Arrma vs Traxxas Remote Control Cars: Which is Better?

Remote control vehicles provide no shortage of high-speed excitement. I’ve built and bashed RC cars for over a decade now. In that time, two major players have dominated the hobby grade scene – Arrma and Traxxas.

But when friends ask me “Which RC brand is better?” there’s no straightforward answer. Arrma and Traxxas have passionate followings based on unique strengths and philosophies.

That’s why I put together this comprehensive head-to-head guide comparing Arrma vs Traxxas RC cars across the categories that matter most:

Brand Histories Overview Arrma vs Traxxas

First, let’s recap the origins and core reputations of Arrma vs Traxxas:

Founded in 1988 in Taiwan Known for 1:10 and 1:8 scale durability Sponsors professional racing teams Quality and performance at lower costStarted in the U.S.A. by Texas modellers in 1986 Renowned for extreme 1:10 truck versatility Massive aftermarket parts ecosystem Iconic magenta colourway designs

Right away that background foreshadows competitive differences to come. Read on across the major RC consideration points:

Speed & Power Performance

When chasing maximum velocity and wheel torque, power reigns supreme Traxxas and Arrma:

1:10 scale easily hit 40+ mph 6S voltage unlocks 60+ mph potential Sensored brushless motors offer punchy acceleration High top end at affordable pricing50+ mph is common for 3S 1:10 configurations X-Maxx model does 80mph! Velineon sensory power systems Class leaders constantly raise bar

I can personally vouch for hitting crazy speeds over 70+ mph with my E-Revo 2.0 and 3S LiPos! Traxxas definitely leverages battery chemistry for face-melting velocity potential.

But the power gap continues closing as Arrma rapidly innovates too. Even more affordable Arrma options increasingly compete using sensor tech that eluded them previously.

ARRMA RC Car 1/8 TLR Tuned Typhon 6S 4WD BLX Buggy RTR

ARRMA RC Car 1/8 TLR Tuned Typhon 6S 4WD BLX Buggy RTR

Durability & Resilience

When inevitable crashes happen, withstanding punishment becomes vital:

Tough composite materials survive tumbles Alloy chassis withstand rock bashing Beefy suspension components flex Save money on replacement partsPioneering durability legacy Innovative Tough Armor skins Aluminum chassis option Physics defying crashes

I wince less watching my Arrma take hits knowing repairs cost under half of my Traxxas repairs typically. However, Traxxas keeps innovating nigh indestructible options like the Maxx trucks.

For handling rocky terrain and crazy jumps, I might give Traxxas the edge. But Arrma endures reasonable bashing without shattering budgets. Both perform well enough for most users.

Tuning Flexibility & Adjustability

Dialling vehicle behaviours to conditions and driving style proves crucial:

Granular tuning with Bluetooth module Gearing, drag brakes, throttle curves Real-time telemetry like speed and temperature App-level adjustments without receiversTraxxas Link wireless module unlocks tuning Steering sensitivity and throttle control Gearing changes affect speed or torque biases Must buy transmitter & receiver combos

I love tweaking my RC cars adjusting throttle and braking responsiveness for track conditions. Arrma surprisingly leapfrogs Traxxas here doing impressive tuning from simple smartphone apps versus complex transmitter controls and paying for proprietary receivers. This allows quick customization changes before racing for example.

But Traxxas still enables adequate configuration capability – just less user-friendly by comparison.

Traxxas Rc Car

Traxxas Rc Car

Upgrade Paths

Seeking improved performance or durability leads many owners to upgrade parts:

Encoder motors facilitate sensor upgrades and fit some standard hobby parts like electronic speed controls (ESCs), servos, etc. Less aftermarket accessory options through the Lower cost to incrementally develop buildsEncoder motors facilitate sensor upgrades and fit some standard hobby parts like electronic speed controls (ESCs), servos, etc. Less aftermarket accessory options though the Lower cost to incrementally develop builds

Given its popularity commanding a substantial market share, Traxxas enjoys a gigantic third-party parts scene. But this also locks owners into its expensive proprietary components at times.

Arrma smartly sticks to mostly cross-compatible standard RC hobby parts. So I can upgrade vehicles cheaply and more easily by mixing and matching quality generics.

Ease of Use

Finally, convenient controls and maintenance make RC fun instead of frustrating!

Beginner friendly throttle and steering Simple plug-in batteries Easy access to change tires Straightforward transmitter controlsOne-button transmitter linking Battery door latching innovations Toolless body and wing mounts Intuitive TQi radio controls

Honestly, both companies shine making RCs approachable for newcomers to assemble, operate and repair. I appreciate Arrma’s dead simple battery swaps and maintenance access without complex vehicle disassembly gymnastics. Traxxas counters with clever magnetic hatch doors.

Either way, intermediate RC fans onward can handle both platforms easily. Complete beginners find Traxxas loves catering additional one-touch convenience features.

Pricing Differences

Budgets inevitably shape buying decisions – here is the Arrma vs Traxxas pricing comparison:

4WD 1:10 Short Course Trucks from $300-$700 Expect to pay 30-50% below equivalent Traxxas Significant savings over lifetime ownership4×4 1:10 Slash model starts around $430 Expect premium pricing across lineup Budget secondary repair/upgrade costs too

Given brand recognition and huge dealer reach, Traxxas commands higher vehicle pricing along with captive higher hop-up parts and accessory margins later.

You pay noticeably extra for the Traxxas banner but benefit from huge community support. Arrma delivers similar (arguably better at times!) capability without overcharging. So wallet votes matter greatly here.

The Verdict?

Traxxas wins loyalty through pioneering off-road RC accomplishments plus massive parts availability enabling extreme customization. I respect their quality and magnitude securing RC racing energy for years and driving innovation.

But Arrma impresses me more lately given how their performance and durability closed gaps quickly while delivering substantial cost savings over ownership cycles. Value-conscious buyers seeking 80%+ capability at 40-60% pricing find Arrma a godsend!

For young newcomers entering RC car culture or folks unsure of hobby passion staying power, dip your toes affordably in Arrma. But power users will relish tweaking Traxxas vehicles leveraging massive communities. Fortunately, there remains no universally bad choice between these two exceptional RC trailblazers!

Summarizing Buying Considerations

To recap quick deciding factors on Arrma and Traxxas purchase points:

Arrma Best ForTraxxas Best For
Cost conscious hobbyists Seeking 80% performance at 50% price Upgrade flexibly later Casually bashing on budgetsSerious racers and tuning enthusiasts Pursuing maximum ultimate speed Heavily customizing vehicles Investing in an ownership lifestyle

So carefully consider your experience level, usage plans, and budget when choosing between Arrma and Traxxas RC vehicles. Both deliver awesome 4WD shredding machines ready to tear up tracks, trails and empty parking lots!