Best Remote Control Airplane Parts 2021

Children or adults, we all fascinate flying a plane at least once in a life. Remote control airplanes are one way to fulfill our desire. RC airplanes unlock your passion for aviation and let you fly while staying on the ground. Remote control airplanes give your junior pilot the wings of excitement and fun and let them feel like a real pilot every time they play. Remote control airplane parts allow them to fly better and experience better feelings that might inspire them to pursue flying as a profession.

A good airplane depends on its quality parts – the parts decide its speed and its durability.

While you are learning how to fly or try something new, planes are meant to crash, and you might also need extra training—the best airplane parts 2021 help in this perspective. You can fly better, learn better and try something new quickly.

There are plenty of remote control airplane options available, and likewise, you will find plenty of parts available. It is hard to choose the one with the best quality and best features. This article will guide you about the best airplane parts available online on Amazon and how they can help you with your flying ambition.

1. HH Eason control Horns – parts of RC airplane

Features Of HH Eason control Horns – parts of RC airplane

You may need a set of horns to connect control surfaces as ailerons and rudders to the remote control airplane. HH Eason is famous for manufacturing good quality remote control airplane parts, and these horns with screws are one of the best examples.

When you or your junior is learning to fly, the electric remote control airplane is meant to get crashed often, and crashes mean damage.

Although the excellent quality RC plane does not budge with minor impacts, a repair and replacement must sooner or later. Usually, the rudders need to be replaced before any other part.

HH Eason control Horns construction includes good quality plastic in white. Every horn has four holes. The package comprises twenty rudder angles and 20 chucks with the screw. The parts also work with foam board type of remote control airplanes. You may need a hot glue drop to secure them to control the surface.

The material used to construct the part is high-quality nylon which is durable and long-lasting. It is convenient to use and a good replacement for the old ones. The base length is 10 mm and width around 12mm, the lock on the plastic control horn is 21x11mm, and the chuck screw is 1mm in size. The overall length of the entire horn is 31 mm. The hole diameter is 1.2mm, which makes it suitable for the screw in small size.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • High-quality Nylon construction
  • Set of 20
  • Size is suitable for beginner airplanes
  • It can be used on foam board airplanes.


  • The parts are not as challenging as expected
2. Spare Propellers for Top Race aircraft

Features Of Spare Propellers for Top Race aircraft

Propellers are one of the essential parts of the remote control airplanes. Propeller helps in improving your flying performance. For the beginners, it helps to fly with better stability, and for intermediate, it helps them hone their skills to become a professional. While you are learning some aerobic skills, the propellers let you do the part with ease.

Top Race store produces excellent quality parts for remote control aircraft, and this same package includes propellers, propeller savers, and adapters – three each. The propellers are suited most with Top race airplanes for adults and grown-up children.

The construction includes lightweight and good-quality material. The propellers are in classic black, and other parts are made of plastic and white. The propeller saver keeps the propeller from damage and also prevents electric components from over current. The adapters provide more thrust and more power resulting in more efficient performance and power saving.


  • Original spare parts for Top Race RC airplanes
  • Good quality material
  • Set of 3 includes propeller, propeller saver, and power adapter
  • Improve flying skills
  • Enjoy flights at an economical price.


  • Only suitable for Top race RC airplanes.
3. Hobby Park Multi toolkit for RC airplanes

Features Of Hobby Park Multi toolkit for RC airplanes

Remote control airplanes are fun to play with, and your child will not let it down even if they stop playing with it. The airplanes are economical toys, but it is not easy to buy a new one every time you encounter a problem. With time you may have to repair your airplane. A minor repair on time can save your favorite airplane from a significant problem, and also it helps to extend its durability.

Hobby Park manufactures good-quality airplanes for adults and kids, and they ensure that planes can withstand crashes and survive the impact. Yet, repairs are a must, and to solve this issue, they present the buyers with an all-in-one multi-tool kit.

It is one of the must-have remote control kits. All parts are durable and high in quality. The metal construction ensures a long life span. The kit of 11 tools includes:

  • Hex Screwdriver of 1.5mm 2.0mm & 2.5mm in size. Then there is a Box Spanner of 4.0mm, 5.5 mm in size.
  • A Philips screwdriver.
  • Slot screwdriver.
  • Needle nose pliers.
  • Diagonal pliers.
  • Ball link pliers.
  • Sleeve wrench hexagon of 4mm/5mm/5.5mm and 7mm in size.

The Tool kit comes with a good quality bag. It makes it easy to keep your tools safe in one place and also convenient to carry anywhere. The bag size is perfect for keeping all the tools intact.

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  • A must-have tool kit includes all you need to do minor repairs
  • Good quality metal material
  • Durable and reliable kit
  • It comes with a tool kit bag
  • 100% genuine hobby Park parts.


  • Only suitable with small airplanes, helicopters manufactured by Hobby Park.
4. Hobby Park brushless Outrunner motor for RC airplane

Features of Hobby Park brushless Outrunner motor for RC airplane

Many airplane parts make it one of the best RC airplanes. Brushless motors are among the best RC airplane parts. An excellent brushless motor provides many advantages like – it makes your aircraft more energy efficient. When no brushes are rubbing against each other, there will be no noise, and no power is consumed due to friction.

The energy-efficient motor also helps to stand your battery for 50% longer than usual. Your aircraft will also need less maintenance if you have a brushless motor inside. The Hobby Park brushless motor contains many unique features which make them the best remote control plane parts.

The motor is available in 35*30 sizes, making it an excellent choice for mini RC airplanes and helicopters. It has a 42SH arc magnet and NMB bearings – making it one of the powerful and durable motors for your RC aircraft.


  • High-quality material
  • Kit includes brushless motor and essential screws
  • The battery stands for an extra 50% long


  • Noisy motor
5. Remote control extension cord cable by Honboy

Features Of Remote control extension cord cable by Honboy

Not only your aircraft but your remote control can also require some repairs. Usually, due to accidental falls, a wire can get corrupted. Honboy extension cord provides an excellent solution.


  • It is male to RC lead wire
  • Suitable Size
  • It is a cheap RC plane part
  • Use it for remote controls for cars, helicopters, quadcopters, etc.


  • Quality is not good
RC planes are a fun hobby, and remote control airplane parts can extend your playing time and let you enjoy yourself to your fullest.