How to Fix a Busted RC Car Step By Step Guide


RC cars are miniature versions of real-life cars that are controlled remotely They come in various types like electric powered RC cars, nitro rc cars, etc., and can be powered by electric or gas motors, and are available in various shapes and sizes. RC cars can provide hours of entertainment for people of all ages, but like any other machine, they can get damaged. When your RC car gets busted, it can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the road for your car. With the right tools and some basic knowledge, you can fix a busted RC car yourself.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to fix a busted RC car.

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In case you do not know about the specific problem of the car, the car is affected by it.

You should consult with a professional mechanic. Or have a look at our easy-to-do seven-step guide.

Seven-Step Guide: How to Fix a Busted RC Car

How to Fix a Busted RC Car

Step 1 – Check the power button

You may think that I am clumsy or out of my mind but sometimes even Complex problems have simple solutions.  Before Probe further into the car issue, I would recommend you to check if the power button is at the appropriate place to turn on the car.  you may think that it is a simple task to do but let me tell you that this simple task may save you from the hard work which will not bring any result. Even then  if the problem persists move on to step 2

Step 2 – the battery issue

As we have confirmed in step 1, the power button is at the right place to operate the car.  Now is the time to check if the batteries are in the position to sport the car operations by providing it the needed energy.

Check Best Batteries for RC Batteries

Batteries can have multiple problems we will look into the problems one by one.

  • Step I: The batteries are not at all present. We recommend that you should check the remote control unit as well as the car that both of them have the appropriate Batteries placed in the battery slots. in case any of them are missing. Put the battery of the appropriate size in it and see if the problem Reserves. if the problem persists move on to the second point of step 2.
  • Step II: This may be a possibility that the batteries are present in the appropriate slot but in the wrong direction. kindly check the indications on the battery slot and put the battery appropriately as mentioned on the battery slot. You need to check the batteries of the car as well as the remote control unit inter problem result. It’s great but if it isn’t done on the third point of step 2.
  • Step III: Maybe the batteries are present. They are in the right direction as indicated on the battery slot but are too old to provide the required energy to run the car if it is so, then recharge the battery. if the batteries are not rechargeable then replace the batteries. This step should be performed with the car as well as with the remote control device of the car too. Replace the batteries to fully charge the battery do what is appropriate to do in your situation. If the problem is resolved it is great you can play with your car but if the problem persists move on to point number 4 of step 2.
  • Step IV: Sometimes due to moisture, it happens that the corrosion restricts the electric current to transfer from the batteries to the car’s other remote control units. if it is so you may not only change the batteries but you may also need to clean the terminals off the battery slot too. Again both for the car as well as for the remote control unit. Again check if the problem is solved it is great you can play and enjoy with your RC car but if the problem persists then move on to step 3.


How to Fix a Busted RC Car


Step 3- Check The Frequency of Compatibility

There can be several reasons because which frequency of the controlling unit and the car doesn’t match. One is that you are not using the right pair of transmitters and the car.

One of the many reasons for this can be that you have many RC cars or other RC toys like RC boats and RC airplanes. If so please kindly check that you are using the right remote control unit for the right car.  if not so so then please correct it.

There can be a second possibility that may result in a frequency mismatch. Some vehicles can be driven on different frequencies the same is true for their respective transmitters.  There is an option to change the operating frequency of the car and the transmitter.  if this is so make sure that your car and the transmitter are set on the same frequency if it is not so then please kindly adjust the frequency of the car and the transmitter appropriately.

The third possibility is that you are using hobbyist cars.  These cars are equipped with crystals to change the frequency.  make sure that you have the right crystal in your car as well as in your remote control device so that your car can be operated as per your desire.

If the problem is resolved then this is the time to celebrate by playing with your remote control car but unfortunately if the problem persists then this is the time to move on to the next step which is step number 4

Step 4 – The Antenna issue

In the pair of RC cars.  We have two components: one is the RC car and the other is the remote control unit. With the remote control unit, we control the moment of the car. The remote control unit codifies the interactions and transfers them to the receiving unit which is the car. The car has a recording unit. This recording unit records the directions received from the remote control device and changes them into the actions performed by the car.

