Full Throttle Ahead: The Top RC Cars That Blast Past 100 MPH

Casual RC racers looking to step up the pace need rides capable of hitting highway speeds. Thankfully, several manufacturers now engineer specialty high-performance radio-controlled cars designed for 100+ MPH top velocities.

This guide reveals the fastest RC cars money can buy that deliver sheer, unrelenting speed thrills. Get ready toblur the scenery with electrifying remote control cars equipped for triple-digit high-octane action.

Owning speed demon RCs running circles around regular models takes investment – but the heart-pounding adrenaline payoff making tracks feel like Formula 1 is unmatched.

Here are the preeminent manufacturing brands pushing boundaries with the fastest radio-controlled cars engineered for insane velocity.

Traxxas – Pioneer of High-Speed RTR RC Cars

No discussion about fast remote control cars is complete without the industry leader Traxxas. Their innovation in creating ready-to-run high-velocity models opened RC racing to mainstream users.

Traxxas XO-1 AWD Supercar

Traxxas XO-1 AWD Supercar

Traxxas XO-1 AWD Supercar
  • The revolutionary XO-1 made history as the first-ever RTR (ready-to-run) RC crossing 100+ MPH out of the box. Packing intense power in a condensed pro-grade build, it remains the gold standard for introducing speed.

Next-Gen High Speed Credentials:

  • Aerospace-grade composite chassis
  • Low center gravity optimizes stability
  • High-grip rubber rear wing
  • 0-60MPH in under 3 seconds
  • Geared for 130+ MPH peak velocity

Traxxas XO-1 retains benchmark supreme status for factory-built high-velocity RCs even a decade later thanks to sophisticated engineering.

Arrma – Specialist in 1:7 Scale High-Speed Models

Serious RC enthusiasts looking for maximum power hail from Arrma. Their 1:7 scale vehicle series stays focused on pushing extreme speed paired with sensitivity.

ARRMA Kraton 8S BLX Speed Monster Truck


  • This hulking 1:7 beast provides a unique blend of agility with fearsome tire-shredding power. Its distinctive monster truck form strapped with a high output 8S capable brushless system delivers unbridled fast action.

Core Assets Ensure Speed Domination:

  • Massive powerplant – 8S compatible 1800kV system
  • The hardened steel drivetrain supports high-strain
  • fortified 1:7 scale vehicle build quality
  • Ultra-responsive BLX 185 electronics
  • Outrunner brushless peak performance motor
  • 30+ MPH off-road, 60+ MPH on-road pace

ARRMA Kraton signifies the cutting-edge pinnacle for 1:7 RC class race trucks specifically engineered for extreme velocity.

Tamiya – Legendary Nitro RC Speed Demons

No RC speed guide is complete without veteran experts Tamiya. Renowned for their high-end nitro performance models, Tamiya RCs achieve blazing fast track times thanks to raw fuel-powered engines.

Tamiya Neo Fighter Buggy DT-03

Tamiya Neo Fighter Buggy DT-03

Tamiya Neo Fighter Buggy DT-03
  • This legendary 1:10 scale nitro buggy is a vintage vector tuned for competitive racing. Its timeless aerodynamic chassis and twin vertical wing setup deliver smooth velocity handling.

Quintessential Nitro Powerplant:

  • Reliable high torque Nitro Star F201 engine
  • Velocity matched short stroke ratios
  • Lightweight streamlined polycarbonate build
  • Race-centric suspension geometry
  • Proven DT-03LA competition buggy base
  • Achieves 60+ MPH without breaking a sweat

Tamiya Neo Fighter still represents the class benchmark for off-road nitro buggies after decades thanks to an optimized powertrain.

Redcat Racing – Most Affordable 100 MPH+ RTR Choice

Redcat shines as an emerging RC maker rapidly gaining repute for affordable fast electric models without compromising build quality.

Redcat Lightning EPX Drift Car

Redcat Lightning EPX Drift Car

Redcat Lightning EPX Drift Car
  • This 1:10 scale RC drift car proves speed doesn’t need a staggering price tag. Don’t be fooled by its Subaru lookalike shell. An integrated Turbo system shoots it to crazy 3-digit velocities making the EPX a giantkiller.

