and you can control it with the help of this app
  • This super-light drone is made of plastic.
  • Batteries are needed to make it fly. Do not worry these are included.
  • Remote control batteries are also included to control the drone
  • The battery installed in the drone is of lithium-ion type.
  • This lithium-ion battery is rechargeable


Product description and features

Compact design does not restrict the power

It captures all from the height. You may think that due to the compact design the functionality may be reduced. Do not worry this is something that has not happened at all even though this is compact in size with very lightweight but in fact, this is still the powerful mini camera attached with the high functional drone. 

Super lightweight

Dji Mavic mini is a drone with a weight of 250 grams. This is even less than 0.6 lbs. If you want an exact calculation it will be around 0.55 pounds.

The permission to drive the ground

This is such a powerful drone camera that we wonder if we really need government permission to fly it. Various things happen in this regard. It may be a possibility that the local government has a restriction to fly the drone in their area. Even in our country, there are some non-flying areas where you cannot fly the drone. 

If you belong to Canada or the United States of America the good news for you is that you can fly anywhere you want to fly. This does not include the nonflying areas. These non-flying areas are restricted to fly due to several reasons. Some of these may be the security reasons and the others to keep the military secrets safe. 

In other countries, you may need to check the rules and regulations imposed by the local government in that area.

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The Footage made with the Mavic Mini

This provides you with the best footage; these are smooth and really very clear. Usually, the drone cameras fail to provide stable results. The camera fitted in this drone shows that you get stable footage. This camera has the ability to record videos of 2.7k HD quality. 3-axis motorized 12MP camera makes things great for you. This means that you can capture the video from different angles,

Easy and fast

The mechanism of using the drone is really very simple. All you need to do is just read the instructional manual and follow the simple steps to fly the drone. 

Flight tutorial is included

If you are looking for the initial training to control the flight do not worry about it. It already has a flight tutorial. This fly tutorial will certainly help you to fly your drone. So you do not have to look for external have in order to fly the drone. But let me tell you very clearly if you do not have any prior experience of flying related to drones. Then you should seek professional help. Or at least meet and ask an expert drone flyer to guide you and help you with some of the initial queries that even a drone flyer has for the first time.

List of  Compatible devices

If you are thinking to purchase this product make sure that you have a compatible device. Here is the compatible device list. Make sure that your device is included in it. iOS v10.0, Android v6.0, or the operating system above then this is needed by the DJI Fly App required to operate.

I Phone 

  • 11 Pro Max, 
  • 11 Pro, 
  • 11, 
  • XS Max
  • XS
  • XR
  • X
  • 8 Plus
  • 8
  • 7 Plus
  • 7
  • 6s Plus
  • 6s 
  • 6 Plus
  • 6

 Samsung Galaxy

  • S10+
  • S10
  • S9+
  • S9
  • S8+
  • S8
  • S7 edge
  • S7
  • S6
  • Note9
  • Note8


  • P30 Pro
  •  P30
  • P20
  • P10
  • Mate 20 Pro
  • Mate 10
  • nova 5
  • nova 4
  • nova 3e
  • nova 2
  • Honor 8X
  • Honor 10 
  • Honor 9
  • Honor 20 Pro
  • Magic 2
  • Mi 8
  • MIX 2S
  • MIX 2
  • Redmi Note 5


  • 3 XL
  •  2 XL


  •  Find X, R15, 


  • NEX
  • X27
  • X21
  • X20A


  •  7
  • 6T
  •  5 


  •  LG V20
  •  LG G6
Final Words
Flying a drone is really a responsibility. In some areas of the world, it is illegal to fly a drone. Without the prior registration from the air aviation or equivalent administrative authority. Make sure that the restrictions of this type do not apply in your area. And if applying please make sure that you have actually registered your drone with concerned authorities We at our website condemn all types of illegal activities and do not support or encourage any illegal activity. As a responsible citizen, we hope that you will follow the same approach and show your comparison towards the law. If you are a DJI Mavic Mini fan then you should also check Radio Control Airplane


Nor the author or the website is possible in any case. If anything happened to the reader while flying the drone. This article is not a flight lesson or the instruction manual on how to fly?