This communication is done with the antenna placed both at the transmitting and receiving ends.

If any of them is not working properly communication cannot be done.  so please check both of them. Some antennae are adjustable please adjust the size of the antenna and check if the problem is resolved or not. If the problem is  resolved it’s great  if not then move to the next step which is step  number 5

How to Fix a Busted RC Car

Step 5- The Motor

This is the time to check the motor of the car.  One of the signs that the motor is not working properly is that the car acts only on some commands and not all. For example, if you try to turn the car it will but if you try to run it forward it will not.  This means there is a problem with the motor of the car.  This means that the motor of the car may be needed to be replaced or to be repaired if this is the case and you are not an expert we recommend you, not mess up with the internal parts of the car.  This completely stops the functionality of the car or makes the problem much worse.

Brushed motor VS Brushless motor

The line of action in the scenario is to hire the services as a professional.  But if you think that you are capable enough to deal with this problem then go on open it and make the car repair. If you have decided to prop into the car we recommend you to move on step number 6.


How to Fix a Busted RC Car

Step 6- The wires

Open the back lid of the car. Unscrew it. look for any loose wire connections.  There is high chance that the motor is not working properly because the wires attached are loose or maybe completely disconnected. If there are any loose bounds, reconnect them. The connections can be easily made with the help of an iron solder and the soldering wire.

Check if your problem is resolved, it’s great to enjoy your car.  But if it is not or In case you do not find any of the loose connections then this is the time to move on to step number 7.

Step 7- The gears

Gears are the ones that help the motors to move the car. In any case, if the gears are broken or slipped from the proper place the car will not move as desired. If the gears are not in the proper place then refix it.  if it is broken then please change it.  but be sure to purchase the  Gears of the appropriate size. Because if you purchase the Gears that are not of the size of the gears fitted in your car. This will not work appropriately or may not at all work.

Hopefully, your car will start to work now and in case if it is not then you may need to replace the battery.

We suggest don’t do it on your own if you don’t have the knowledge and the skill needed to do this. Carry it to a workshop and let a professional do the work for you.

In case your car has a problem in turning then the problem is with your steering setup. Move on to step number eight.

Step 8 – The steering

Check the straps on both sides. These are responsible for steering the car. If anyone of them is broken the car will not steer properly. Fix it or change it if it cannot be fixed. Hopefully, your car will now be working properly but if it is not so then seek for the professional health

Body parts problem
This might be a problem that the problem is not with the mechanical parts of the car but with the body parts of a car like that tiers are broken or damaged or some headlight may be broken car may experience a Dent in its body. You may buy new parts for the body of an RC car. if there is any dent in your car.

Resolve the problem by letting your creativity come into play. Paint that dents creativity. you may use stickers to hide that particular dent.

Tires may be replaced easily. you can paint your  RC car too as per your desire. the cars may be painted like the car seen in the movies. The most famous movie in this regard is the Fast and Furious series. Till now 9 parts of this series have been released. All of them significantly received a share from the box office. You may follow any car show in that series to decorate your own RC car.

And if preparing or redecorating the car for your kid then it is suggested that you must decorate the car as per the cartoon car. The most famous one in this regard is Batman’s car. some Disney characters can be painted on the cars too.

Final words

Keeping a car is a passion. To carry it with you is like a love affair to grow in fact not only love but the love of life.  It is really heartbroken when you see your car is not working properly.  We have tried our best to provide you the solutions to the most common problems that you may have faced. The possible remedies of the problems too. Now you are very well in command of how to fix a remote control car steering, how to fix a remote control car antenna,  how to fix a remote control car wheel How to fix the battery problem of a remote control car,  how to fix the motor problem of a remote control car . Remember to maintain your RC car regularly to avoid frequent repairs, and have fun driving your car!