Value-Packed High-Velocity Cred:

  • Capable Turbo function for nitro speeds
  • Durable geared differentials
  • Reinforced motor plates and chassis
  • Low-friction drivetrain and bearings
  • Pre-installed interceptor body kit
  • Electric brushless system hits 100+MPH

Redcat Lightning EPX delivers bonafide 100+MPH performance matching costlier rivals as the budget RTR speed champion.

Notable Mentions

Rounding out the high-speed lineup are these specialty contributors pushing boundaries:

Team Corally – Their Xtreme GT on-road car is a world record holder for RC topping 200MPH using intricately engineered aerodynamics to achieve unprecedented pace.

Team Associated – RC10 series cars helped Associated dominate championship trophies for decades thanks to data-driven designs fine-tuned for peak racing speeds.

LRP – High-end electronic speed controls and sensored brushless motors from LRP power numerous top-tier RC makes allowing them to extract maximum speed potential.

Pro-Line – Aftermarket RC leaders Pro-line are unmatched with performance upgrades like racing tires and wheels optimized for high-velocity traction and stability.

Gearing Up: Essential Upgrades For Further Speed Gains

While many 100+MPH RCs tout out-the-box speeds, their limits can be extended further through strategic upgrades:

Chassis & Body

  • Polycarbonate chassis – Superior stiffness while allowing flex
  • Streamlined aerodynamic hull shape – Deflects air effectively
  • Stabilizer fins – Counterbalance lateral forces at high speeds
  • Ultra lightweight materials – Trims weight for quicker acceleration

Wheels & Tires

  • Low-profile high-grip tires – Maintain road contact with minimal friction
  • Reinforced spokes & rims – Prevent failures under intense strain
  • Multi-compound rubber tires – Grippy with low mass for momentum


  • Higher voltage batteries – More power potential to translate into raw speed
  • Efficient drivetrain components – Precision machined parts reduce parasitic losses
  • High turn motors – Generate tremendous torque across torque band


  • Programmable/Smart ESCs – Enable rev limit and timing maps for optimized velocity
  • Cutting-edge motor controllers – Deploy instant power with dynamic headroom management
  • Real-time diagnostics – Onboard telemetry helps analyze performance for improvements

With the right complementary upgrades, these turnkey high-speed RCs can stretch even faster, making speeds above 150MPH achievable.

Qualities of The Fastest RC Cars Compared

Here is a comparative overview of notable performance traits that enable lightning-quick 100+MPH remote control cars:

RC Car AttributeContributes To High Speeds By
Powerful Multi-Cell BatteryMaximizing current & voltage delivery for more power
Efficient Brushless MotorsProducing higher RPMs & torque across powerband
Rigid Chassis ConstructionPreventing energy loss through chassis flex
Proportionate Suspension TravelMaintaining control during high-speed directional changes
Short Wheelbase GeometryReducing rotational inertia allowing quicker acceleration
Multi-depth Tire TreadsGripping through corners as centrifugal forces intensify
Counter-Steering MechanismsRegaining traction faster when the rear loses grip

The fastest RC cars ensure every component and parameter contributes towards achieving and sustaining maximum momentum.

FAQs About High-Speed Remote Control Cars

How much does a 100 mph RC car cost?

  • Ready-to-run models start around $500 with pricing going up based on scale, features & electronics sophistication. Expect $1500 average budget at minimum.

What motors are used in 100 mph RC cars?

  • High turn (above 4000 RPM/volt) brushless outrunner motors in 1:5 to 1:8 scale cars allow hitting 100 mph without internal damage.

Is 100 mph fast for an RC car?

  • Most toy/hobby grade RCs top out below 50mph. So crossing 100 mph is considered high performance territory demanding extensive engineering.

Can RC cars be faster than 100 mph?

  • Absolutely – specialized RC cars focused on top speed can breach 150-200 mph thresholds by using finely tuned aerodynamics and tire compounds enabling 200+ mph.


Craving RC cars with authentic speed to satiate redline adrenaline urges? Numerous advanced pre-built models from trustworthy manufacturers now deliver unprecedented power & control for 100+ MPH class remote control racing.

These purpose-built high-performance RCs incorporate the latest in innovative hardware matched with body shells honed through wind tunnel testing – translating to pavement-rippling velocity.

While blazing nitro engines ruled decades ago, today’s electric high voltage brushless systems take advantage of instant torque delivery to similarly hit outrageous speeds. Just be sure to fine-tune gearing and electronics to fully exploit the maximum pace potential in your RC speed demon.